Girl can glo-at!

Ahhh, Friday nights can be so relaxing. As soon as I get this post up I’ll be hitting my couch for the rest of the evening. So let’s get started!

After spending the morning doing much of nothing I grabbed a quick grab & go lunch to take with me to Cedar Rapids where Matt & I had to pick up my car from his parent’s farm. They were nice enough to let me store it there while I was gone for the summer, since we don’t have a ton of parking at our house in Iowa City.

From Cedar Rapids I drove straight to a CPR class that I was co-teaching at the UI College of Nursing. Of course I got hungry mid-drive so I broke into my mini lunch.

Glo Bars

I finally was able to sample the delightful Empower Glo Bar that Angela so graciously donated to each of the HLS swag bags. And, wow! The Empower bar was a Coffee Chocolate flavored ball of yum. The flavor tasted exactly how you’d imagine and the best way to deserve the texture is ‘wet’. I really wanted to ball it up and eat it like a piece of cookie dough, but I refrained!

The nutritional stats rocked and I especially loved that there was a vitamin/nutrient breakdown on the back of the package. Matt was even able to pry a taste out of my greedy little hands, and he gave it two thumbs up!

Angela, these rock! You definitely have reason to glo-at, sister!

Blog 541

Mid-way through the CPR class I grabbed a bag of cashews (also from my HLS swag!) that I threw in my bag to take to class.

Blog 542


After the class I headed home for about 3.2 seconds until Matt & I proclaimed it Fiesta Night!

We went to one of several Mexican restaurants on our side of town, Los Portales. While we waited for our meals we went to town on the chips & salsa.



And I ate half of this Spinach Burrito. Yes, that is cheese sauce on top – and the sole reason that I ordered this bad boy!


Tomorrow I have another CPR class scheduled for the entire day, so expect a quickie post in the AM and then maybe a recap at night if I’m not too beat.

As for the Flashback Friday post I promised? I simply ran out of time today! Mark your calendars for next Friday!

I’m off to enjoy my couch & a handful of chocolate covered raisins!


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  1. That spinach burrito looks awesome! I have never had a burrito with spinach–great idea. I hope you have a relaxing night.

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