America’s Past Time


I considered eating only chips for lunch, but instead I decided to base my lunch around chips. Compromise, right?


I made a half-sandwich to accompany my Sunchips and threw some grapes on the plate for some color/nutrients.



Matt & I had plans to meet up with some friends at a local baseball game. In order to save some money and calories I made the decision last night that we would have dinner at home first and then head to the 6:30 game.

For some reason my time slipped away from me and not only was I not close to being ready to go at 5:20 but I hadn’t even considered dinner. I’d love to say that I was enthralled in some worthy cause but I truly had succumb to a Nip/Tuck Netflix marathon! I threw together a quick grab & go salad before we headed out the door.


I originally grabbed an Empower Glo Bar to eat on the way to the game in the car, but I cashed it in for a cookie that Matt’s sister Michelle had baked for us instead. Hey Michelle!


When I think of summer a few key terms come to mind: cookies (see above), fireworks, mosquitoes, watermelon & baseball. Cedar Rapids Kernel’s baseball to be specific.

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The Kernel’s didn’t end up winning, but we caught a few mini performances from the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Not a bad night to pick up America’s favorite past time.

What screams summer to you?



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11 responses to “America’s Past Time

  1. Ice creammmmm! Well now fro yo butt my bank account does not like this obsession :(!

  2. Brooke [onehealthycookie]

    Popsicles. The smell of freshly mown grass. Humidity (ugh).

  3. Lemonade and watermelon and fresh strawberries and tomatoes the color of tomatoes!

  4. I’m not a huge chip person but I LOVE Sunchips! Totally my weakness! P.s. I live in Wisconsin and was actually in Cedar Rapids earlier this summer with my Youth Group on a mission trip helping with flood relief!

  5. Hmmm I wonder what you would say if I told you I had Cheetos & wine for dinner? 😉

  6. savoringsarah

    I create meals around my cravings all the time 🙂 Totaly justified!

    PS LOOOOVE your header. I am an onion fuhhh-REAK! YUM!

  7. I really like your header too, I’m passionate about red onions 😀

  8. The new header is snazzy! But onions are my least favorite food. Baseball games are the epitome of summer to me.

    PS I’ve been watching Nip/Tuck via Netflix for Wii for about 3 weeks now. I’m about half through the final season now.

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