Today was another mostly productive day! Although I didn’t end up enjoying a yoga session, I’m more determined to so tomorrow (or maybe later this evening!).

Before running a few errands I decided to heat up some leftovers from last nights dinner.

Blog 441

I added a bowl of grapes to the mix for crunch.

Blog 458

I ran a few errands including walking to the grocery store and spent the walk home multi-tasking. I was able to call my sister, eat a peach, and delete some emails all while trucking a heavy reusable tote.


My stomach was getting pretty hungry around 5:30 so in an effort to stave of the hunger until Matt came home and dinner was ready I made a serious dent in the salsa that I brought home from the store.

Blog 488

I ended up cutting my dinner portion down a bit, since the ingredients were a little bit indulgent and I had just eaten my fair share of chips & salsa. It’s a compromise.

I intended to try my go at some collard greens for dinner, but I think my expectations were too high for tonight. Perhaps another night this week? Does anyone have any great recipes or suggestions for working with collard greens?

Blog 486


We woke up Saturday morning gearing to go, our first stop was of course breakfast. 

There was a gorgeous breakfast spread set out for the HLS attendees complete with fresh fruit, a variety of yogurt, and some bagel thins. Thanks Thomas’ Stonyfield,  Quaker for a great breakfast!

Blog 027

I opted for a Stonyfield Mango Honey yogurt that I topped with some fresh berries.  I’m pretty loyal to Stonyfield so I jumped on the chance to try a new yogurt flavor and let the other bloggers fight over the oatmeal!

Blog 028

We nestled into a cozy spot in the conference room, and waited for our keynote speaker from Arnold/Oroweat to get started.

Blog 029

Once the keynote speech was over we broke into the two-tracks sessions and some of us found our way to the Fueling for Fitness session being led by Rebecca and Heather.

Blog 035

There was some seriously good information thrown around throughout the presentation and lots of blogger note taking:

Blog 036

After Session One we broke for a quick snack break that was sponsored by the lovely people of Quaker.

Blog 038 Blog 040

Being a resident of the wonderful state of Iowa, I am a full supporter of the Quaker brand. In fact, one of the oldest Quaker manufacturing plants isn’t too far from where my boyfriend grew up. And I can practically smell it from Iowa City!

After our snack break we headed to another session on photography which was led by blogger and photographer Nicole.

Blog 041

There were lots of words being thrown around that I hadn’t heard of before, but the session really convinced me of my growing need to take a photography class. I refuse to let my DSLR think it owns me!

And then there was lunch! There was a delicious lunch spread sponsored by Arnold & Oroweat. Though there wasn’t any bread to be had I did fill my plate with some greens, fruit, roasted veggies, some provolone, and a delicious spoonful of quinoa salad. 

Blog 054

Served with my first Perrier of the day.

Blog 055

After lunch we went to the final session of the day: Time Management. Sarah, Morgan, and Kath all explained shortcuts that help them navigate their busy lives and balance a blog with other external demands. And I won a 2011 planner!

After Time Management there was a two track fitness option. One being a talk on the in’s and out’s of weight training with my pal Chandra and the other being an ass kicking yoga sesh with my new pal Corey from TriBalance.

Guess what I chose?

Blog 056

Blog 059

Thanks for a great mini yoga session, Corey!

Blog 061

After yoga I met up with my pals and ate some feta cheese! Amongst the feta there were also some other delicious snacks put together by the fabulous people at Athenos.

Blog 069 And another Perrier made an appearance!

Blog 070

We wrapped up the actual conference with a presentation on self-comparison led by Gena & Caitlin.

See you for HLS Part III!


Athenos Winner

And the winner is… Lisa from 110 Pounds.

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway. Lisa shoot me an email at WhatKateAte @ gmail . com so the wonderful people at Athenos can send you some FETA!

Well, Matt & I are off to check out a friends new apartment and then were taking a quick trial run of campus so I am 100% sure I know where each of my classes is come Monday! Yes, I’m one of those students!



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5 responses to “HLS Part II

  1. The room where you did yoga looks AMAZING! BTW it’s nice to find another midwest blogger! I need to get on Heather’s ( from http://www.thenheathersaid) healthy living blog site and see if I can find some other midwest bloggers I feel so all alone some times!

  2. Oh my goodness how fun! I am loving everyone’s recaps of the summit. I was too pregnant to go but maybe next year:)

  3. I love Perrier but it’s way too expensive over here 🙂

  4. There’s my pretzel!!! HI!! LOVE your recap and it was SO fun trying to move/keep up with you:)

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