Add cheese to it!

Matt and I just got home from his sisters house where we spent a few hours drooling over these brown balls of joy:

Blog 208

Tell me they are not adorable! I am such a sucker for a cute dog!


For lunch today I assembled a quick open-faced sandwich. I toasted some Wheat bread that I smeared with some Oasis hummus, followed by some zucchini and summer squash that I previously sautéed with a little bit of Dijon mustard, and topped with some Basil & Olive Oil Asiago cheese.

Blog 186

Served with some Yellow Doll Melon.

Blog 188 Blog 184

After lunch I got a ton of work done, mostly blog related things. Check out my new Travel page & enter to win some Feta cheese here.

I ended up working up quite the appetite. So naturally I broke for some more hummus!

Blog 191

There were definitely some things I missed about being away from home for two months.

  1. My dogs
  2. My boyfriend
  3. Cooking at home
  4. Iowa Sweet Corn
  5. And Oasis Hummus

The rest of my afternoon was filled with miscellaneous errands and some grocery shopping.


For dinner I decided to use up one of the humungous zucchinis that I rescued from Matt’s sisters garden. I cut up the zucchini and layer it between a few layers of tomato sauce and let it bake for about 35 minutes. When it was close to done I covered it in some fresh mozzarella.

What Kate Ate’s new motto: Add cheese to it!

Blog 213

And I finished off the meal with a handful of the World’s most delicious candy.

Blog 192 

As some of you know this past weekend I broke my 2 month blog hiatus by attending the Healthy Living Summit. Luckily for you I took a ton of photos and plan to relish in the hype all week long. Look forward to a new and exciting post each day!

HLS Part I

Friday morning Matt & I joined my parents for a late breakfast at a famous Iowa City joint, The Hamburg Inn. After we ate we said our farewells and Matt dropped me off at the bus station where I boarded a bus for Chicago.

A few hours and much traffic later I was in Chicagoland ready to meet my new blends!

I hopped in a cab and met up with Sarah and Theodora at the Congress Plaza Hotel. Eventually our fourth roommate, Heather, headed back from the Frito Lay tour and we set out together for the Open Sky cocktail party at The LaSalle Power Company.

Blog 006

Photo op:

 Blog 012

My first meet-up with fellow Iowa blogger Chandra, who, by the way, is currently launching her own personal training business.

Blog 015 

Delicious grub:

Blog 018

With Vodka Number Dos:

Blog 021

Roommate love:

Blog 023

Quite the crowd:

Blog 025

The Open Sky party was a huge success and hands down a great beginning to a fabulous weekend filled with blends, blogging, and did I mention swag?

Blog 004



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12 responses to “Add cheese to it!

  1. puppiessssssssss!!! so cute…and I LOVE the pictures from HLS! you’re so gorgeous 🙂

  2. Sorry I missed a fellow Iowa blogger at the HLS! I knew you were there, but was overwhelmed by so many people. Next year, I hope! Definitely following your blog now. 🙂

  3. Looks like you had a fabulous time at HLS! I’m really hoping to go next year 🙂

  4. It was sooo awesome meeting you at HLS!!!!

  5. You deserve some time at home! So nice meeting you at HLS!

  6. Sounds like a great time at the Summit. And what a swag bag – what kinds of things were in there?

  7. I couldn’t even focus on reading the rest of this post because I was too busy Ooing and Ahhing over those cute dogs! Love them!

    Love your HLS recap so far!

  8. HOLY CRUD. those three are SWEETIES!

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