Va La Nation

By a pure act of serendipity I managed to find myself at a winery for the third weekend in a row last weekend. My friend Jen and I were driving to meet up with our friend Lauren when we made a U-turn into the parking lot of Va La Vineyard. When we realized we pulled into a winery to turn around, we knew we had to stay and check it out.



The Italian named Va La is the only actual vineyard I’ve been to since arriving in the Brandywine River Valley. Tamanend and Chaddsford were both strictly wineries with no vines in sight.

Va La is unique in the sense that not only are their grapes grown on grounds, but that they grown on a century old, working farm.







After heading outside and realizing we couldn’t tour the vineyards we decided on the next best thing: a tasting. P1060695

We went with their standard tasting, which included a mixtures of whites and reds. Each wine was named after an Italian word and each had an accompanying meaning or anecdote.

P1060697 P1060698



   P1060704  P1060706

Va La’s wines were considerably less sweet than Chaddsford’s but I was still impressed with the flavor. What Kate Ate is a food blog so I was definitely appreciating the delicious cheeses and chocolates that accompanied each glass.

Overall I loved the feel of the vineyard. I could easily see myself coming back to Avondale for a visit, swinging by for a tour, or attending a gorgeous farm-inspired wedding in the Spring. P1060707



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9 responses to “Va La Nation

  1. Wine tasting is my favorite hobby. 🙂

  2. Kate

    looks lovely! i haven’t been to a winery but think it would be great fun. i have been lovin some sauv blanc this summer 😉

  3. i LOVE wineries! they are always so beautiful no matter where they are located.

  4. I have not been to a winery in so long. I am in VA and surrounded by them so I have no excuses. Maybe I will go this weekend?

    There is something about a winery that just makes me feel good – kindof like a yoga class for the mouth : )

    That place is beautiful!

  5. I have NEVER been to winery, I really need to change that. I have a friend who’s family has a vinery in Germany!

    Lovely necklage!

  6. livelaughloveandrun

    This isn’t far from my house at all. I’ll have to check it out! I never knew about all these wineries in the area!! Looks like a great time!

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