Of all my passions I might dare to say that my greatest is my love of travel. More than anything I dream of being a vagabond or a country-jumping-nomad. Needless to say I spend much of my time conjuring up itineraries, thinking of escape routes, and of course mapping my course. Over the last few months I’ve solidified my must see places, my must attend events and my need to do activities.

Here they are:

Scuba the Great Barrier Reef

Backpack the British Isles

Honeymoon in Bali

Practice yoga in an Ashram in India

Hike the Himalayas/Climb Mt. Everest

Island hop in Greece


La Tomatina in Spain

Lie on a beach in Thailand

Compete in an open water swim event in New Zealand

Visit Lonesome George in the Galapagos

Take some time to:

  • Tell me what’s on your Wanderlist?
  • Check out the blog where the term Wanderlist was coined?
  • Name your passions!


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8 responses to “Wanderlist

  1. Great places!!! Mine would be:
    Run the Boston Marathon
    Swim in the Caribbean
    Honeymoon in Greece
    Wine tasting in Italy/France
    See Tour de France live

  2. I love to think about places I’d like to travel to. My current top three trips would be to Morocco, Russia, and South Africa. I was supposed to go to Morocco in April, but wasn’t able to due to the volcano in Iceland; it’ll happen though.

    Which one are you going to get to first, do you think?

  3. I get antsy to travel, but am always more than ready to come home. I have 3 trips coming up…Chicago…Healthy Living Summit, Georgia…PGA golf tournament and Phoenix…
    Home is best.

  4. I would have to take a few days to think about mine, but I definitely want to island hop in Greece!

  5. Oh my.. I got such a wanderlust now that I read your list. Here is mine:

    Backpack around Asia
    Bath in the hot springs in Iceland
    Shopping in NYC
    Go back to San Francisco
    Road trip in Italy
    Scuba diving in Hawaii
    Island hopping in Greece (yay!)
    Safari in South-Africa
    .. the list is endless!

  6. livelaughloveandrun

    I have been fortunate to travel to a lot of places I’ve wanted to see, but still want to see so much more of the world. Here are some places I want to get to in the near future: Greece, Israel, Hawaii, and Fiji. I also want to tour Europe one summer! LOVE your list.. so interesting!!

  7. that is a fabulous list!

    i think i’d also want to go on a safari in africa somewhere. that would be cool, i think.

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