One of the biggest drawbacks to living in Iowa is that I am half way across the country from where I grew up, and coincidentally my parents.

When I sought out summer jobs I was looking for something that would temporarily take me out of the “Field of Opportunities” and replace my scenery with something new and exciting.

When I was offered a job in Pennsylvania I immediately took it since I would be a do-able 6 hours away from my parents in Massachusetts. After much excitement and planning I finally got to visit with my parents on one of my breaks a few weekends ago.

It’s a long standing tradition to frequent the Outback Steakhouse whenever we get to see each other, so we headed straight to the nearest one in Lancaster.


As usual we started with some cheese fries and some cold beverages.P1060431 P1060432

For my meal I opted for a side salad and shared a small steak with my Mom.

P1060433 P1060434

After some catch-up conversation we headed back to our hotel for the night and took an evening stroll to a local ice cream shop. Still in the camp frame of mind I ordered the closest thing I could to a Smores: graham cracker ice cream, marshmallow + hot fudge. 


After a glorious nights sleep we woke up for a delicious morning breakfast of oatmeal with some peanut butter and then we headed downtown.



P1060441 P1060445


We stumbled upon an indoor market bustling with people, vendors and local goodies of all kinds.


We swung by the Herb Shop and got some herbs and delicious homemade teas.





And we checked out some organic, locally grown produce.



I even learned about lemon cucumbers, which I had never heard of before.



After the market we took a few non-Christmas family photos and geared up for a quick lunch.

P1060485 P1060486 

We drove past Five Guys and I suggested we stop after hearing a few positive things about it from different people.


I settled on the standard burger + fry combo and was satisfied with both of my choices. It was definitely a step up from its fast-food counterparts, but it was fast-food nonetheless!

 P1060489 P1060490


We hopped back into the car and headed straight to the closest winery we could find: Tamanend.



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13 responses to “Lancaster

  1. I love Lancaster County. I lived near there while in middle school and high school and have fond memories. Maybe I’ll retire there one day as is tradition with my job.

  2. Sounds like a fun time, and glad you got together with your folks. I tried Five Guys for the first time a few months ago, after hearing people rave about it. It’s good – especially the fries – but you’re right, it’s definitely fast food.

  3. I have only been to Lancaster once, to go to Hershey, but I remember loving some of the streets with old victorian and federal homes. So pretty.


  4. It certainly is tough to be away from family – on the bright side though the time that you have together is that much more precious!

    I love markets and it looks like that one was just awesome. I tried some Turkey Hill ice cream yesterday that was graham cracker ice cream with ribbons of graham cracker crust with little caramel cups mixed in. It was sooooo goood!

    I had my first real smore ever just over a year ago and have been slightly obsessed ever since – they are yummy!

  5. Five Guys is pretty good! I usually order the kid’s version of the cheeseburger and skip the fries.

  6. Adam Nicholson

    What did you think of the landshark lager at outback? It’s my new favorite summertime beer

  7. Adam Nicholson

    What did you think of landshark lager at outback? It’s my new favorite summertime beer.

  8. Cheese fries! you might not believe this, but I’ve never had any. What have I been missing all my life?! 😀

  9. YAY for family time…I am so glad you got to see your parents! 🙂

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