I’ve wanted to visit Charm City for a long time so when we got a day off I immediately jumped on my chance to check out the city that some of my favorite bloggers call home.

I grabbed a quick breakfast for the road and we were off.


After an hour or so we made a mandatory road trip pit stop at Dunkin Donuts where I happily showed my non-New England friends the ropes of all things Dunkins.



We posed for the necessary blog photos, and were on our way to Baltimore.


One of the things I miss most about the East Coast is being on the water, so we headed straight to the Inner Harbor.





We took a break from walking around and I treated myself to some freshly squeezed, sugar laden Limeade.



              P1060372 P1060369

We ventured through Fell’s Point and ending up at Bertha’s for a late lunch. We knew we wanted seafood and got a few recommendations from locals for Bertha’s.





I settled on a blue crab sandwich, shell and all.


After our quintessential Maryland meal we swung by Whole Foods and I picked up a few must-haves for the week.


Chocolate + bars + cereal of course!

Have you been to Baltimore? What is your favorite site in Charm City?



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18 responses to “Baltimore

  1. I went to Baltimore once on a school trip. I really need to go back as an adult. It looks like such fun.

  2. Kate

    oh man! i want to take a vacation so badly! i’d seriously go anywhere. i just want to be a tourist and explore somewhere new.

    glad you are enjoying your summer 🙂

  3. Aww so glad you are doing well!!! never been there but I am about to go to cali on vacay 🙂 im excited!

  4. We used to go to Baltimore quite frequently when I was a kid…they have the coolest aquarium!

  5. Baltimore is awesome – i love red sox/orioles games at Camden Yards.

    Excuse me while I run out to dunkin donuts now….

  6. I have not been, but hear and obviously see it’s gorgeous. Are you sure this isn’t where they had the tea party? 🙂

  7. mom

    hey baby! Baltimore looks beautiful!
    followed you on twitter, if I did it right 🙂
    Love you and very proud of you. You are amazing!
    You complete my life on every level.
    Can’t wait to see you on the 9th!

  8. I haven’t been but it looks like you are having a fabulous time!

  9. organicmama2008

    Ooh I’ve never tried coconut water before. Silly question, but does it have a strong or mild taste?


    Jennifer of

  10. I really want to visit there! I’ve never been anywhere East coast but my hubby lived in Boston and New York so we’ll definitely be trekking out there for a vacation soon.

    We did just get Dunkin’ Donuts here in Kansas City though!

  11. I haven’t ever been to Baltimore but it looks wonderful! Glad you are enjoying yourself!

  12. Dunkin Donuts! I saw them in Berlin but didn’t go there, now I feel a bit bad about it 😀

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