Charm City Architecture

It took me seconds to realize how special Baltimore was. I immediately fell in love with the artsy feel of Inner Harbor area and particularly enjoyed the architecture of Fell’s Point. The historical old fishing part of the city was filled with bright and cheery colors and tons of gorgeous doorways and buildings.














I really love the feel of artsy, eclectic cities. What cities do you enjoy?



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13 responses to “Charm City Architecture

  1. I love Seville Spain and all the old school buildings and how full of history they are. The marble and other materials are great.

  2. I miss London so much. so much diversity in that city, so multi-cultured.

    I’m moving to Los Angeles tomorrow actually! Super excited to explore the city. And I’m moving to the silverlake neighborhood which is a really young, artsy area, can’t wait!

  3. Ahhhhh I’m so excited! I live in Baltimore, and I think it is such an under-appreciated city! I’m so happy you liked it. 🙂

  4. wow,that’s really cool. i spy a lime green door! whoever lives there is awesome!

  5. Beautiful pictures! I love Paris- every building is so charming, beautiful and unique- there’s so much attention to detail!

  6. Since I lived in Baltimore through college, I feel like I got to know it and it kind of lost its charm to me. I didn’t much like how unwalkable it was (unless you were in the Inner Harbor which kinda got boring after months.)

    But cities I do think have a ton of character are Philly and Boston. Plus, of course, Paris. I mean, that’s like THE most beautiful city. Also, Prague surprised me with how gorgeous and architecturally interesting it was.

  7. Charleston South Carolina & Savannah Georgia. I absolutely love the South!

  8. Those colourful doors remind me of Dublin! so cute 🙂

    I just came back from Berlin and I fell in love with the city again. No words – it’s just… simply amazing!

  9. Yes!! Chicago is my favorite for city architecture. After we were just in Montreal, it has some amazing European flair.

    Window-boxes make such a difference!

  10. Those pictures look awesome! Keith and I stayed in the French Quarter once in an apartment and it was so cool!!

  11. Oh, I love this too.

    Let’s see, Woodstock, VT, Camden, ME, Savannah, GA, Atlanta, GA, Philly – all beautiful architecture.

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