How to Blog Without Internet 101

Living in today’s day and age it didn’t really even cross my mind that I would be spending a summer in a remote location that had neither cell phone reception or wi-fi, but here I am.

Of course I couldn’t go 2 whole months without blogging. So I improvise.

Steps on how to blog with limited access:

1. Start with a “stabilizing” breakfast to eat on your way to Barnes & Noble/Panera/Starbucks. Fruit optional.


2. Grab a cozy spot to plop yourself down with your laptop.



Bonus points if you realize you are sitting below “Blogging for Dummies”.


3. Work hard enough to earn a decent lunch.


Mozzarella, tomato and pesto sandwich.



Complete with a coconut green tea.


What are your tips for “staying connected”?



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3 responses to “How to Blog Without Internet 101

  1. Wish I had a laptop! It can be improvised without one too. I have an iphone and downloaded the WordPress app but it’s a little wonky and sometimes doesn’t save what I wrote!

  2. I also write multiple entries while sitting with the wi-fi. When we go for conferences we don’t always have internet so I write them and have them post on different days so that it seems like I’m there.

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