Are you buying it?

Are you buying it?

For years magazines have served as my guilty pleasure. And although they have served me well and provided me with endless poses, tasty recipes, and “Shrink Your Belly” tips galore, I’m just buying into it anymore.


Putting both the monetary and time costs aside, I don’t think I have room in my life anymore for magazines that tot mixed messages about loving your body + losing weight, or that stand behind the notion that 4 jelly beans equals a snack. Plus, blog reading takes up a lot of ‘reading’ time and since I’m not willing to give that up, I need to make sacrifices that allow me to read other material as well.

As it is I spend way too much time doing things instead of enjoying things. And although I do find pleasure in reading about the variation and counter indications of Scorpion Pose + the details of Jessica Biel’s exercise plan, I personally need to pull back. I’m trying to focus on what makes me happy + healthy, and at this point I’m not finding that in my mail box.

The benefits of cancelling your subscriptions?

  • It’s virtually hassle free. You’ll have to find the Customer Service page and submit your information, but most of these magazine cancel your subscription immediately through their website.
  • You get money back. Most of the above magazines immediately deposited my remaining bill into my debit account. I’m at least $30 richer.
  • It’s all online. Yoga Journal, Real Simple + Cooking Light are all examples of major magazines that the majority of their featured articles, recipes, and posts on their website. The bonus? You can search out the articles you want to read.
  • It will still be there. After your hiatus if you choose to return to your beloved mags (and maybe you will!), guess what? They will still be there. I bet they will still let you get 24 issues for the price of 12, too!

Do you find magazines informative? What magazines repeatedly show up in your grocery cart or mailbox?



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17 responses to “Are you buying it?

  1. I used to subscribe to a ton of them. And then they kind of got repetitive. So now I only subscribe to Runner’s World because they are a unique market and speak to even a beginner runner like me.

    But occasionally Real Simple jumps into my cart if it is an organizing issue.

  2. I’ve written, on my blog, about my magazine addiction. I’ve had this addiction since I was a young girl and it has no signs of slowing down.

    My husband would love for me to stop getting magazines. He hates that they are cluttering up our condo;)

    I really like to flip through Cooking light and Real Simple magazines. I like the articles in Marie Claire. My dirty pleasure is US weekly, it’s such a fun care-free read:)

  3. I don’t go crazy on mags, I only subscribe to two because I feel the content in the magazines is more than I can get online. Plus, if I am traveling on business they are fun to read and skim. You don’t have to focus as much say if you were reading a book. Great tips for people thinking canceling would be painful, it is pretty easy to say no thank you!

  4. i have a ton of subscriptions. i’m really tired of self mag, i neeeeeeever read cosmo anymore (so lame) and the fashion ones are just unrealistic. i love love love food network magazine though!

  5. This is such great advice. I gave up my magazine subscriptions last year when I realized how much they were cluttering up my house. Plus the content is SO recycled, it got so boring. I have one gift subscription to Women’s Health, but I will let that lapse. Right now a co-worker passes on her copies of Runners World and I give her my read copies of WH. Also people could see if their public library has a magazine exchange – I know ours here does.

  6. I subscribe to Runner’s World and Women’s Health. Love them both!

  7. I’ve never read shape, fitness or any of those garbage magazines. I find that looking at pictures of perfect people only makes me feel bad about myself. The only magazines I read now are Body + Soul and Cooking Light!

  8. The only time I read magazines like those ones are when I’m in a waiting room at a doctor’s office or an auto shop. I do have a subscription to Afar, an experiential travel magazine that has beautiful images and some interesting articles. And Runner’s World is one that I’ll borrow from friends when they’re done with their copies.

  9. Jessica

    I’ve cancelled all of my magazines. However you can find free 1 year subscriptions online through freebie websites. So I still get magazines without paying any extra $$$.

  10. I completely agree with you. I have a stack of magazines as tall as the Empire State building – I was going to just let my magazines not renew but now I may call and cancel a few!

    I will probably keep Cooking Light – that’s it!

  11. Monique@She's Going The Distance

    Yeah, I don’t really read magazines. They’re pretty much always the same thing over and over.

    Sometimes I’ll buy something for running training plans? Or maybe if I see a recipe that looks good in a cook book…. then maybe make it once in my life??

    I agree with you 100% I’m just not buying them 🙂

  12. Kate

    i subscribe to women’s health and try to read the others while at the gym. they super piss me off sometimes too. i never thought about just going off them cold turkey. that could be a fun little challenge! i like this…..

  13. I’m a magazine whore….currently I get Food Network, Redbook, Rachael Ray, Taste of Home, People and Bon Appetit…..and I’m going to say I love every minute of reading them!

  14. It’s funny you mention the blog thing- I’ve cut way back on reading mags since I started blogging too, and my wallet thanks me for it!! I still buy Cosmo though- it’s my one guilty pleasure 🙂

  15. I love magazines, but living in Mozambique means I just have the same stack that accumulated over my first year when my parents would send me a few now and then, so when I am bored, I can read Glamour from November 2008 or something or other… weird. But I was just in South Africa last week and it was weird to be around mags again–I love them and wanted to buy them for the sheer mindless entertainment, but I also feel like they say the same thing EVERY MONTH in a different way, so why are we still wasting our time and money?

  16. I never subscribed to any of that kind of magazines and now I’m subscribing to a travel magazine 🙂

  17. I didn’t realize one could be refunded for the remaining amount of money. I have a few subscriptions and do find them helpful, but mostly because clients ask me about stuff from these types of magazines and I like being informed about what they are reading.

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