Day in the Life: Food Edition

I’m sure it’s been a long time since most of you have been to overnight summer camp, if at all. So I thought I would give you a Day in the Life: Food Edition special detailing a typical day for meals here at camp.







Lunches usually include sandwiches, easy to assemble dishes and unlimited access to a salad bar, which I inevitably am taking part of.




Dinners at camp vary greatly. Some nights we find ourselves cooking out


P1060225 P1060224


and other nights we find ourselves enjoying camp favorites like Sloppy Joe’s, but there is always salad involved.


Of course there is never a shortage of dessert either!


Think back to your childhood. What was your favorite camp food?



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15 responses to “Day in the Life: Food Edition

  1. Jim

    Favorite camp food from childhood? Hard call.

    Burger grilled over applewood is right up there, but it’s gotta be a 3 way tie with pizza in the dutch oven, and bacon and eggs for breakfast. :>)

  2. Camps are fun! the only ones I’ve been to was church camp before confirmation (at 15 yrs.) and the next year I worked at the camp. It was fun even though I’m not religious 🙂 can’t remember much about the foods there, but I can remember all the bright summer evenings by the lake.. awww!

  3. We used to go camping/fishing a lot. My fav was trout. yum.

  4. I loved the different ice cream desserts we had at camp as a kid, especially ice cream sandwiches. I rarely have them now, but they surely bring me back.

  5. Kate

    aw! this is the first summer i won’t be bringing a group of kids to out to overnight camp 😦 i always enjoyed the salad bar and the breakfast options. walking tacos are my favorite cookout food!

  6. I’ll admit it: I hated camp, and the food was probably the only thing I enjoyed about it!! It was in Vermont, and we got tons of delicious natural food with real maple syrup and fresh berries. I wasn’t a healthy foodie back them, but I still enjoyed it!

  7. I’ve never been to camp and I remember being so jealous of the kids that went! I would probably have loved sloppy joes though!

  8. Summer camp was always my favorite part about the summer. Every year my parents sent me to a 3 week sleep away camp and I loved it! I remember my favorite was breakfast because they always had cereal and I was (and still am) a major cereal freak!

  9. Looks good–I won’t lie–especially the cookies! I always think of frito chili pies and dutch oven apple cobbler when I think of camp.

  10. I absolutely HATED camp!! I would cry every night that I was away from home!! But I do remember really loving breakfasts at Camp because we got to eat any type of cereal our little hearts desired!! 🙂

  11. Stripes

    i just realized that i’m the one here peeling potatoes. gooo team yellow haha 🙂

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