Guest Post: Money Jars

I know there hasn’t been much activity on What Kate Ate these past few days and that is due to a whirlwind of events. In the last 3 days:

  • I had my last day of work


P1060131 P1060129

  • I headed to Omaha for 2 days to visit my sister + family

P1040028 P1040032

  • I got some sort of 24 stomach bug from said cute family

Needless to say I am a little bit behind on my to-do list, but the lovely Morgan over at Life After Bagels offered to hook you guys up with a fabulous guest posts. Although her post isn’t directly tied into food or exercise, I love it because it shows a different element into how we can all lead balanced and healthy lifestyles!


Hello Kate’s Readers!

My name is Morgan and I write a tiny little blog called Life After Bagels.  My site is all about diversified and clean eating, with a little exercise thrown in there.  Because really you can’t eat bagels everyday, or pizza for that matter, or chips, you get the picture.


My friends, family, and readers are always super interested when I talk about my budgeting system.  Probably because it’s a bunch of cash in jars.


I cannot take credit for this system, my boyfriend and I have stolen it from the Canadian TV Show, Till Debt Do Us Part. 

Here are the instructions:

  1. Pull a couple months worth of bank statements, credit card statements, and all of your bills from what I can only assume is your expert filing system.
  2. Download Gail’s Interactive Budget Worksheet from this site (I recommend using the excel download and saving it to your computer).
  3. Type all of your numbers into the worksheet, you can use averages.  One of the most important parts is calculating the sections that you need to add up all year for.  For example, if you know you need $600 for Christmas gifts, then you would divide the number by how many months are left until Christmas and add that to the correct section.
  4. Now you need your jars.  My boyfriend likes the ones with lids.  Apparently it’s harder work to unscrew them to get to the money. 

The spreadsheet will tell you how much money to put into each jar, so get to the bank and get those dollars.


Now you are set and ready to spend.  The only catch is – you have to write it all down.  This way you know exactly where your money is going.


As an extra note since we’re healthy living bloggers and readers, I know it’s always tough to find enough money to spend on all of the great food items you want.  You would be surprised at how much money this budgeting system will save you.  Plus when you’re writing down all of your expenditures you are less likely to splurge on a fast food run, therefore eliminating excess calories too.  That’s a win-win situation if you ask me.  Add this to a good meal planning method and your wallet will be larger while your waste will be smaller (if you’ve never meal planned before check out this super easy getting started article).

Thanks for reading and please feel free to email me any questions at


What are your tips for saving money? Do you have a system or use an online tool? Share!



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2 responses to “Guest Post: Money Jars

  1. I use automatic savings plan with ING. I don’t even see the money because it goes in my savings account until I need to use it.

  2. I’m very bad at saving – I spend almost all my spare money to travelling. Uups. But I do have a pension savings plan now, feels so grown up 😉

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