PA Bound

As some of you may know I am getting ready to move to Pennsylvania for the summer to take the position of Waterfront Director at an overnight camp. In fact, in just four days I’ll be driving from Iowa to my new home away from home.

I’m really excited to be able to get some more hands on experience in Aquatics and I’m even more excited that I’ll be within driving distance from the City of Brotherly Love and Washington DC.

But I’m not really sure what working at a summer camp will mean for the consistency of the blog, or my eating and exercise habits. I think it will take some flexibility on my part and some pre-breakfast workouts, but it will make all the more interesting of a blog. Don’t you think?

Until then I’ve been getting ready to move as few possessions as possible to PA, tying up lose ends, and trying to enjoy my last few days at home in the process. Oh life!


One thing that has been consistent is my appetite. I centered my breakfast around this Honest Foods Granola Plank.


I crunched and crumbled the plank over some Stonyfield French Vanilla yogurt and topped the bowl with some fresh berries.



I headed to the an Asian market in town with my friend Hai to accompany him while he picked up a few goodies to make some homemade egg rolls and then I rushed home to put an end to my growling belly. I had a quick lunch of Tomato Bisque soup + a sandwich thin topped with some melted feta. Quick, easy, delicious.

P1060101 P1060103

After lunch I headed to back to the pool to help out with the summer staff training and found some ducks going for a dip.



I don’t think they paid to swim!


Hai had made his famous egg rolls with a few of the ingredients we found at the Asian market (and a few top secret family ingredients) and brought some to enjoy.


Of course I had one. The are after all the best eggs rolls I’ve ever enjoyed.



After I wrapped up things at the pool and joined Matt. We headed over to our friends Audrey + Jake’s house for dinner and some board games, which has quickly turned into a couples ritual. Audrey had made some delicious Greek inspired food and we immediately got eating.

Chickpea & Potato Stew topped with Parsley and Fresh Squeezed Lemon:


Chard Stuffed with Rice & Artichokes and topped with a Mixture of Tomato, Olive Oil, & Garlic:P1060113

And yes, that is homemade bread!



It was a delicious Grecian meal. A lot of us think of traditional Greek food as heavy, unhealthy, and laden with cheese and puff pastry but most Greeks eat meals that revolve around fresh vegetables like the one we enjoyed.


I had picked up some Asian inspired desserts earlier in the day to accompany our cultural dinner.


I had one of each of the Mango Mochi, one was filled were sherbet and the other was filled with jelly. I went back for a second frozen one. Delicious!

P1060119 P1060120

The boys enjoyed a few beers but I stuck to water and eventually a berry smoothie.


We are such hardcore gamers. We didn’t end up leaving until close to 1 am! We definitely don’t find our board games boring!

Guest Posts

I’ll be in Omaha Friday + Saturday and driving across the country Tuesday + Wednesday so I may need a few guest posts to fill in when internet access is sparse. Bloggers + non-bloggers alike, if you’d like to do a guest post on WhatKateAte about the topic of your choice shoot me an email at



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14 responses to “PA Bound

  1. You’ll have a great time working at the camp, even if you can’t blog as regularly as you do now. Most likely they’ll have computer or internet access, but there may be a time limit. I’ve spent several summers working at camps (before I started blogging though), and I was always able to use the internet, but flexibility will be important.

    Have a safe drive!

  2. You will have fun at the camp! Can’t wait to hear all about it!!!

  3. Don’t forget you’ll also be within driving distance to my beloved city – Baltimore! It gets a bad rap but it is definitely worth visiting while you’re nearby.

  4. Aww, that sounds like such a fun summer! I wish I could ‘go away’ to camp, too!

  5. Oh my gosh you’re going to be close to DC!? Seriously let’s make a lunch date or something one weekend? Maybe a mid atlantic blogger meetup 🙂

    It sounds like you’ll have an awesome summer!

  6. Aww you’re going to have such a great time! Is the BF going with you?

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  8. Can’t wait to hear about your experiences at the camp! 🙂

  9. Good luck on your summer job in PA! I’m sorry we didn’t get the chance to get together again before you left:( When will you be back???

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