Time + Space Traveling

Matt and I had a mostly relaxing weekend, peppered with a few fun activities like a impromptu trip the Amana Colonies on Saturday.

The Amanas are a grouping of historical buildings that date from the 1800’s, family style restaurants that have a German influence, and one of the best local wineries and breweries.




Upon arriving we made it straight for the Millstream Brewing Co.



Millstream has awesome microbrews and homemade sodas. And famous Root Beer Floats.



And a gorgeous patio that was packed with beer drinking locals and tourists alike.


After we enjoyed our brew we headed to The Chocolate Haus, a must-see in the Amanas.







I was torn between which homemade goodie I wanted to sample. I’m usually partial to fudge, but my free sample was enough. So I split this tasty Cow Pie with Matt.


After beer + dessert we headed to the Cajun Fest.


I immediately grabbed a Hurricane to quench my thirst and to cool me down since it was close to 90 degrees.



Matt wanted to sample the traditional Cajun favorites including Alligator, Jambalaya, Gumbo & of course Crawfish.

P1060045 P1060046

P1060047 P1060053

And I had to give in to some Beignets. I’m a sucker for powdered sugar.


All in all we had a fabulous evening. Sometimes it’s fun to get out and play tourist even if you live close by, especially if you get to go back in history and get to enjoy the culture and food from another region all in one night.


What famous local landmarks/tourist destinations do you live near? And what is your favorite Southern delicacy?



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10 responses to “Time + Space Traveling

  1. what a fun time! i live near a ton of breweries and the mountains in Colorado…pretty fun 🙂 i love just about anything Southern though…i’d have to say that fried chicken – TRUE fried chicken – is my favorite delicacy of the moment 🙂

  2. Oh my GOSH that looks so good!!! Homemade fudge + beignets!? Yes please! 🙂 I live in Washington DC so there’s a lot of touristy destinations here… and I loooove hush puppies and mac and cheese for southern delicacies!

  3. hehe…yall are too cute! I love that you match in the picture! haha!

  4. Oh wow, those beignets look SO GOOD!!! As a Southern girl myself, my favorite Southern food is probably homemade buttermilk biscuits with milk gravy.. yum!

  5. Portland is SUPER close to so many wineries. I love it! Wine tasting is really fun, and it’s only a 25 minute drive to 1 hour drive away from the city!

  6. I remember going on trips to the South as a kid, and I always loved getting a basket of hushpuppies. They’re so good!

  7. Michelle

    Kate! I went to cajun fest too but on Sunday! The red beans and rice was delicous! I also had beignets… they were tasty as well. Not quite as good as Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans but still good!

  8. oooo looks like so much fun! i have never had a beignet! i think i need one. love playing tourist in my own city. i live in portsmouth nh, a wonderful seacoast town, founded in the 1600’s! with a deep history, waterfront location and cultural strength, portsmouth is my tourist destination everyday! ha.

  9. Oh wow, that fudge and beer and caramel apples…delicious!! Definitely a drool-worthy day. I live near Philly, so all the colonial attractions are pretty close- Valley Forge, the Brandywine Battlefield, and of course, Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell!

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