Yoga Pose May Recap

Well the month of May is officially over and that  means that so is Yoga Pose May. If Yoga Pose May has taught me anything it’s that anyone can do yoga, anywhere.





In Greece



The 31 poses + the featured bloggers:

Classic Poses

May 1st: Warrior I

May 2nd: Warrior II

May 3rd: Warrior III

May 4th: Child’s Pose

May 5th: Downward Dog

May 6th: Cat

May 7th: Cow

May 8th: Plank


Backbends + Inversions

May 9th: Cobra

May 10th: Dolphin

May 11th: Camel

May 12th: Bridge

May 13th: Happy Baby

May 14th: Supported Shoulder Stand

May 15th: Rabbit



May 16th: Bow

May 17th: Runner’s Lunge

May 18th: Staff

May 19th: Pigeon

May 20th:  Upward Dog

May 21st: Locust

May 22nd: Triangle

May 23rd: Boat



May 24th: Tree

May 25th: Dancer

May 26th: Chair

May 27th: Half Moon

May 28th: Crane

May 29th: Eagle

May 30th: Extended Mountain


Don’t worry, just because May is over doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to accept the challenge to incorporate yoga into the rest of your year.




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10 responses to “Yoga Pose May Recap

  1. I think I have to declare June Yoga Pose June and try one per day. I’ve only done yoga 3 times in my life before and really want to learn!!

    This was such a fun thing to watch. Fabulous job to everyone involved and thank you for organizing it!!

  2. Awesome recap…thanks!!!

  3. thehungryscholar

    So much Yoga! I’ve been meaning to pick it up but I have a problem with keeping still.

    Love the blog!

  4. Thanks to you and Tina for getting this together. It was such fun to visit some new blogs and see how all the lovely bloggers fit yoga into their lives. 🙂

  5. This was great! I can’t believe May is over!!

  6. What a great month! I had a great time participating!

  7. Wow!! Love all the bloggers who participated in the poses!!! The backbends always get me because i’m mentally afraid that my back will snap or my head will crash down on the floor, but…i’m workin’ on the fear factor!

  8. Loads of great pics and poses!! I mean if that doesn’t show you anyone can do it, I don’t know what will.

  9. I must check all those bloggers and their yoga poses, awesome! pity that May is gone, but let’s still keep doing yoga 🙂

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