We haven’t planted our garden yet, but our yard is still blooming. I guess the recent heat waves and torrential downpours are good for something!





After my flower gazing I started off my day with a repeat of Tuesdays breakfast. When I have blueberries + Almond milk you really can’t expect me not to eat cereal everyday for breakfast, can you?



In between working, doing some things for the blog, and writing a few case studies for my online class I paused to have a snack. I love snacking on nuts, I really should eat them more!



For lunch I recreated a local sandwich favorite: The TAC. I piled some Turkey, Avocado, Cream Cheese + Lettuce on a sandwich thin. I paired it with an juicy orange.




I assembled a quick snack platter to enjoy while Matt made dinner since I was really hungry and feared I would eat the kitchen if I didn’t eat something soon.


Lettuce Wraps

Matt made dinner last night using some of the ground goat meat that we got from the Des Moines Farmer’s Market. He added some spices, onion + half an orange pepper to the pan and dinner was served in no time.

I decided to make some lettuce wraps with the goat + some Greek yogurt. Perfect!



There is something so fun about eating with your hands.


Matt had never had goat before, but I had tried it in a stew-like dish when I was in Greece. I enjoyed it then, but I preferred it as Matt prepared it last night. Some people think that it tastes similar to lamb, but I found it as a cross between a mild sausage + hamburger.

Yoga + Strength

I’ve had a lot of different yoga teachers in my day. Some that good, some that are bad, and some that are just okay. For me, I’ve always found that the yoga experience is what you make of it. And that is why I always ask my instructors questions.

A lot of the questions I ask are in reference to poses or adjustments, but I always hear one thing: Work on building strength. It’s no secret that a lot of yoga is centered around strength exercises and it’s does come as a surprise to me that I just don’t have tons of upper body strength. But I want to!

So I’m going to add some push ups to my life. I started yesterday with 1 full push up and 9 kneeling push ups, and Ill keep subbing 1 extra kneeling push up for a real one each day. In 10 days I should be pumping out 10 full push ups like it’s my job!


What’s blooming in your yard?

What’s the craziest kind of meat you’ve ever had?

How many push ups can you do?



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11 responses to “TAC

  1. Yum!!! Cereal and blueberries is sooooo good!

  2. I don’t know that I’ve ever tried goat meat….

    I guess the “weirdest” meat I’ve had is buffalo. My aunt and uncle lived on a farm and would occasionally get buffalo meat. Buffalo burgers tasted good to me!

  3. I can do seemingly infinite (ok not really, but like 50) girl-style pushups, but only a few full-on pushups in a row. Did you know that when you do a real pushup you are “lifting” 75% of your bodyweight? I just read that in Women’s Health, I think.

  4. gorgeous plants! i love how you always take your photos of your eats outside 🙂

  5. Girl push ups or boy push ups? haha!

  6. I love Cinnamon Crunch cereal. Thanks for the reminder to get some. 🙂 I don’t have a true garden, but I am growing herbs in some pots. I can’t wait for them to be ready to use!

  7. In our yard – tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, basil, cilantro, onions, cucumbers, various flowers and LOTS of weeds!

    Craziest meat – probably alligator?

    I’m a wimp when it comes to push-ups, maybe 10?

  8. Wow your flowers looks amazing! I can’t even keep a potted plan alive LOL. That TAC sandwich sounds to die for! I need to try that!

    What’s blooming in your yard? I don’t even know – my bf has the green thumb not me!

    What’s the craziest kind of meat you’ve ever had? Honestly anything you can imagine. My father is an avid hunter so I grew up going to game dinners all of the time. You name it, I’ve eaten it lol.

    How many push ups can you do? I can do about 30 modified push ups consecutively.

  9. I cannot do a lot of pushups at all. I still need to do them on my knees, and I can usually do 2 sets of 10 or 15 but have never really tried to do more than that.

    Weirdest meat… probably ostrich. But now I eat only fish and the weirdest fish I’ve eaten is probably eel but that’s not THAT weird if you eat sushi.

    No garden for me, sad.

  10. I’m always intrigued by that cereal, but so many boxes find their way into my cart that I always end up putting it back!! I don’t eat meat anymore, but I did have ostrich once on a ski trip…wasn’t bad! And push-ups- I can do maybe five. Of the girly kind. I have no upper body strength!! Hope you have a great weekend girl!!

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