Your Neck of the Woods

Lately I’ve been thinking more and more about what the underlying message of my blog is and I’m starting to inch closer and closer towards a concrete answer. One thing I do know is that a huge part of my blog and life is balance.

I’ve been practicing balance in all forms of my life lately, especially when it comes to sleep. Most nights I get at least 7 hours but depending on the day of the week the time I wake up tends to vary. Some days my alarm is blaring at 5 and other days I am dead to the world until 11. It’s all about balance, right?


Since I woke up just before sunset lunch yesterday, I decided to have a fusion of Breakfast + Lunch. A yellow themed lunch consisting of a piece of leftover frittata, a fresh mango + some Triscuits.



Beef + Noodles

After lunch I did some work on the blog + headed over to Matt’s sisters house to get a full homemade noodle making tutorial from her roommate.

For those of you who read my blog semi-regularly you know I love simple, easy recipes that call for a few ingredients and I rarely bake let alone try to make things from scratch. But I’m willing to learn!

Egg Noodles

Mix (roughly) equal parts flour + eggs until you form a dough. Either use a noodle maker to roll out the dough or get friendly with your rolling pin.

P1050929 P1050931

Cut your noodles into chunks and feed through your noodle maker or slice with a pizza cutter into strips.

P1050935 P1050936

P1050933 P1050934

Allow noodles to dry for a few minutes + then add to boiling water or broth.

P1050939 P1050940

Blare some Glee + get rolling because the effort is definitely worth the results!


After this sole photo my camera batteries died, but my sweet tooth didn’t. I ended up enjoying more fruit, a scoop of chocolate ice cream + then a S’mores fireside. I had to make up for not having breakfast!

Food in your Neck of the Woods

Thinking of Beef + Noodles definitely got me thinking about foods that seem to be native to certain areas. Beignets in New Orleans, Cheese Curds in Wisconsin + Sweet Corn in Iowa all stick out in my mind as foods native to certain states.

What foods are famous in your part of the country?

Other than sweet corn I’d say Iowa is famous for its Pork Tenderloin. I’d trade corn on the cob + every kind of pork any day for some fresh seafood + Dunkin Donuts from my homeland of Massachusetts!



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18 responses to “Your Neck of the Woods

  1. Definitely clam cakes and chowda for this RI girl! I miss clam cakes! and chowder!

  2. bagels and pizza here in NYC…unfortunately i can’t enjoy either (i’m wheat free)…but there’s not really any type of food that NYC doesn’t do well! 🙂

  3. Reminder for me to check up on Glee!!

    Do I have to claim peaches and pecans here in the south? You can also thank Paula Deen for biscuits and fried chicken. Alas, the SE didn’t fair so well in the fittest cities, lol.

  4. I just bought a pasta maker YESTERDAY that I found on clearance for 13.99! I get scared of making things from scratch/using multiple ingredients but it looks like you just need two-three things so I’m willing to try!

  5. You’ve lost your noodle, so brave.

    I guess I have to claim peaches and Paula Deen. That said biscuits and fried chicken. The SE didn’t fair so well with fit.

  6. Living in the Northwest we get a lot of great seafood! Salmon and Dungeoness Crab are my faves. 🙂

  7. Being from MN, we’re known for our corn, too!

  8. Shrimp and grits are huge in Charleston.

  9. We’re famous for our clam chowder, but I don’t think I’ve ever had it. I’m all over the maple syrup, though. OH and this is where Nasoya tofu is made!

  10. i totally want fritatta now.

    in the good ole south-fried chicken, mac n cheese, mashed taters and gravy..soo healthy, right?!

  11. I don’t know what is native to here because I’m not from here.

    But I spent a good bit of time in Philly with my mom growing up and they have the cheese steak and pretzel.

    And in Germany there were so many foods that I just tasted my way through as a child. Same with Spain while studying.

    And college near Buffalo and Rochester meant lots of buffalo wings and something called a garbage plate that just cannot be described.

  12. I’ve only made raviolis with homemade noodles (my grandpa is Italian and we make raviolis from scratch every Christmas). I need to try some other shapes!

    Here in the northern Midwest, we have “pasties”, maybe you’ve heard of them? They are basically meat and potatoes and maybe veggies inside a crust – definitely not so healthy but such wonderful comfort food! (

  13. Philly is famous for its cheesesteaks, soft pretzels and Tastycakes. I hate the first, but I could eat soft pretzels and Tastycakes all day 🙂

  14. Here in Chicago, it is hot dogs and deep dish pizza.

  15. Mmm.. noodles!

    Umm.. I think we are most famous of our fresh fish, reindeer and other stuff which do not have a translation 😀

  16. So cool that you made those noodles! I’m very impressed!

    Louisiana is known for its cajun and creole cuisine…things like gumbo, jambalaya, and crawfish ettoufe. Yum!

  17. Holy crap….you made homemade noodles! You are awesome!!!

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