A Kuna Frittata

I started off my day with a cup of the following:


  • Vanilla Silk Pure Almond Milk
  • Cascadian Farm Cinnamon Crunch Cereal
  • Bluets (which is either French or Spanish for Blueberries)


After breakfast + a quick lifeguarding shift at work I headed to a brand new (to me) yoga studio in town called Downward Dog Yoga. As I was tweeting in my car, I even ran into one of my regular yoga teachers from another yoga studio who is treating herself to some yoga classes this summer.

I settled on the 2 weeks for $20 pass because it is such a good deal, and according to my calculations will take me until 2 days before I leave for Philadelphia.

This morning I took a traditional Vinyasa class that incorporated a few advanced poses like Side Crane. The temperature in the yoga studio seriously messed with me. I was miserably hot and I undoubtedly noticed a difference in my performance + my experience. I hate sweating!


Post yoga I snacked on a Granny Smith



And a little while later I assembled lunch. I toasted two sliced of wheat bread + added some cream cheese, spinach + Cajun turkey. I think next time I’ll add some avocado.


Part II of Lunch



Aged Gouda + Zucchini Frittata

I wanted something simple + fresh for dinner and couldn’t think of anything tastier than a Frittata. I used the Aged Gouda + Zucchini we got from the Farmer’s Market + got cooking.

P1050909 P1050912

P1050913 P1050915


Since it was almost 95 degrees all day today I was really craving something cool + refreshing. I threw some Stonyfield + frozen raspberries in a blender and presto.


Do you have a favorite frittata combination? What about your all time favorite blender concoction?

Do you love a good sweat or do you hate it dripping in your face?



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21 responses to “A Kuna Frittata

  1. good fritatta!!

    i love a good sweat when im working out and thats about it. i HATE sweating after i’ve “gotten ready.”

  2. 2 weeks for $20 !! Holy crap that’s good. I haven’t done yoga in for-evahhhhh …and it being so hot and humid doesn’t make for it anytime soon…

  3. Lindsay

    I love sweating everywhere but my face. Like I love the hot weather (I thought yesterday was amazing) and getting a good sweat in, but I just can’t stand the feeling of sweat on my face. I’m weird 🙂

  4. I love broccoli, cheese, and garlic in my frittata. So good!

    I’m a big gouda fan…I never thought to try using that kind of cheese. But now I want to! 😉

  5. that is a ton of spinach on your sandwich! good girl.

    los arándanos = blueberries in spanish (my major)
    so it must be french!

    i also looooooove that cereal w/ almond milk. i need to add blueberries next time. mmmmm

  6. YUMM-O!
    That frittata dish looks amazing…
    And I bet that milk+cereal+blueberries combo was the best way to start off the day 🙂
    Love your blog, girl!
    Have a fabulous week!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  7. Frittata=LOVE! I love broccoli, onions, and goat cheese in mine.

  8. I love my mom’s frittatas. She makes two kinds that are meatless: spinach, onion, and cheese; and broccoli, onion, and cheese. The cheese usually consists of cheddar or swiss.

  9. i’m dying to know…did you accomplish the side crane?

  10. I love a good quality ham with some cheese in my frittata…I had egg casserole on my menu plan this week, but I might just change it to a frittata!

    Also – I have a love/hate relationship with sweat:)

  11. 2 weeks for 2o bucks is an amazing deal, wow!! Oh I HATE sweat dripping in my face- but you feel so good after a workout that makes you sweat that much 😉

  12. I love a good sweat session. Hot yoga has become a necessary part of my life with all its detoxing power and a good, hard, sweaty workout at the gym energizes me almost immediately. I am, however, anti-sweat when the hair is did and my face is on. Drippy makeup is no good!

  13. That frittata sounds amazingly good!!! I like caramelized onions and goat cheese, yum!

  14. Kate

    i made an aspragus, ham and goat cheese frittata that was outstanding. my favorite blender creation lately has been banana soft serve with cocoa powder. YUM!

    and i do like a good sweat. occasionally during hot yoga it runs in my ears which i totally hate. other than that, the sweatier the better!

  15. Bluets is French…I actually didn’t know the English word for them until I was probably about ten. I like to sweat when it’s dry out, but there’s nothing more uncomfortable than sweating when it’s humid!

  16. I haven’t seen the Silk almond milk yet! It’s on my “must try” list

    I loveee sweating. It’s sort of cleansing 🙂

  17. While working out I like to sweat, it gives me a feeling that I’m actually doing something 😀

  18. I love a Greek style with feta, sundried tomatoes, artichokes and spinach. YUM

  19. You had me at aged gouda! My farmers market won’t have cheese until June – can’t wait!

    Love the sweat – that means I am working!

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