Breakfast/Lunch Hybrid

I slept so late yesterday that I literally rolled out of bed moments before the lunch hour began. I decided to make a hybrid of a breakfast-lunch so I wouldn’t be missing out!


Lunch – PB&J + Breakfast – Half a Grapefruit


A few hours later I broke for a snack. I hadn’t had this Mojo before but my taste buds were very pleased. Who am I kidding, anything dipped in chocolate is a win-win in my book!



While I was at work Matt’s family had an impromptu gathering at our favorite Mexican place El Ranchero, which we fondly refer to as El Ranch.

Since I was working until the ungodly hour of 10 Matt offered to bring me home some of his leftovers. The fajitas at El Ranch are colossal and I assure you, he made a huge dent in his portion.


Shrimp Fajitas + Veggies:


Rolled up:


In case you didn’t notice I have been on an anti-cooking strike and our food supply has seriously been diminishing lately. The plan was to cut back on the cost of groceries by eating what we have and scrounging up meals, but honestly we’ve just resorted to eating out more. Fail!

Sweet Treat

I finished off the evening with my last piece of Neuhaus chocolate + a piece of Hershey’s dark.



I was planning on taking an easy swim, bike, or run yesterday but my legs were still feeling a little bit sore. I normally push my body on days when it isn’t 100% but I really want to be physically ready for tomorrow.

How many days off do you usually take before a race or event?

Yoga Pose May

Have you been following Yoga Pose May? Here’s a list of all the poses thus far.



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10 responses to “Breakfast/Lunch Hybrid

  1. thats my FAV dark chocolate! i loveee it. i def take it VERY easy before events!! i would do the same! your muscles need the time to replenish and rest!

  2. I am anticipating my first race in June, and don’t know how many days I’ll take off beforehand. I imagine I’ll take a break from running for a few days, and just have rest days or walk.

  3. Before Reach the Beach last weekend (55 mile bike ride) I took 2 days off from exercise. None whatsoever. And when race day came, I felt energized and like a million bucks!

  4. I have been asking that same question to myself before my half marathon in June! I think I am going to take off two or three days, just partaking in light activity. I think I’ll take three or four days off from running.

  5. I usually give myself two days to rest up so my body is pumped and ready to roll!

  6. I think one day off is good! One day off before a long run or something like that makes me feel recharged, but more than one and I feel sluggish.

  7. I’ve never tried that flavor of Mojo bar, but I feel like it would be my favorite 🙂 Love the dark chocolate square…can’t go wrong!! Hope you’re having a great weekend so far!

  8. Kate

    your dindin looks ah-mazing!

    i’ve never done a race or anything like that before so i don’t have too much advice on that one. when my body feels sore i try to either go for a relaxing walk or do yoga to limber it up.

  9. Oh good lord that looks amaing Kate! I want!

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