I woke up wanting a fuss-free breakfast. I dug around and found a Quaker Instant Oatmeal pack + I was immediately sold. I’m a huge fan of Quaker. Did you know that a lot of Quaker products, including some flavors of Oatmeal Squares Cereal, are actually made in Iowa?



After breakfast I headed to work to partake in a pool/water safety day with a group of 2nd graders from a local elementary school. I had packed a sandwich + a piece of fruit for lunch, but I ended up enjoying two slices of pepperoni pizza with the work gang instead.

It looks something like this:



I made a quick dinner of Fridge Nachos before we headed out for the evening.

I layered some sautéed zucchini and onions on top of a bed of Garden of Eden Blue Chips. Then I added the appropriate nacho toppings: cheese, Greek yogurt + scallions.


It was a perfect dinner and significantly healthier than any restaurant version I can think of!


Wine + Exploration

We headed to Matt’s sister’s husband’s parent’s house (did you follow that?) for some wine + conversation.


We enjoyed some red as we poured over their photos from their trip to the Galapagos. Aside from discussing their nature exploration they also allowed me to explore their Canon Rebel.

Matt + I have toyed with the idea of buying a SLR for a while now, but my shaky track record with electronics has held us back from taking the leap until now. With the amount of traveling we do and with the quantity of photos I now take for the blog, I think we’re ready to make the purchase. Matt is meticulous when it comes to electronics, so we’re still in the research and review phase, but I think we’re getting close to a decision!

What kind of camera do you use? Do you swear by it or do you wish you did more research + reviews?


We brought over some watermelon to snack on throughout the evening and I ended up having two juicy, fresh pieces this size.


What are you built for?

Last weekend I had a side conversation with an instructor from my coaching class. We were chatting up fitness and sports related injuries when we stumbled upon the topic of running. I mentioned my love/hate relationship with running and the occasional desire I have to run a longer race such as a half or full marathon.

He mentioned that I wasn’t exactly built for running and all 5 feet of me immediately agreed. Of course I’m not built for running. But then I thought more about it. What exactly am I made for then? I’m naturally good at a few things and I inherently enjoy a few sports.

What are your thoughts? What do you think you are ‘built’ for? Do you think the harder something is to do the more important it is to do it?

Anyone else going to try to score Healthy Living Summit tickets tonight?



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19 responses to “Explorations

  1. I desperately want a digital camera but my bank account keeps saying, No! I’m saving up though.

    I totally agree that some bodies aren’t made for running. I’m not talking about height and weight here. I mean, they aren’t build for running based off body mechanics. Take, for instance, me. I have slightly bowed legs, flat feet, and other problems that seem so minute but that have caused me foot and knee problems. (I’m the only non-runner I know who has horrible Runner’s Knee in both knees.) I know that if I were a runner I’d be even worse off. I’m OK with not running. My body’s just not built for it. And I think by understanding that I won’t do any more damage.

  2. I use a sony cybershot now and I wold swear by Sony. They rock!

  3. My PT told me that I am definitely not built for running but that doesn’t stop me. I know I have to put in extra work to even be decent and get to the finish line but I love the journey so much I do it.

  4. Jul

    Oh, what a great question. I grew up swimming, and it’s still my sport of choice. But I know I’m not built for it — way, way too short and inflexible! Can’t do anything about height, but I can work on my flexibility and mobility. These days, I swim for enjoyment, mostly (though I still push myself to get better every day), and that’s just fine with me. I think physically, my body is actually best suited for weightlifting — which I love, too, and train for, too. And lifting makes me a better swimmer and all-around athlete. Can’t say I get as much out of lifting as I do from swimming, though, so I do both. And I run, and I condition, because whether or not I was ‘born’ to do these things, I love it all!

  5. My camera was a gift from my parents. Just your basic point and shoot digital camera. I’d love to upgrade.

  6. I would loooove to buy a Canon Rebel. I am thinking about starting to save up for one!

    I didn’t know that most Quaker products were produced in Iowa. How neat! Love Mid-West supporting companies. 🙂

  7. I love those glasses,I’m looking all around Helsinki for something similar for us 🙂

    Pity that we don’t have blue chips here, I would love to give them a try 🙂

  8. GIRL you got me wanting some watermelon! tis the season!!

  9. My camera now is a point and shoot – an Olympus 1010. But my dream camera? The Can0n EOS 550D/Rebel T2i – I think its around $800 bucks!

    Good luck with your purchase!

  10. actorsdiet

    i’ve got a point and shoot panasonic lumix dmc-fx01. it’s all right. my husband sometimes takes pix with his very expensive (over $3K) work camera. honestly? though gorgeous, i prefer my point and shoot – his shots take forever to set up and it’s such a pain carrying around that giant thing.

  11. Ahhh I would LOVE a Canon Rebel, but sadly the budget doesn’t see that happening any time soon. It’s good you’re doing your research though, that’s a big purchase!!

    I’ve been told that I’m built for long-distance running, because I’m fairly tall, thin and build muscle very easily in my legs!

  12. Love those chips!! they are so yummy!!!

    Love wine : ) my fave drink of choice!

    Hope you have a great night love!!

  13. i’m very flexable so Yoga and pilates are great for me! I’m not built to be a runner either.

    I just started a waitressing job (to make some extra cash) and I got to taste all the red wines last night! So delicious : )

  14. Kate

    your nachos look really good! we always used to refer to nachos as “snach-yos” in college. old habbits bie hard.

    i studied ayurvedic medicine a bit last semester and found out that my dosha type is kapha. we have a hard time getting motivated to exercise but when we do, we can go really hard! i agree with that. once i finally drag my bum in the gym, i go all out!

  15. I have a Kodak Smart Capture and it’s pretty good for a $120 camera! It has survived several falls, scratches from keys in my purse and spilled glass of wine or 2… 🙂 It’s not too fancy though as you can probably tell by my photos!
    I can’t decide if I buy into the “what we are built for” thing…I’m barely 5’1″ and definitely not a serious runner- but I did run track in high school and won a medal or two in JV. I don’t run anymore though. I have really wide shoulders so maybe I’m built for swimming?

  16. I’ve spent a lot of my life telling myself that there’s so many things i wasn’t built to do, or naturally good at doing. Kinda like you, i asked myself right away, then WHAT am i good at? I think honestly that those restrictions we put on ourselves is just so…silly!!

    Your dinner looks fabulous!!! Super creative and yummy lookin. 🙂

    P.s. I’m hosting a giveaway for organic fair trade preserves! Does strawberry basil and blueberry merlot jam sound up your alley? 🙂

  17. I LOVE running, but sometimes I have a really hard time doing it!! There are times that I hate running, but most of the time I love it!! I can go running for miles and just zone out!! I am very tall 5’9″. I cannot seem to build muscle though, so I have been focusing on go to weight training classes and eating protein, but I guess that is why we are all different.
    I really hope that you find an activity, like swimming, where you feel best and you stay active!! 🙂

  18. Ooh I am loving those nachos. I don’t know what I’m built for!! I grew up riding horses, so I’d like to say that 🙂

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