He Does Tree

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday! I don’t know about you but my day is busy, busy, busy. I’ll be learning all day how to tape up sports related injuries and then I need to skedaddle over to Matt’s sister’s graduation party. I didn’t want to leave you guys without a post though, so I pre-typed out this gem for you.


Yesterdays breakfast was a Pomegranate Greek Yogurt topped with some homemade Fruit + Nut Granola.




In between my shifts at work I ran over to the Co-op to grab a quick lunch. It was a complete toss up between the Caesar + the Jerk Chicken. Such a hard decision, but all the cheese is really what sold me.




I wasn’t completely sold on the idea of going for a swim yesterday, but I really needed to squeeze it in since I have such a packed weekend. I ended up swimming for about 20 minutes and truthfully it was a pretty pathetic attempt. Something is better than nothing though, right?

Groceries + Snacks

After my swim I ran a few errands including heading to the grocery store. I found these beauties:


I knew from a previous purchase that they were sadly not as large as they appear to be on the box.


And some Ranch Soy Crisps:


Some days you are just more hungry than others!


I’m a huge fan of buffalo sauce. A sucker for it in fact, so when I saw a tasty recipe of Danica’s over on Janetha’s blog I knew I had to try my go at Buffalo Turkey Meatballs.


Side salads in my new bowls.




Dane’s Dairy

After such a tasty dinner it only seemed right to finish off the evening with some soft-serve. Matt + I headed to a local ice cream shop.





I thought I had lost my photos of my food + shenanigans from Wednesday but when I was uploading photos today I found them. Some of the eats were noteworthy but the best photo I’ll save for last!

P1050576 P1050578

              P1050582 P1050588


He Does Tree

Matt was such a good sport and agreed to join me for a yoga class on Wednesday. The only condition? He wanted to wear a pair of my yoga pants!


Perhaps he should be featured as part of Yoga Pose May?

Does your significant other, best friend or members of your family join you for exercise?

Enjoy your Saturday!



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16 responses to “He Does Tree

  1. mmm.. your rendition of the meatballs look awesome! so funny he wore your pants.

  2. Haha hilarious picture!
    I looove those Kashi cookies but they are super tiny. I feel like I’m not getting enough bang for my buck 😉

  3. Haha! I had to laugh at this picture. This is totally something Hunni has done although he wasn’t as good at it 🙂

    i love yo eats! those meatballs look aweesome! I LOVE buff sauce too!

  5. Carrie

    LOVE Kashi products. Haven’t tried their cookies yet though.

  6. haha, Matt definitely should be featured in the May Yoga Poses! Great Tree Pose

  7. I have a few friends who come with me to hot yoga, but since I’ve been doing a lot of yoga home lately I’
    ve been alone 🙂

  8. That picture of your BF in those pants is hysterical, he looks like a fun guy!! My BF and I always get ice cream in the summer too, his mom always tells us we’re going to get diabetes from it 🙂 Delicious, though! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday girl!!

  9. I like that not only did he wear your yoga pants, but he allowed you to photograph him and post it on your blog.

    Love soft serve, and usually ask for a cup with a cone on top too!

  10. Ok I was SO excited for those TLC cookies and could not believe how tiny they are! I actually took a comparison photo like you did just for kicks because it’s kind of comical. Luckily they are yummy though!

  11. Kate

    ahahaha! i love his yoga pants 🙂

  12. I love hot sauce…I should totally try that on meatballs. I never thought of that! Um, no my significant other does not work out with me. He calls what I do jazzercise and that is not what I do. One day, I will make him my workout partner! The only yoga pose he wants to do is child’s pose. Oh well…maybe one day!

  13. Wow, your bf is awesome for posing for that! 😀 Hee hee! My family does not do exercise…the only thing my parents will do is walk with me…and my bro? He would prefer to sleep in.

  14. My BF does some activities with me–hiking and biking.

  15. You *have* to try the jerk chicken, Tim loves it.
    And I’m a buffalo addict, too!

  16. lol cute picture. I haven’t tried Kashi’s cookies…or anything else really for that matter. Just one of their granola bars, thanks for the heads up on how tiny the cookies are! 😦 Exercise? what’s that? seriously I don’t do any.

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