Dangerously Low

Good morning! I can not believe today is only Wednesday. The beginning of my weeks usually fly by and for reason, this week that has not been the case!


We have been running dangerously low on groceries over the last few days, but one thing we always have is EGGS! I took a cue from Tina and added some pesto to my egg this morning + it added a fabulous amount of flavor. Plus it turned it green!  And the watermelon almost resembles ham.

Green eggs + watermelon:



Goodbye Stats

I really wanted to name the title of this post Goodbye Stats to proclaim my love that it’s over and simultaneously my hate for the entire course, but I refrained. Yesterday I took my Stats final around noon and midway through I bugged my neighbors by crunch, crunch, crunching on a Peanut Butter Nature Valley bar.


I headed home to summer vacation. Despite the cold, wet Iowa weather we are experiencing I decided to celebrate with a colorful, summer like salad.

Spinach + carrots + Sunshine Southwest Burger + Light Ancho Chipotle Ranch.


And another colorful bowl of Pretzel M&M’s. It’s all about balance, right?



I also considered calling this post frantic, as that is exactly what my evening turned into. After leisurely lying around all afternoon (and achieving nothing aside from catching up on the happenings in Blair + Serena’s lives) I had plans to head to a 6pm yoga class.

A little before 5:45 I got a call that I was supposed to be at work! Luckily I was able to have someone cover the first half of my shift so I could head to yoga and then head into work a little after 7:30.

Unfortunately in a rush to get to work I didn’t have anything for dinner and post yoga I was hangry! I considered ordering Jimmy John’s, but I ended up waiting until I could hit up the Co-op on my way home. I settled for a triangle of Spanikopita and some chips + salsa – none of which I photographed, of course.


Recently I have noticed that my worst food choices come when I am so past the point of hungry that I just grab whatever is close and convenient. Or if I have too many drinks, but I’ll save that for another post. So, tell me some of your trips for grabbing some healthy snacks or assembling a meal when you are famish, just finished a workout that left your tummy growling or the like instead of something unhealthy.



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15 responses to “Dangerously Low

  1. One thing that works well for me is washing and cutting all my fruits & veggies after I get home from the store. If I keep them [cut] in baggies or containers in the fridge it’s both easier to grab some for a snack while I make a meal, and it makes meal prep go faster because half the work is done!

  2. Yay for no more stats!!! I understand, completely.

    I think the key is having quick things ready to go! Like healthy frozen dinners or frozen veggie burgers and whatnot.

  3. i’m anxious to see what kinda tips people suggest because i have the exact same problem. when i get to the point of the hungry-grumpies (as i call it) i will eat just about anything i can get my hands on. and after a few drinks…forget it! more icecream? yes please!

  4. YAY for stats being over. So happy for you! You made it. For a quick healthy snack I grab greek yogurt and sugar free strawberry jam with stevia. Greek yogurt is high in protein so it keep me full.

  5. That salad dressing sounds amazing! I just got a Cilantro dressing from Trader Joe’s – can’t wait to try it.

    I always have unsalted roasted almonds in my desk – totally worth the calories and they can usually hold me until I can make the right choice. Um, but with a glass of red wine 😦

  6. I make the worst decision about everything when I’m very hungry 🙂

  7. I’m with you on my habits after I’ve had a few drinks..not a good time for me.

    I try to keep strawberries or something sweet chopped and ready to go. When I’m starving all I want is sugary stuff so I think I kind of trick myself with the berries.

  8. I am a snack packer! I always have something healthy on hand for when that hunger hits. That way I am not tempted to go crazy as soon as I walk in the door from being gone so long.

  9. I get that way too. I quickly pass into the “danger zone” like my BF and I call it. That means I am famished, cranky, shaky, and can only think of food. To remedy this, I always carry a mini Luna protein bar with me, and the BF starts dinner so it’s close to being ready when I get home from the pool.

  10. Mmmm chipotle ranch, so good. and pretzel M&Ms?! Those sound amazing, I don’t have much of sweet tooth and always prefer a salty accompaniment. I live about 20 miles away from school and often spend the whole day on campus. Eating out around campus adds up very quickly and it is rarely healthy. So one of my biggest motivations to bring healthy food from home has simply been my lack of money. The drive-through is so convenient and fast so if I absolutely have to I’ll get something like a fruit and walnut salad from McDonalds. I try to get fruits and veggies that are easy to throw in a bag and high protein foods. If I’m starving I’ll straight up eat a spoonful of PB or a couple slices of cheese or deli meat.

  11. Hi Kate! You ended this post with SUCH a good question! It definitely happens to the best of us, especially when going out for a few drinks before dinner or post work out. I ALWAYS carry some sort of snack with me. ALWAYS. This way if I am working out, going to the gstore, stopping at the dry cleaners all before dinner, I have SOMETHING to snack on so when I enter the front door I’m not in frantic/I’m starving/oh there’s ice cream/crackers mode. Even if you do not feel hungry and wish to save your calories for dinner, eat HALF of what you pack…half of a luna bar, half of a banana, half of a lara bar will hold you over enough so you aren’t starving and making bad decisions 30 mins later.

    This goes for drinks out too. If you are meeting friends after class/work for a drink at like 5/6 eat or bring with you a lite snack to hold you over. After a few drinks, we all know hunger can ATTACK, think proactively and eat the luna bar on your way out the door so 2+ hrs and 2+ beers later you aren’t ordering spinach dip 🙂 (this happened to me last week, I totally forgot something, the spinach dip wasn’t even gooooooood but I was FAMISHED). Hope this helps!

    High five on finishing stats! SUCH a monster class.

    Oh and to really drag my comment out, I was thinking eggs for dinner tonight but wanted to make it new…THANKS for the pesto idea 🙂

  12. I’ve gotten in the habit of munching on veggie sticks as I cook dinner if I’m starving. That way I’ll still take the time to cook rather than just grabbing something quick and less healthy and they aren’t filling enough to ruin my appetite. My weakness is salty snacks after a few drinks so before I leave home I make a fruit salad that will be ready for me when I get home and need a snack. Pesto and eggs are a great combo aren’t they 😉

  13. Kate

    i try and not keep anything super junky at my house. and i’ve scouted out the grocery stores and healthy restruants along my most traveled routes.

    and i must try pesto and eggs. yum!

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