• Brown Cow Maple Yogurt
  • Homemade Grape Nuts
  • Braeburn Apple
  • PB&Co. Bee’s Knees




One of the main benefits of Matt working from home means we get to eat lunch together most days. He had thrown together a quick pasta dish that included some whole wheat penne, some tomato sauce and the remainder of my roasted eggplant & red peppers. I added a dollop of pesto for some flavor.




I had planned to go for a run/walk after work but the skies literally opened up on the state of Iowa around lunch time yesterday. Thunder, lightning, flash flooding, hail – the works. Needless to say I cancelled my run. I did think of taking my run indoors or at least trading it in for a quick yoga session, but I ended up skipping it all together.

As part of my Triathlon training program I need to add in a swim, a bike, and a run each week. Since Monday and Wednesdays are reserved for yoga, that leaves Tuesday and Thursday and the weekend.

The problem is – I am not a Weekend Worker-outer! So I’ve figured out that Tuesday & Thursday will be two of the days and then that leaves either a Saturday or Sunday for a longer run or ride. Now I just need to stick to my plan!


Sometime between figuring out things for Yoga Month May & heading back to the pool Matt & I shared a bag of Kettle Corn.


On the way home from coaching I stopped by Mekong to grab some takeout. I’ve been craving Chinese food for a while and sometimes weekend nights just scream takeout & a movie to me.

I ordered the Thai Lemon Chicken: Chicken stir-fry with lemon grass, onion, scallion and lemon leaf.
Served with steamed rice noodle and garnished with steamed broccoli.


And two Vietnamese Vegetable Spring Eggs Rolls to share.


I was still a little hungry after my portion so I tried Matt’s Hot Braised Pork. It was fried and saucy, so obviously it tasted amazing. I ended up having about the same size portion of his dish.

And it was worth every tasty bite!

Are you a weekend worker-outer? How do you stay ‘on track’ when you don’t have the consistency of your work/school week?

Operation Beautiful

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8 responses to “B L D

  1. I would seriously love some maple yogurt right about now.
    I ALMOST had thai for dinner, yum!

  2. Looking at all your great eats for the day is making me hungry…and it’s 10 pm here! Maple yogurt sounds delicious!

  3. I prefer the weekend actually, as I have more energy! I find it harder to work out weekdays. Those spring rolls look delish – so fresh!

  4. how did you make your own grape nuts? Your breakfast looks amazing!

  5. What’s in the homemade grape nuts. I loved grape nuts growing up. I haven’t had them forever.

  6. foodlovingpolarbear

    Vietnamese Vegetable Spring Eggs Roll, YUMMY! they looks so delicate and delicious! 🙂

  7. Kate

    i loooooove spring rolls! there is a place about four blocks from my house that makes the best ones ever 🙂

    and i echo the grape nuts question. i am so going to run out of cereal before my challenge is over and will need to make some.

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