Loving Your Body + Your Goals


  • 1/4 c Oatmeal
  • 1/4 c Soy Milk
  • 1/4 c Water
  • Chia Seeds
  • Dried Cranberries
  • tbsp Pear Butter
  • tbsp PB&Co. Bee’s Knees





After class I headed home and made a quick sandwich with some roasted red peppers + eggplant + some cheddar. I ended up adding a little bit of dressing to enhance it’s flavor. On the side, half an orange.





Matt and I had our first night of coaching Tiny Tot Soccer last night. While setting up the field we snacked on this Kind Bar. These Kind Plus Bars are a far cry from my fruity Kind Bar favorites. Sadly, I haven’t been able to find any of the coconutty, mango flavors since!


I didn’t fit any formal exercise into my day yesterday, but my brain and my body got a work out at practice. Trying to corral 10 3 + 4 year olds is a lot more difficult than it seems, and definitely is more challenging than teaching a bunch of kids flip turns or front crawl.

Needless to say when we got home we were ready for a quick and speedy dinner.


Chorizo + Sweet Potato

I had grandiose plans last night to make a sweet potato hash that had some fresh chorizo mixed in and was topped with some scallions from our garden – but we went the simpler route.

Matt microwaved two sweet potatoes (with holes poked in them) while I cooked up some chorizo (removed from the casing). Mashed sweet potato + chorizo + scallions = successful 5 minute meal.




Dessert x 2



Love Your Body

Today is the last day of April and consequently the last day of Love Your Body Month. I have to say, when I started LYB I was a little bit of a critic, but last night I realized that lately I have been in a more positive place in regard to my body.

Although we have a scale in our bathroom I haven’t been weighing myself because I haven’t particularly cared to know what I weigh. Of course, I am trying to lose some more weight, but I have found that when I remove myself from trying to lose weight and the obsessive behaviors that can accompany that process I experience success.

Yes, I am a victim of wanting things done yesterday and I know that bikini season is feverishly approaching, but the truth is losing weight for me is a slow process and I’d rather it be that way.

Back to the scale – last night I picked up Ollie (my overweight doggy) to carry him up the stairs and bring him to bed and I was surprised by how much more he seemed to weigh than usual. I headed to the bathroom to weigh him (by weighing him with me and then me without him).

I was surprised to see that he had gained some weight, I may start a sister blog to this called What Ollie Ate, but unsurprised that I had lost weight. I’ve been moving my body and eating mostly a balanced diet, but most importantly lately I love my body.

Sure, my body is a work in progress. But it’s important for me to love where I am now so I can get where I need to be. And more importantly, if I never lose the last 15 pounds is that reason enough to throw in the towel on myself? To hate my body now is to hate all the things it can do even though it is 15 pounds overweight. And there’s a ton of things it can do!

“If anything is sacred the human body is sacred.”

Walt Whitman

10 in 2010

Remember back when I first started my blog I discussed the 10 goals I had in the year 2010? Well I haven’t talked about them in a while, but I am about to cross of two huge goals.

I signed up for the first yoga festival to ever be held in the state of Iowa and I found a laid back Triathlon that I will participate in in a few weeks.

And, I booked myself a massage to show my body how much I appreciate it!

1. Attend a yoga retreat –> Iowa City Yoga Festival

2. Journal while on vacation

3. Have friend get-togethers

4. Triathlon –> Pieathlon

5. Send out birthday cards –> I failed miserably at this!

6. Go on a road trip

7. Coach swimming

8. Volunteer –> Tiny Tot Soccer with Matt

9. Reinstate date night –> We’re still working on carving out specific ‘date’ nights

10. 2 massages

What are some of your goals, short-term or long-term, for 2010?

Do you love your body?

Weekend plans?



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15 responses to “Loving Your Body + Your Goals

  1. You are well on your way to completely all your goals! My goals for 2010:
    1) Lose the 15 pounds I gained last year.
    2) Complete 55 mile bike ride on May 15th.
    3) Hood to Coast relay race in August.
    4) Learn how to relax and enjoy life. 🙂

  2. I love your food pics OUTSIDE. great job on your goals so far!!

  3. dessert X 2 = :). beautiful pics chica! i want to stop weighing myself every day, and i want to go to yoga every day next week! i just started going again last night and i really want to practice regularly again

  4. I’m so glad Love Your Body month has been so positive for you! I’m not surprised at all that it led to weight loss 🙂

    My big goals for this year are all sort of contradictory with one another; I don’t think I can do them all successfully between now and the end of the year, unless my timing is really good! In 2010, I want to:

    – Get back to my happy weight (around 150 lbs.)
    – Train for and complete the NYC Marathon
    – Get pregnant

    See what I mean? Can’t run the marathon (or lose weight) if I’m knocked up…plus, most people I know maintain their weight when marathon training since their appetite increases so much. We’ll see how the rest of the year plays out!

    • Those are contradicting, but they do say that you should be active during your pregnancy. I wonder if a marathon consistitutes as too active! Ive heard people stay the same/gain weight during marathons, too. But I think thats okay! Your body is already showing you how capable it is regardless of how much it weighs.

  5. I think it’s great that LYB month turned out amazing for you. Positive energy/thoughts fuel positive successful results!

    That Pieathlon looks AWESOME. Haha, Swim, Bike, Run, EAT PIE! I would totally do that.

    As for my goals for 2010:

    1) Run a Half Marathon (June 6!)
    2) Run a Marathon (November 13)
    3) Run a sub-30 5K (sometime soon?)
    4) Swim 750m. In a pool first.
    5) Learn how to surf.
    6) Get caught up with writing my recipes.

    The weight will come when it does. I’ve stopped worrying about it so much. I mean, if I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be doing and setting non-scale goals for myself, the scale will budge at its own pace. And I’m finally ok with that 🙂

  6. actorsdiet

    mmmm pear butter! i’ve never had it but i’m sure i’d love it. enjoy your massage 🙂

  7. Kate

    i just posted some goals this morning!

    yeah, i find that i do best on the whole weight loss thing when i am happy and loving life and myself. being able to maintain that outlook is ocassionaly what throws me off. did you come up with your love your body tips? they were really great. i am going to miss them!

  8. My goals for 2010:
    1 – be the best mother I can be
    2 – start writing my cookbook proposal/send to agents
    3 – eat more local and organic foods
    4 – enjoy life!

    Good luck at the yoga festival and with your triathon!

  9. I loved the Love Your Body Challenge and I’m so happy that you had good results! I have learned to treat my body better the last couple of months. Because what you put in and how you treat it equals how it’s going to perform for YOU. If that makes any sense.

    Coaching 3-4 year olds… wow. You are my hero.

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