Yoga Pose May

Today has turned out to be quite the day! My laptop which is infested with some sort of virus has prevented me from being able to bring you a traditional Wednesday WKA post, but hopefully I can make it up to you!

The blog world has been a crucial tool for me in my healthy living journey and now that I’m apart of it directly I can’t help but constantly want to celebrate the positive energy and support that pour out of this lovely group of people. So, I thought I would introduce you to (or re-introduce you if you’ve already met!) some of the bloggers that I read on a daily basis for inspiration and even laughs.

 Monica @ Run Eat Repeat: Monica keeps it real and her sense of humor and honest approach keep me coming back.

Kelly @ My Healthy Passion: Kelly so passionate and positive that I instantly feel a boost in my mood when I read her cheery posts.

Mama Pea @ Peas & Thank You: Mama Pea has the most important job on the planet, being a mom, and she still has time to crank out hilarious and moving posts.

Julie @ Cheese & Cookies: Julie literally makes me laugh out loud.  Plus, she lives in Boston.

Allison @ Green Dog Wine: Allison’s blog was one of the first ones that I became hooked on, now I just need to head to Ohio to hang out with one of my favorite bloggy friends in person!

Sabrina @ Rhodey Girl Tests: Sabrina brings beauty to her photographs, posts, & recipes.  And I love that!

Of course now that I blog I stumble upon new bloggers everyday and I determine them must-read. Truthfully, I don’t have enough time in the day to read all the blogs I wish I could – but I put other responsibilities on hold! Tell me, what are some of your favorite blogs or what are the first ones you ‘discovered’ or got ‘hooked’ on?


Yoga Challenge

Tina and I from Carrots & Cake (Another favorite blog) have teamed up to do a blog-wide yoga challenge. Namaste! We are looking for 29 bloggers who will be randomly assigned a date in March & a yoga pose. On that specific day they will feature the pose and talk about it, include some pictures, and some commentary on the pose.

This challenge will allow people to experience the benefits (physically & mentally) of yoga without having to devote hours on end or sacrificing their current work out plan. Interested? Email me at or tweet me.

Love Your Body

Do one thing today to show your body that you appreciate it! Massage? Bubble bath? A stroll with friends? I’m thinking a massage is long over due!



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38 responses to “Yoga Pose May

  1. Does a haircut count towards loving your body, cause I’m about to head out to get one now! 🙂
    Have a great day!

  2. That sounds like such a fun blog event. I’m game! Am I supposed to choose the pose or will you be assigning them? (I can hold a mean Crow) 🙂

    PS I love Julie from Cheese & Cookies too!

  3. michellerose14

    I’d love to participate!

  4. Thank you so much for the shout out! Looking forward to following Yoga Pose May!

  5. The first blog I started reading was Kath’s! And it’s still one that I ready every day, no matter what. But one of my favorite “newer” ones is Jessica at Healthy Exposures. This girl has TALENT.

  6. Kate…thank you so much!! That was so sweet of you to send me that shout out!! I feel the same way about your…I check it a few times daily!! haha! 🙂

  7. Doreen

    I Love love love blogs! I’ve been blogging almost 5 years and have 3 of my own! All still very active too. It started with a private family blog and my interests have expanded to cake/food and home design. There are so many wonderful blogs out there. Glad I discovered yours too!!

  8. Kelly

    I love Janetha’s , it’s what got me hooked on blog readin! I also love April’s

  9. Hey, my friend Kris showed me your blog. I really like it! Keep up the good work.

  10. I’m going to do some yoga before bed to appreciate my body today :)! I need it after running and shoveling dirt today! I got into blogging because of a friend’s blog ( There’s so many I love though! Some good ones – Katie’s (makingfoodandotherstuff.wordpress.comcom), Gracie’s (, Tyler’s (, and Holly’s (

  11. Kate

    thanks for the list of blogs. i always love new reading material!

    and if you need another yoga poser, i’d love to participate!

  12. Great post. Those bloggers are good. SOme I don’t know, but sure they are good too!

  13. I second that…too many good blogs out there and not enough time!

    Just read your About page and you are an inspiration!

  14. Oooh I love that idea! I’ll totally join you – I’m always trying to find the motivation to get a little more yoga in my life 🙂

  15. actorsdiet

    if you’re feeling like you’re needing a massage i say go for it!!!

  16. Some of my favorites are no more bacon, 265 and falling, did i just eat that out loud?, mizfitonline, half of jess,……the list could go on for days! I hate how I never have time to read them all.
    I would be up for the Yoga Pose blog! I’m not a yoga pro, but do Yoga For Weight Loss fairly regularly.

  17. What a great challenge! Would love to participate– just emailed you : )

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