Blogger Meet-up

I celebrated my Sunday morning by indulging in a little extra sleep. When I woke up I noticed an unusual absence of hunger, I’m sure it had something to do with all of the pork that was consumed on Saturday evening!

Since I had plans to meet some friends at the Art Fair before I headed to my late lunch Blogger Meet up, I decided to have the second half of my Kind Bar from Saturday to tide me over for a few hours.



The city of Iowa City usually shuts down the streets for the River Run and also for the Art Fair, but due to less than stellar weather it was moved in doors. There was still a nice turn out, and I even managed to buy some art. I love art!


Blogger Meet-up

After the Art Fair I headed over to The Red Avocado for my first official Blogger Meet up.

The meet up had been in the works for a while and it was so fabulous to finally meet some of the ladies behind some of the Iowa blogs I’ve grown to love. Of course, we had plenty to talk about!



For brunch I ordered the Revolutionary Reuben which was made with tempeh, onions, cabbage, and a homemade 1000 Island Dressing. The flavor was amazing! I was a little bit turned off by how greasy the bread was since it was grilled, but otherwise it was a knock out knock off!



Of course we ordered dessert! I opted for the Mint Sundae, which did not disappoint. Christina commented on how it tasted like marijuana since it was made with fresh mint (and coconut milk!). It did have an intense herby flavor.


Ally, Erin, Me, Christina


After lunch we headed across the street to the Co-op where we used some of the coupons Sunshine Burger sent me. Thanks again Sunshine Burger!


And I introduced them to one of my favorite yoga studios in town Tree House Yoga. Sadly my yoga partner for the day Alicia ended up sticking around Des Moines for another day after attending the Cochon 555, so I didn’t get to squeeze in any practice yesterday but I did smile!



Eat Pray Love

After I said goodbye to my new foodie friends I headed to grocery store #2 to pick up a few more weekly essentials and then I headed home to relax.

Sometimes its so nice to just VEG (as in relax not in Jamie Oliver’s endearing term for produce). Eventually I got a little hungry so I had the second half of my Reuben and some grapes on the side.


And since this was a weekend full of indulgences of every kind, I had a few of Trader Joe’s Mini Peanut Butter Cups of dessert.


The rest of my evening involved reading Eat Pray Love for the 4th time and munching on some popcorn topped with nutritional yeast. Sadly, I didn’t consider how hungry I was or the fact that I would not be sharing the bag with Matt. I ended up eating 1/3 of it before I had to quit! What a waste!

Eat Pray Love is my favorite book. I can relate to the author on so many levels and in many ways it has opened up the yogi, the traveler, and the eater in me. Each time I read it I discover more about the text, the author, and my self. It is definitely good for my mental health!

Do you have a must-read or a life altering book on your shelves?




This weekend has definitely been one for the books! I had a ton of fun, made new friends and celebrated food and blogging in the process. I also ate and drank more than normal and I haven’t exercised since Yoga in the Park on Earth Day.

Here’s how I get back on track:

Get Grocery Shopping

Is there a better way to get on track than by stocking your fridge & pantry full of healthy items? I don’t think so. It’s easy to keep your eating clean if you are aware of the things that are showing up in your cart!

The Most Important Meal of the Day

I try to kick start most days with breakfast, but I find its especially important to set the tone for the day with a healthy meal. This morning I made sure I had a square breakfast and snack to start my day on the right foot.

Make Time to Move

Monday nights are always reserved for yoga and I couldn’t be more excited for vinyasas! Sometimes its hard for me to get back into the swing of exercise after a long break or weekend, so I make sure I set some time aside for a walk, some yoga, or to hit the gym.

Move On, You’re Human

My biggest struggle is that I dwell on my short comings instead of thinking of tips that will pull me out of my funk or concentrating on changing my behavior. It’s a vicious cycle and why I ended up being so overweight for most of my life. I work hard now on trying to accept indulgences as part of a healthy lifestyle. Everything in moderation, right?

How do you get back to your healthy routine after a weekend or vacation full of indulgences?

Love Your Body

What is your reaction to this fact: “More money is spent in the pursuit of thinness and beauty than on education and social services combined”?

I’m excited to read the comments on LYB topic! Happy Monday!



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21 responses to “Blogger Meet-up

  1. i love your getting back on track methods! always a great reminder for us 🙂

    now, about that fact…it’s just so sad that our priorities are so off. there are so many facets to beauty, but since physical is the only truly visible one i guess that’s where the emphasis lies, whether that’s right or wrong!

  2. WOW…that statistic is sad but not surprising! We live in a superficial world and unfortantely too much emphasis is put on appearance!

    I LOVE that book…so good! Another good one is The Faith Club!

  3. eatgoodstuff

    Eat, Pray, Love is such an incredible book. I was just thinking about it today.
    It totally inspired me to get up and go places!

  4. Lindsay

    so jealous of your meet-up! would you be interested in meeting ever?

  5. I just loaded Eat Pray Love on my kindle. Haven’t started it since I’m still reading Heat: an Ameatear cook in a professional kitchen. Hope to start soon. Reuben looks great.

  6. What a fun weekend! I actually have the book on my bookshelf but haven’t read it yet… I’ll definitely have to get to it!

    Usually if I just read some of my favorite food blogs I get back on track easily. Healthy food bloggers are so inspiring 🙂

  7. Kate

    i too love that book and just had a moment with it last night. i’m rereading it for the second time. i used to think that i’d need to have some sort of grand adventure in order to figure everything out the way she did. i’ve decided i am slowly doing that this year. my relationship with the bf, blogging and my spirituality class this semester are kind of teaching me all those things. it was very nice to realize that.

    i too indulged more than i would have liked this weekend. exercise always helps get me back on track. and spinach is a must in my monday morning smoothie. there is something about knowing that i am eating veggies at my first meal that makes me feel healthier.

  8. What a fun way to meet local food bloggies!! I’ve done it twice, and it’s so nice, because since I followed them on their blogs for so long, it was like having lunch with old friends.

    While I love a true and blue reuben sandwich with corned beef, your sammie has me intrigued! I’ve never tried tempeh before – maybe this sammie will get me out of my comfort zone!

  9. I had a very indulgent weekend too but you know, sometimes it’s just worth it! Good for the soul. And I find myself craving veggies and healthy things after an indulgence, so it kinda shows that it all balances ot in the end.

  10. Fresh mint and coconut sounds heavenly, marijuana-like or not

  11. That statistic makes me sad and scared for the young generation of our country. We as a country and as a world need to see this statistic as a very serious issue.

    On a lighter note… how good are those TJ’s mini pb cups? I need to portion them out, otherwise I go a little crazy!

  12. how FUN!! i am dying to read that book-ive heard amazing things! indulgent weekends are worth it! gota live it up!

  13. That LYB topic is sad :-(. I wish that were’nt the case. Education and social services are WAY more beneficial for us as individuals and as a society.

    Glad you had a fun weekend!

  14. Great post, and great time meeting you!!!

  15. looks like you had a great weekend! i definitely have a hard time not beating myself up after a weekend where i eat treats and junk all day but i try to remind myself — what’s the point?!? even if i dont totally clean up my eats the rest of the week, i try to make the effort with small choices and fitting in a bit more movement. anyway, all your eats look AWESOME and delicious!!!!!!!!!! which is just as important 🙂

  16. That’s cool! I wish there were more bloggers in my area to meet up with!

  17. Pingback: Artichokes! « Biggest Diabetic Loser

  18. can i just say how JEALOUS i am that you have access to all of those wonderful locales in IC?? as a cedar rapidian, we are truly hurting for such blissful restaurants, grocers and yoga studios! and where, pray tell, did you access a trader joe’s?? AND “eat, pray, love” is by far and away my favorite. i’ve read and re-read it many times. that is all — so much to comment on!! bravo!!

    • I make stopped at TJ’s when Im around there (or drive out of the way to visit them). I always buy the staples and then add a few fun, goodies to the cart to hold me over until I can make it again. The closest ones from IC/CR are Madison area & outside of Chicagoland. Definitely worth the stop!

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