Cochon 555

Happy Sunday!

I hope every has had a relaxing weekend thus far! Matt has been in South Dakota for his nieces first communion so I have had to busy myself with fun activities. Luckily, that hasn’t been a problem!


On my way to work early yesterday morning I grabbed the box of Annie’s Cocoa & Vanilla Bunnies in hope that I could find some milk and a bowl at work. Success!


After work I headed home to get ready to head to Des Moines for the evening. While I was getting a few things around the house done I snacked on an unpictured hunk of cheddar.


Since we are far past the point of needing groceries I had the easiest, healthiest lunch I could come up with.

A Flatout Flatbread stuffed with tomato sauce, some pesto, and more cheese. On the side was the last piece of produce in this house – an orange!


Once lunch was had and we were fully ready I headed to pick up Aubrey so we could embark on our 2 hour road trip to Des Moines. On our rainy journey through rural Iowa I snacked on half of this glorious Kind Bar. I did not want to be famished when we arrived at our event.


Cochon 555

Foodbuzz was nice enough to extend some free tickets to some bloggers for the Cochon 555 that was held last night in Des Moines. The event takes place in 10 major cities across the country and basically a celebration of Heritage Pigs and local food and wine.

I was super excited to get the opportunity to attend this event (and bring along my girlfriends!) because I am a huge supporter of the local movement. The City of Iowa City, where I live, is a shining example of a community that comes together and not only supports but encourages local farms, growers, and restaurants.

Cochon 555 is based on 5 pigs, 5 chefs, and 5 winemakers – all from local venues depending on the city they are in. Some local chefs from Iowa were featured from various restaurants in Iowa including The Lincoln Cafe, Django, and Centro.





1. Headcheese – toasted brioche 2. Cubano – roast pork, ham, liver pate, swiss cheese, pickle, mustard 3. Pork & Beans – heirloom beans, pork confit, frankfurter, cracklin’ crumbs 4. Sanguinaccio Dolce – sweet blood pudding, chocolate, hazelnut, cinnamon, shortbread











Foodie heaven, no?

A special congratulations to Matt Steigerwald and his chefs of The Lincoln Cafe who will be advancing to the Grand Cochon on June 30th. I  cant wait to check out his restaurant. And to the rest of you get online and see if Cochon 555 is heading to your city!



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12 responses to “Cochon 555

  1. FUN!! That looks like a great event! Side note…has anyone ever told you that you kind of look like Rachel Ray?

  2. wow, that event looked incredible! well, except for the pig~ whenever i see those i get a little sad~ haha.

    you looked cute! xo

  3. Fun event!! I love pig roasts, but sometimes its unnecessary to see the head 🙂 KIND bars are great too – they keep me full for hours!

  4. WOW, that looks like so much fun! Lucky you!
    And you know, Kelly is right! You DO look a little like Rachael Ray!

  5. I never knew there were so many foodie events!

  6. What an awesome event!(although the pig is a little much to me)
    Is that a bacon cupcake? Yum!

  7. Oh my gosh…definitely foodie heaven! I responded to your post on my blog but in case you didn’t see…I don’t live in Iowa City anymore 😦 I love seeing lots of familiar places on your blog…I miss IC!!

  8. that looks like a lot of fun! Wish it was coming to Florida 😦 foodie heaven for sure

  9. Looks like an amazing event! What a neat concept.

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  11. Mmm! Cochon 555 looked like so much fun. I reallllly wanted to go to the Boston event, but I didn’t win tickets. Glad you got to go!

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