Slippery Pete’s


I woke up on Thursday morning with some inspiration from Miss GreenDogWine and decided to go savory and spicy for my oats this morning. Eggs, oatmeal, and buffalo sauce? Yes please!

P1050106 P1050107


Lunch was equally tasty. I topped a Chobani Pineapple with a cut up mango, some pear butter, and some chia seeds for crunch. I also enjoyed the most tastiest, non-chocolate bar I have had to date: Kind Bar Mango Macadamia. Yum!




Yoga + DQ

After lunch I headed to work and then got off early to take part in some yoga in the park to celebrate Earth Day.

I spent 75 glorious minutes doing yoga in the grass and trying to quite my mind, but it wanted one thing – a Blizzard.

Dairy Queen was having specials on their Blizzards, buy one get one for 25 cents, so Matt and I called all of our friends and haled our butts to Dairy Queen.

I got an M&M Blizzard and ending up eating half before I surrendered it to Matt.





After dessert, I did what any responsible person would do – I ate dinner!

Rising Moon Garlic & Roasted Vegetable Ravioli with some tomato sauce & some Parm cheese. It was just okay. To be honest, this is my least favorite Rising Moon Raviolis. It was kinda blah tasting!





For lunch I made the most unattractive Pizza Sandwich Thin. Since I already had the oven on I ended up making Matt & I some sweet potato fries. Little did I know we would be downing tons of fries at dinner!

The Vine

After a quick mall trip and an hour of swim coaching Matt and I headed to The Vine for some traditional Friday night pub grub. Lately I have had such a craving for some boneless buffalo wings and some cheese fries. Tonight was the night!


The have all the things you could want from a bar plus great deals of beers. The Vine is definitely a favorite amongst our friends, it’s even where I celebrated my 21st birthday.


Side salad:


Cheese fries & wings:


I stuck with water. I didn’t want a repeat of my birthday! After dinner Matt and I met some friends at a bar downtown.

Slippery Pete’s


Slippery Pete’s is a new-ish pub that has an English persuasion. They have some awesome ‘loaded’ beers like the Orange Moon: Blue Moon, Orange Vodka, & OJ and The Situation: Heineken, Jager, & an Energy Drink.

I settled on the Spiked Punch: Smirnoff Ice, Bubble Gum Vodka, & Grenadine. I’m usually a beer girl but they had me at Bubble Gum Vodka.





The end!



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7 responses to “Slippery Pete’s

  1. MUmmmm those fries look good! Thanks for reminding me I need to head over to DQ!!!!

  2. What a fun weekend!!!! Have to say, the cheese fries and the Blizzard look pretty darn awesome!

  3. what a FUN WEEKEND! girlfrand you got me wanting a blizzard now! I LOVE THE REESES BLIZZARD!

  4. Lisa

    What is buffalo sauce?

  5. I saw the commercial for the blizzard special…really wanted one! And I love the Vine, great bar food:)

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