Good on Less

Some days I am super ravenous and others I am hardly hungry. In the long run I know it evens out, so I just trust my body to know when it wants more food and when it is good on less. Yesterday I waited all day for my hunger cues and ate as my body seemed fit.


  • Frozen Strawberries
  • Frozen Cherries
  • 1/2 c Stonyfield French Vanilla
  • 1/8 c Raw Oatmeal
  • 1/8 c Soy Milk
  • 1 tbsp Peanut Butter


I’ve seen tons of people adding oats to their smoothies and although I was a bit hesitant I was so glad I tried it! I thought the oats wouldn’t blend well, but I was wrong. I didn’t even notice they were there, but the fiber definitely did its job and kept me full for hours!

Sweet Potato Fries

After working I headed home for lunch, but I wasn’t really hungry for a traditional lunch. Normally I am so ravenous when I head home after school or work that taking the time to bake sweet potato fries sounds like torture, so it was a perfect time to make exactly what I was craving.


A sweet potato topped with some cheddar from the Tent Sale  and some Light Ancho Chipotle Ranch for dipping.



I packed a quick dinner to take with me to work. I debated a repeat of yesterday’s lunch which was a spin off on Mama Pea’s classic Crack Wrap – but I opted for a pesto panini instead.


Work + Yoga

Since Ill be moving to Pennsylvania in June, I am slowly wrapping up the responsibilities I currently have a Swim Lesson Coordinator at the pool I work at. Last night ended up being quite eventful and definitely did not go off without a hitch so once I left work and arrived to yoga (15 minutes late!) there was no where I needed to be more.

We worked on some Partner’s Yoga and experimented with some fun moves like Double Down Dog and Flying each other. I loved the sampling of Partner’s Yoga and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I recently signed up Matt and I for a Partner’s Yoga workshop in May. He isn’t as excited as I am yet, but I am working on it!

I also had an mini Hershey’s bar (bite size) that I didn’t photograph but I fully enjoyed!


When I got home I was jonesing for a sweet treat. So I spread some peanut butter on a honey graham cracker and topped it with some chocolate chips. Perfect!


Love Your Body

Get outside and get your body moving today! It is Earth Day after all. I’m taking part in an outdoor yoga class in the park – a perfect way to love my body and our Earth at once!



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13 responses to “Good on Less

  1. Your sweet potato fries sound delicious! I’ve never thought of adding cheese but that’s a good idea!!

  2. I love that you get to do an outdoor yoga class- so jealous- I think I’ll be in the hot box tonight after my run.. at least I’m getting some yoga in! Happy Earth Day!

  3. I LOVE sweet potato fries! Looks so yummy. I think I have to start making oat smoothies soon. I need to get on this oat business.

  4. Kate

    your breakfast sounds amazing! and hope you are able to get out and enjoy earth day, one of my fav holidays!

  5. oh my gah those fries are total food porn!!! LOVE sweet tater fries!

  6. Happy Earth Day pretty one!

  7. Wait…you’re moving to PA in June? Is this for an internship or something…I faintly remember reading about it. Good luck!

  8. Bah, those sweet potato fries look too good!

  9. What a yummy looking dessert. I will have to try that combo next time. 🙂

  10. Oh I bet that outdoor yoga class was AMAZING! 🙂

  11. First of all, those sweet potatoe fries look amazing and I need to try them sometime soon. Also, i have a quick question… why are you moving to pennsylvania?? Are you moving for work or school??

  12. I keep hearing about people adding oatmeal to smoothies too, going to have to try it now!

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