Willing to Wander

My weekends tend to be so uniform that I always find myself serving you guys up a double post either on Sunday or Monday. Luckily for you it comes to you early on Sunday this week!


I started off my Friday morning by making His and Her’s breakfasts for Matt & I. We each had an egg and a half scrambled with some Newman’s Mango Salsa on top and a refreshing side of honeydew.

I dread fruit cups that are made up solely of honeydew and cantaloupe but sometimes it is perfectly juicy and fresh.




After breakfast I got ready to go and headed downtown to meet Matt’s sister for a quick gab session. While we chatted I munched on a banana as a snack.


Blogger Meet Up

Once I said goodbye to Michelle I headed over to a coffee shop to meet the face behind Culinary Bliss. Alicia is another healthy living blogger who happens to also live in Iowa City and of course, we had plenty to talk about! I’m pretty excited that she was able to be my first blogger to meet in real life and I guarantee we will have other dates in the future, most likely involving yoga or dogs… or food!

Speaking of Blogger Meet Ups – If you are an Iowa Blogger and have yet to respond to me via email regarding the Iowa Blogger Meet up on April 25th please do soon at WhatKateAte@gmail.com! We are trying to figure out how many bloggers we can expect on Sunday at The Red Avocado.


After my second gab session of the day, I got cracking on a blog post, tweeted to my hearts content, and then packed up my gear and headed on a few errands.

One of which included picking up these gorgeous Gerber Daisies. Hello, instant mood booster!




Once I got home I got cracking on preparing a quick lunch. Amy’s Burritos were on sale at my grocery store, so I immediately new I would be incorporating one into my lunch.


Served atop a bed of mixed greens and topped with some Light Chipotle Ranch dressing. I heard this dressing is the bee’s knees and Matt has a soft spot for a things Ranch so I decided to fork over $5 and give it go. It did not disappoint.

I am always looking for dressings that possess that wow factor. For me, the best dressings sadly are ones that I get at grocery stores. I rarely find one from grocery stores that I love, so when I do, I pretty much rely on it!

Do you have a favorite brand of dressing? What kind do you dig the most? Better yet, do you have a fabulous home-made salad dressing that beats any store bought kind?



I followed up a killer lunch with an even better ending: My last Caramel Oikos [topped with chocolate chips & followed by a handful more]! Ahhh. Honestly aside from the astonishingly tasty flavor of Oikos the container brings me back to Greece big time.


I didn’t go to Santorini which is the island most famous for the white washed buildings and blue accents as seen on the Oikos container, but the island of Hydra was still amazing and a quintessential Greek island. I also was lucky enough to go to Aegina, which is famous for its temple and production of Pistachios.








Hydra is a unique Greek island because it only utilizes donkeys as transportation. Not a single car is allowed on the island – talk about paradise! Honestly, since Kristin talked about her Wanderlist and Mina & Alex’s blog I have been on a serious ‘I need to travel’ kick.

In fact, in the last week I have:

  • Had an appointment with Study Abroad
  • Calculated out a budget
  • Dragged Matt to Barnes & Noble to roughly outline a backpacking trip
  • Spent ridiculous amounts of time online researching destinations

Although my life has some restrictions that don’t allow me to drop everything and travel at this time [Hello, money, school, a boyfriend who owns a business, dogs, did a say money?], I still desire more than anything to travel.

Are you a traveler? Where do you dream of going? Where is the best place you have gone?

Four Ingredient Fridge Bars

I spent a portion of the afternoon mastering a tasty and easy bar recipe. I had all intentions of the recipe leaning more towards the healthy spectrum than dessert/indulgent side but I just let the chocolate take over! I’m glad I did. The recipe rocked!

It was so good in fact that I sampled my far share and practically spoiled my appetite for dinner!


Matt and I had plans to go out to dinner and then spend some time in the travel section of Barnes & Noble. We ended up just going to the bookstore because neither of us had an appetite for dinner.

Once we got home I realized how hungry I was, but could not be bothered with making dinner. Matt made some Mac & Cheese and I happily partook! And it wasn’t even Annie’s!


The Blog

When I first started this blog I think I thought that the blog would hold me accountable in a way that life or the thought of losing weight never did before. I though that my diet would change from being 75% healthy to 100% healthy just from the pressure I would feel by blogging about what I ate everyday.

Boy, was I wrong! The blog has forced me acknowledge that my lifestyle will always include chocolate, beer, and even once in a while macaroni and cheese that is store brand – and that is okay! I can still be healthy even if I occasionally have unhealthier things. What a perfect example of the all or nothing mentality!

I’ve also toyed with the idea that maybe I would feel less guilt or anxiety about posting certain things if I was already at my goal weight. The truth is though, if I don’t indulge and incorporate certain foods Ill feel like I’m on a diet instead of on a healthy living journey.  And I am definitely not on a diet!

Do you ever feel pressures from your blog or the content of your blog to eat, act, or post in a certain way? What do you do to counteract it?

Love Your Body

After talking about a not so positive side of blogging for me, I want you to think and comment about the positivity that reading blogs or writing a healthy living/food/exercise blog has on you and your love for your body.

Looks like you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for Saturday’s recap – this was a monster! Enjoy your Sundays!



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29 responses to “Willing to Wander

  1. I don’t think I have really ever felt pressured to be or do anything other than what is normal for me because of my blog. But I can see where the pressure might come from.
    I make an amazing dressing from 0% Greek yogurt, avocado, garlic, a little water, and spices. It’s dangerously good!

  2. I am not even ashamed to say that the mac and cheese looks awesome. Instant mac and cheese, especially Velveeta, is a HUGE comfort food for me because it always brings back memories of my grandmother. So Velveeta, wine, beer, ice cream, white bread, butter, etc. will always be a part of my life blog or no blog. And sometimes I DO feel ashamed to blog about foods that aren’t deemed “healthy” but you know what, you can’t live your life based on what others thing. So I say, eat what you truly truly want and don’t always deny yourself! I think your blog is a PERFECT example of that! You eat healthy but you also treat yourself now and again, it’s realistic!

  3. So many good things to think about. First, I LOVE HONEYDEW. Have you tried them frozen? It’s kind of like Italian ice, I guess. Yum.

    Two, I wish we had Oikos here. Will need to look harder. I’ve been to Greece but only for like a day cause we were on a cruise which is totally not enough for anywhere. I want to go back sometimes. It looks beautiful (and you can scuba dive!)

    I came back last year from spending a year abroad, 4 months living in China and 7 months backpacking solo in Southeast Asia and trust me, I had the travel bug SO bad, which is why I put law school on hold. I had to resettle my mind. I would LOVE to go back and finish Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Philippines, Burma, Nepal, Bhutan) and hit up India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. But I also want to go to South America and bah. EVERYWHERE.

    If you can find an awesome study abroad program, do it! That way you don’t have to fully ditch school (plus study abroads are usually super fun and classes are easier).

    Having a blog makes me think more about what I want to write, and sometimes I write stuff that is pretty important for my mental health and overall journey. Other times, I just don’t have that many inspirational things to write about so I post recipes and pictures. You shouldn’t feel guilty. You’re living your life and the blog is only a part of it. Revolve your blog around your life, not your life around the blog 🙂

  4. Mango salsa is great on top of blackened ahi tuna.

    My favorite salsa is the Kraft Light Raspberry Vinaigrette. It tastes great and only 60 calories.

    I am DEFINITELY a traveler. I get restless if I don’t go on “adventures” every so often. You’re lucky you went to Greece–that’s definitely at the top of my list. So is Napa Valley. 🙂

  5. Woh, this post is too surreal. Greece/Rome are my favorite places by far. I’ve definitely been to both Hydra and Aegina(I loved the pistachio ice cream I got here). I can’t remember if we hit up Santarini or not. But Greece in all was amazing,

  6. Your photos from Greece are so beautiful. Greece is definitely a ‘must’ on my long, long list of vacation spots.

    I think reading food/fitness/health blogs has pushed me to try new forms of exercise, different foods, think of health in different perspectives, etc., that I would never have come close to learning or experiencing had I not started reading and blogging myself. I’m sure there is much, much more to learn, too!

  7. I don’t post everything I eat, just recipes from one or two particular meals or snacks, so I don’t really feel pressure to eat or not eat a certain way. I think my day to day eats are pretty boring because I’m a creature of habit for the most part. I used to buy Annie’s salad dressings but now I try to make my own. I like a simple honey balsamic with balsamic, olive oil, honey and sea salt!

  8. Kate

    those birds on your wall are too cute!

    i sometime feel guilty when i eat “unhealthy” stuff. it was one of the reasons i stopped photographing everything i eat. i didn’t want that added pressure/guilt in my life.

    hope you had a lovely weekend!

  9. I love Hydra! I didn’t get to Santorini either 😦

    I do feel some pressure from my blog, but I think it helps positively. If that makes sense 🙂

  10. thanks for the blog visit! updating is a little slow due to excruciating studying in my last quarter of senior year right now, but I promise I’ll do what I can! I can’t wait to see more of your healthy living journey, I’m definitely beginning one of those myself. Greece looks so amazing, I promised myself I’d get there one day! And weird fact, I’m allergic to honeydew! It’s so sad, I had a terrible throat-closing-up reaction at a restaurant and had a gravelly smoker voice for a week after.

  11. that fresh honey dew looks So good!!!
    i do feel some pressure from my blog, and also teh fact that weekends, sometimes I take a tech break so don’t post as much and always in the back of my mind I think that I SHOULD be posting, but really i SHOULD be enjoying my life and posting will come when I get back on teh computer! I do love blogging though and so happy that I discovered it!

  12. Beautiful photos of the Grecian islands. Wow!! I have been bitten by the travel bug too. I lived abroad for 2 years and I moved back to the states recently to finish school, so I haven’t been able to travel much lately. It is truly hard for me to stay put in one place for too long so I am thinking about planning another trip already 🙂 Those four ingredient fridge bars look pretty awesome! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend! xoxo

  13. I actually hate salad dressing…is that weird? I feel like it makes my salad soggy. It looks like you had a great weekend!! 🙂

  14. Hi Kate! Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

    I think your outlook on not depriving yourself is great. Life is too short to cut out every single indulgence…and I certainly wouldn’t want to live a life without ice cream and chocolate! 😉 While I think there is some pressure from blogs to only post the “healthy” things, but honestly…I love when I see that bloggers are honest and REAL. I find it refreshing. 🙂

    And those are beautiful pictures of Greece! I’ve never been but I’d love to travel (if only money weren’t an option)….

  15. actorsdiet

    sometimes i’ll be more adventurous b/c of the blog b/c i don’t want to bore my readers – it’s only been a positive influence – like new recipes, new restaurants, etc…

  16. Woohoo for meetups! I have slacked on the emails so I’m getting back on it!
    And thanks for the link love ❤

  17. I feel exactly the same re: IGE’s wanderlist and Alex and Mina’s blog. Holy travel kick to the max! Wouldn’t it be great if we had endless money and time off work to see the world in all it’s glory. I, like you, have traveled to Greece. I spent time in Athens and Santorini. We decided to spend a week on Santorini instead of bopping all over. Absolutley the most gorgeous place on earth. I love your pics of the islands you went too!! I’d love to go back and see more of them. I traveled to Paris and Southern France this past fall and definiley fell in love. How can you not?!

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