For some reason the majority of my passwords are set to expire around the same time, so I had to reset them all earlier this week. I keep an excel sheet with all of my logins/ids and passwords so I can keep track. Well I failed to write down a few and I am locked out of my school email and my work computer! These day every password needs an upper case, a lower case, a symbol, a number, and you can’t repeat them – how in the world are we supposed to keep track?


Anyways yesterday was a bustling day filled good eats and Matt even made dinner! But let’s rewind:





  • 1/3 c Oatmeal
  • 1/3 c Soy Milk
  • 1/3 c Water
  • 1 tbsp PB
  • 1 tbsp Strawberry Preserves
  • Sprinkle of Chia Seeds

Yes they were microwaved & yes it does look like they experienced some sort of oat explosion in the process.


Snack + Lunch

During Stats I snacked on a kiwi while I brainstormed about what I was going to eat for lunch.


This salad is up for nomination for a couple awards:

The Best Use of Leftovers

The Best Combination of Random Flavors

And The Best Tasting Salad for Someone Who Was Not in a Salad Mood



  • Romaine
  • Leftover Hamburger
  • Blue Cheese Crumbles
  • Newmans Own Mango Salsa

Snack + Dinner

At work I broke for a Luna Protein bar. I found these babies being sold by the 6 pack at Target if you are still not able to find them in your grocery stores!


After working all afternoon and early evening I headed home to Matt who made dinner!

Matt’s Man Dinner


Roasted Red Potatoes, Zucchini, & …Shake & Bake!

I have to be honest, I was a little hesitant about eating Shake & Bake for more than a couple of reasons, but Matt is such a good sport about eating what I make every single day so I said what the hell. Plus he was nice enough to cook me dinner for a change!

Matt grew up eating Shake & Bake (although I was a stranger to it until last night!) so this was definitely a tribute to his childhood meals. Although it probably won’t be a staple in my children’s diet I can allow him to enjoy boxed, processed, sodium filled meat breading once in a while, eh?

Growing up most of our dinners revolved around a meat, rice, and some vegetable – obviously heavy on the first two. But we did have some other normal rotations like pasta.

What was your ‘dinner’ situation like when you were growing up? Shake & Bake a la Matt? Meat, Carb, Veggie a la Kate? Or something completely different?

Lighting/Camera Suggestion

Also, does anyone have any suggestions on how to take decent photos once the sun has set? Without natural lighting I can hardly capture a decent shot of my dinner. Perhaps there is a solution besides tossing my camera out the window and spending 1/2 a grand on a new one?


Love Your Body

Day 9: Love Your Body

Take 5 minutes to zero in on your breathing. Count the seconds it takes you to inhale and take note. Then count the seconds it takes you to exhale. Again, take note. If the amount is not equal pick a number such as 4, and work to equalize your breath.


Day 10: Love Your Body

Take off your shoes and go for a stroll outside. Allow your feet to feel different sensations, temperatures, and textures.


I included today’s and tomorrows Love Your Body tip in today’s post since tomorrow I have a special swim related post headed your way. If you are new to swimming or dream about completing a triathlon you will definitely be interested in tomorrows post.

Anyone have any exciting plans for tomorrow? Perhaps taking of your shoes for an outdoor stroll is in order!



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11 responses to “S&B

  1. I always microwave my oats–so much easier! But I can’t get in to chia seeds.
    For lighting, I would suggest using a photoshop program to work on it once it’s in the computer. That’s what I do.
    Growing up, dinner was pasta, take out pizza, take out bffalo wings… you get the picture

  2. My mom was NOT a good cook. Food was meat/fish + potatoes + veggies but it wasn’t very good. Which is probably why *I* can’t cook either!

    Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny in Portland. My goal is a long bike ride. I need to REALLY get serious about my training for Reach the Beach. It’s a month away and I’m getting nervous.

  3. Growing up my mom was a good cook – always a variety…meat, potatoes, pasta, veggies, we had it all!

  4. Growing up we ate REALLY well. We ate a ton of fresh fish (like 4-5 nights a week) and I honestly didn’t know that wasn’t normal until college.I can honestly say that I can count on onehand the amount of times I actually had Hamburger helper or any boxed meals. My parents were pretty fabulous and I didn’t appreciate how well my parents fed us until I was older.

  5. my passwords are expiring too! I always just add a comma to the end of the old one…that way I can remember it easily!
    My mom was an awesome cook when I was growing up! I got to eat lotsa delish Indian food almost every day…and I really missed it when I moved away from home!

  6. Haha you gotta give in to your man every once in a while 😉 But at least he cooked for you so yay!!!
    I had my fair share of shake and bake along with Kraft Mac and Cheese growing up.

  7. When my husband and I (also a Matt!) were dating, we had a few long-distance summers where we spent tons of time on the phone. He was making Shake ‘n’ Bake for dinner one night while we were talking, and had the hardest time with it! Did I mention he’s a few weeks away from his Ph.D.?? I couldn’t stop laughing, since the directions ARE THE NAME, and I’ve never let him live it down 🙂

  8. actorsdiet

    i always microwave my oats in a ginormous bowl (b/c they overflow) and then transfer them into a teeny tiny bowl where they are filled to the brim.

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