Some days are just more eventful than others – yesterday was definitely one of those days!

I woke up to a terrible stomach ache. I knew I had to eat something though since I had to drive Matt 45 minutes away, come back, and then spend 2 hours in class before I could eat lunch so I ended up grabbing a few handfuls of Frosted Flakes and a huge glass of water.

Event #1: The Drive

As soon as I got back to Iowa City and stumbled (late) into class Matt texted me that the newly fixed car broke down! Unfortunately I really couldn’t leave Stats to go and rescue him because I’m practically drowning as it is.

Event #2: The Test

Half way through the class we got back our tests that we took last week – and I failed it.

Event #3: The Accident

After leaving the Stats I jumped into Matt’s car (not the same one that broke down) and backed up into a car in the parking lot at school! Luckily, we were both at fault and there was no damage.

Event #4: The Splurge

So I drove home and opened up my Easter Basket from my Mom & Dad and allowed Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pretzels from Trader Joe’s make me feel better.



Except they didn’t. 3 servings of these gives you a belly ache.

Event #5: The Choice

I am one to overdo it, overindulge, and even occasionally overeat. But, I rarely eat as a source of emotional anguish or stress. Instead I eat when I’m bored, hungry, or eating something that hasn’t satisfied me in one bite, spoonful, or serving (aka it taste so good I don’t want to stop – hello Choco covered PB Pretzels).

After feeling somewhat out of control and definitely far (mentally and physically) from a healthy place, I decided to make some healthy decisions.

I used to let one unhealthy decision dictate the rest of my day, week, month and I would never get back on track – and that’s how I ended up so overweight. Instead of letting my slip up define my overall tone for the day, I moved past it.

Event #6: The Lunch

I used my next meal as an opportunity to regain my eating composure and settled on a yummy sandwich including a healthier treat from my Easter Package:


A sandwich thin, some Mango salsa, & a slice of cheddar with some grapes.


Event #7: The Walk

Although I definitely don’t think it is important to dwell on unhealthy behavior, I do think it’s crucial to emphasis healthy behaviors afterwards. Nothing changes my attitude around like getting out in the sunshine and getting some exercise.

So I headed for a walk with my friend Aubrey and our puppies. We spent an hour exploring a gorgeous trail near our houses and the dogs were happy as clams.

Event #8: The Work

After our walk I rushed to work, and arrived 1/2 an hour late! It was just one of those days! Before work I packed the last of my massive oranges to hold me over until dinner.


Event #9: The Chat

At work I was reminded via Twitter of the #FitBlog chat that was going on. Instead of driving home straight from work at the same time the chat was to start I decided to hang out at work so I could catch the majority of it. And I’m so glad I did!

Event #10: The End

I headed out of the chat a few minutes early to head home since I was starving (and it was now 8:45) and I hadn’t seen Matt all day. An anti-grilling storm had moved in so I knew my preplanned dinner of burgers & fries was out of the question plus I just didn’t feel like cooking.

I swung by the Co-op to grab some quick instant-meals. And settled on the only sushi they had and the tastiest looking mac & cheese I have ever seen.



Day 7: Love Your Body

Adopt a personal mantra and repeat it to yourself throughout the day.

How does your mantra feel to you and reflect your relationship with your body? Do you fight the meaning behind it or do you believe it?

After yesterday, it’s probably no surprise that I had a bit of a hiccup in my own Love Your Body Month. But, luckily, loving your body is like a healthy lifestyle – it is not all or nothing! Today’s Love Your Body tip is just what I need to bounce back from a challenging day yesterday.

What’s your personal mantra? I’m sticking with: “I am enough”. And guess what? I’m starting to believe it!


Winners of the Sunshine Burger Coupons are:

#3: Evan

#12: Waking Up Hungry

#8: Gracie

#16: Tina

#21: Holly

Congrats everyone! Email me your addresses at WhatKateAte@gmail.com!

Just as a funny side note: All 3 people who left comments but didn’t want to win were randomly chosen. Weird!

Happy Humpday!



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19 responses to “Eventful

  1. My personal mantra is “FIGHT”…I am a fighter and even when I slip up or have bad days or want to quit…I don’t because I am a FIGHTER!!

  2. Oh and I am glad that you were able to bounce back and make healthy decisions…rock on girl!

  3. Way to get back on track on the SAME day. That’s amazing.

    My personal mantra is “Without struggle, there is no progress.” So whenever I feel like giving up because something is hard, I just keep telling myself that. When I slip, it’s because I forget about my mantra and lose sight of it.

    And man, that mac & cheese DOES look good.

  4. Way to get back on track girl!! We all have slip-ups and that’s perfectly normal but bouncing back and not letting it affect your whole day is the way to do it 🙂

    I am loving LOVE your body month!! My personal mantra is “pain is temporary, quitting is forever”- whenever I feel like quitting anything whether its a diet, a project, a workout I tell myself this, it pushes me to finish everything I begin!

  5. Love Newman’s Own. Am I the only one that can just have chips and salsa for dinner and be ok with that?? 🙂

    Also, I have a mantra that helps me with anxiety and boosts my mood.

  6. janetha

    Dang. Eventful is an understatement. Sorry about the rough stuff, lady! Xoxo

  7. look at you!! girl sorry about a CRAZY day! your food still looks baller

  8. That is an eventful day. I love how you turned it around for the better though. 🙂

    And awesome on the giveaway. Thanks!

  9. What a great philosophy you have, I think it is so important not to dwell to much on indulges – just keep moving and make a good choice next time!

  10. I like to think my mantra is “It is what it is.”: Don’t fret over what you can’t control, and whatever happens happens, and well, sometimes sh*t happens!

    I have to always keep positive in life Being the pessimist is so straining both mentally and physically. Knowing that the world is full of curve balls keeps me light on my toes!


  11. Wow girl… what a day!!!! I’d say you totally deserved those chocolate covered pretzels. And I have to say I am eyeing them myself…
    Stats, yuck. End of story.

  12. days like that can be trying for sure, but it sounds like you really bounced back by the end of the day which is awesome! sometimes having a good attitude in spite of everything that happens can really make a difference 🙂 hope you have a fabulous thursday!!!

  13. Haha, sushi and mac and cheese is a unique combo. I wonder if it will catch on. 😉

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