Mindless Snacking

Monday mornings always spell overnight oats. Its the easiest, fastest, healthiest early morning breakfast I can think of and it has definitely become a staple on mornings where I need to get up at 5.

Yesterday mornings mix included two essential ingredients:


Chocolate Covered Strawberry Overnight Oats:

  • 1/2 c Oats
  • 1/2 c Stonyfield French Vanilla Yogurt
  • 1 scoop Chocolate Whey Protein Powder
  • Drizzle of Chocolate Milk


Topped with some Strawberries:




I had some black grapes for a snack – don’t they look like olives?


I haven’t been snacking on grapes as frequently as I usually do. I love to have some in the fridge because they tend to lead me to make better snacking choices.

One of my more unhealthier habits is that I nibble, nibble, nibble. I nibble while I cook, while I portion out servings, while I have the fridge open and I’m trying to figure out what I am going to eat – basically I am the nibbling queen.

I thought that blogging would cut down on my likeliness to nibble and in a few ways it has but I still do from time to time. I know that mindlessly eating a few things here and there can add up so I try to keep a few tips in mind.

  1. Have a healthy snack available to munch on while you are preparing meals ahead of time – if I am hungry it is so hard to resist eating, so I take that out of the equation.
  2. Keep your mouth busy – in other situations when I am preparing a meal to be eaten immediately I don’t really need to add a snack to the mix so I’ll sip on a flavored no calorie drink like tea or chomp on some gum.
  3. I portion out snack foods instead of having full bags lying around– when I see a full serving or a part of serving it is harder for me to mentally commit to eating it mindlessly.

Are you a mindless snacker? What are your tips?


Avocado, red onion, romaine & provolone on a toasted English Muffin with a serving of Sun Chips.



After lunch I blogged and headed to meet a friend downtown at a coffee shop to catch up! I ordered the perfect afternoon pick me up:


Plum Passion Iced Tea!

After working for a few hours and getting some to-do’s off my list I was in need of a snack. I found a new granola at the store this weekend and I even had a coupon!




1/4 of a cup Mango Agave Almond Granola with some soy milk? Yes please!


After work I headed to a scheduling meeting for coaches for the upcoming Spring season for the club swim team I’ll be coaching for. Unfortunately I wasn’t notified about the meeting until the afternoon of so I had to forgo my yoga class which runs 7:30-8:30 to attend the meeting and didn’t have a chance to make up the workout!

I had packed a dinner but my schedule was kind of thrown off with the impromptu meeting was added to the mix. I was still full from the granola when I left work so I just waited to eat. After the meeting all of the coaches ended up heading out to a bar for some drinks and some food so I obliged.

I didn’t take any photos since I was with mixed company – I never thought I would say that! But I ended up having a Blue Moon, a few nachos, and 1/2 a greasy veggie melt that had cheese, mushrooms, onions, red peppers, and tomatoes on it. Don’t you had when indulgent food choices aren’t even satisfying? Just a total waste of calories!

Do you ever not take photos when you are with people you don’t know or in front of your boss/co-workers? Do you have any strange situational stories about taking food photos or failing to do so? Share!




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23 responses to “Mindless Snacking

  1. Really jealous of your lunch, it sounds so good and fresh! I’m hungry but trying not to snack mindlessly this afternoon!!

  2. GREAT tips lovely!!! i def mindless snack when i study..haha

  3. Ooo I DO hate it when you eat something with high calories or fat and it’s not even good!!! One of the worst things ever!
    I love snacking on grapes, definitely one of my go-to snacks. I tend to be a nibbler too and you have really great tips!
    I take pictures around my family openly but friends? Not so much. I tend to use a trick where you pretend you are texting but are actually taking a picture with your cell phone. They won’t ever know the difference 😉

  4. Always in front of people I don’t know, like strangers in a restaurant because you don’t have to explain. I don’t however take pics in front of my Man’s extended fam cause I don’t want to have to explain 😉 Mostly just cause I’m lazy!

  5. I don’t have any problems snapping photos in front of randos. However, it is really awkward for me to snap photos in front of friends/family other than my boyfriend, mom or brother.

  6. The Chocolate Overnight Oats look great!
    I definitely mindlessly snack a lot. I try to have healthier foods to grab like grapes, dates, crackers, or cereal. I try to remind myself to stop and think if I’m really hungry – if I am, I sit down and eat something substantial. It’s still a work in progress!

    I don’t take pictures in front of many people yet. It’s too hard to explain sometimes!

  7. I think it’s so funny that you mention this because it happened tonight! None of my friends at school know that I have a blog and I usually am just cooking for one, so I have the time to take pictures. When my room mate was preparing her dinner she heard me snap a photo of mine and was questioning why I was doing so. I told her I was “documenting” since prior to dinner I took a picture of my blender exploding to send to my parents. I don’t know if it is weird or not that I don’t tell my friends. My entire family knows, and most of them follow but I always feel like my friends would think it was insane.

  8. I have told most of my friends and family. But coworkers…NO way. I do not want them reading my blog…just cause, it would be a little weird. I only take pics at work if NO one is around.

  9. those grapes DO look like olives! i take photos in front of everyone. my bosses make fun of me but i dont care!

  10. im def a portion out kind of snacker, if I dont I can easily eat the whole bag of whatever Im eating (or container if it has to do with PB) I always try to throw my cereal in a baggie or just take what I want then put it away so I am not tempted to go back for more (although that doesn’t ALWAYS happen the way I plan :))

    those grapes look GOOOOOD

  11. I am a snacker, too. I have tried a million things to break that habit, but I think it is time to accept it.
    My boyfriend and parents are the only one’s that I don’t mind taking foodphotos in front of. If I am at work, I just try to wait until some one leaves the office.

    Have a fabulous day!

  12. Great tips on snacking- I follow those same ones!
    And I’m loving your chocolate covered strawberry overnight oats! Looks delicious!
    I do sometimes feel a bit odd taking pics in public, but I just try to forget about what others may think. I’m probably thinking it’s more odd than anyone else.

  13. There are definitely people I don’t take food photos in front of. And a lot of the ones I actually do take photos in front of always give me a hard time. Oh well.

    Sorry your indulgent meal wasn’t very satisfying. I hate when that happens too.

  14. One thing I do to avoid mindless snacking is chewing gum. I never want to snack when my mouth tastes minty! 🙂

  15. Mindless snacking is usually cured with gum (for me). I still have NOT gotten comfortable taking pictures of my food at resturaunts. I actually don’t want to…I just want to enjoy the experience and sometimes don’t want to have to worry about pictures. I don’t like feeling married to my cell phone let alone my camera!

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  17. hey girl – great post. i used to be a snacker FOR SURE, but i realized it was because i thought i had to eat 3 square meals a day, and that’s it. i know eat multiple times a day and i dont snack between since i’m happy knowing i get to eat again so soon!

    as far as the pictures are concerned, i used to be SO embarrassed about it, even around my family and boy. the other day, though, i was out at california pizza kitchen with my guy and when we got our food, he was like WAIT!!! don’t forget to take a picture for your blog! lol i say most people will be impressed, and if you love it – go for it!

    ps – good luck on coaching this season! now that its warmer i hope to get back in the pool soon 🙂
    – rebekah

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