I almost forgot to blog today! I guess the task of blogging isn’t quite on autopilot yet! We’re having a productive, fun, yet busy day today so I’ll show you my Saturday in pictures. Luckily for you my Saturday consisted of working for 13 hours so you aren’t missing any exciting commentary!

 P1040559   P1040549

                 P1040564 P1040552

P1040561   P1040563



I’m in a rush to get some errands done so I can get outside to play and enjoy the weather! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!



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4 responses to “Autopilot

  1. I thought your title said “autoPLUOT.” Guess I’m just too excited for organic summer stone fruit (peaches, plums, apricots)!

  2. love those little almond butter packets!! the maple one is SO good

  3. your eats still look aweeeeesome! enjoy the outdoors!

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