To Thailand & Italy & back again

I love the weekends. This semester Friday has been declared one of my ‘off’ days since its one of the only days a week that I don’t work. Part of my job as swim lesson coordinator means that I have to work Saturday mornings until noon and I often end up picking up some extra lifeguarding shifts on Saturdays for some extra cash. Needless to say Fridays and Sundays are my days! And I always enjoy them!

Yesterday was no exception! I started off my Friday morning by teaching an early morning CPR class. Waking up early on my ‘off’ day usually isn’t how I spend it but it ended up working out great because it made sure that I was up and not wasting my Friday snoozing away!


Before I left for the class I grabbed a Luna Protein bar and a banana. I felt guilty for not making oats or having something remotely balanced but nothing looked good for breakfast and I was running out of time fast. So I just grabbed something to eat later if I got hungry – which of course happened!

I ate the Luna Bar for ‘breakfast’ and then had the banana a few hours later as a snack to hold me over until lunch. Disclaimer: You will eat these bars for every meal until you have eaten them all so don’t buy more than 2 at a time! And although they are amazing in taste it didn’t hold me over quite like oatmeal does.


After the CPR class I headed to meet with my academic advisor. I needed to get approved to sign up for summer classes and I wanted to make sure that I was on the right track to graduate next May – which I am!

I am going to be taking some summer classes for the first time ever this summer and I am part bummed and part excited.  As of right now I plan on taking a 3 week course that starts immediately after finals week and ends the week before I leave for my summer job. I’m a little worried that it will significantly cut down on the amount of time I have free to spend with Matt, the dogs, and my friends before I leave for the summer but I think I can make it work.

I’m also planning on taking a pretty basic (and fluffy) online class that I’ll keep up with while I’m in Pennsylvania. I’ve taken online classes before so I’m fairly confident that I can swing it – but I still am kind of bummed that I have to add an online class into an already busy summer line up.

Any summer school vets out there have any must know info or tips for a newbie?


After my appointment I headed to Breugger’s to read this months Fitness Magazine and to wait for my friend to meet up for our lunch date! Matt was going to swing by but he ended up meeting me at the Bruegger’s near our house instead of the one downtown!

My friend Janina, who I met while I was in Greece over winter break, and I decided to go to Atlas for lunch and get some killer salads.

I got the Thai Chicken Satay Salad. Which had grilled chicken breast, organic greens, cucumbers, Asian slaw and rice noodles, with rice wine vinaigrette, Thai peanut sauce, crushed peanuts, and fresh herbs. It was one of the best salads I’ve ever had in my life! So, so, so tasty! It was fresh, spicy, and so colorful!


After our sensational lunch we decided to head to get some gelato. I settled on a small with half coconut and half Mediterranean Sea Salt and Caramel. Coconut is my favorite flavor of gelato followed by Blood Orange & Nutella. Ah, to be in Italy right now.

0326001338a  IMG_0397

                Iowa City                                                   Italy

Kundalini Yoga

After our gelato extravaganza and a much needed nap I headed to a yoga workshop being held at  Treehouse Yoga in Iowa City. As part of the Kundalini Yoga workshop we did a kriya that involved different movements linked with breath and some meditation. There was a huge mixture of activities ranging from challenging exercises, to quite internal meditative practices, to freestyle dancing. We finished off the class with a gong bath performed by the instructor and some homemade cookies!

Our instructors birthday was yesterday so as a way to celebrate she made some Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cookies. As she described they were 1/2 healthy, 1/2 not – which as I describe is my kind of style! Apparently they had spelt in them. I’ve heard of spelt on other  blogs but I’ve never actually seen it, cooked with it, or knowingly ate it until yesterday.

Anyone want to enlighten me on the wonders that is spelt or share any spelt-acular recipes?



THAI: Take Two

I picked up takeout after I left the yoga workshop from Thai Spice, our go to Thai Restaurant in Iowa City. I order my usual Tofu Pad Thai and Matt ventured out and went with a Chef’s Special of Curried Pork Fried Rice and also some traditional Thai soup that we saw on Bizarre Eats a few nights ago.

I had a bite of the soup but wasn’t the biggest fan so I settled on a plate of pad thai and some rice. Yummy Thai carbs. I went back for a few extra bites of each but managed to save enough for a repeat meal tomorrow! I love take out leftovers.



Any exciting plans for this weekend?

Did you know today is National Paella Day?



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9 responses to “To Thailand & Italy & back again

  1. LOL Spelt isn’t quite “magic”, but it’s pretty awesome. It’s wheat, but the gluten in it is far more tolerable so that I can eat it and not feel funny at all

  2. Mmmm. What a lunch! A great salad and then gelato. I haven’t had gelato since I was in Italy.

    I do like spelt. I made some great muffins a few weeks ago.

  3. Mmmm Pad Thai – love it!! So good!!
    Your salad and gelato look awesome as well 🙂

  4. janetha

    Yes! I did know that! And tomorrow is national something on a stick day 🙂

  5. I used spelt for the first time last week and I made chocolate chip cookies….. they were so good!!!

    Your thai food looks so yum!

  6. i am the same way with those bars! I only buy 1 or 2 per week .. so i dont eat them ALL the time.. yummy food pictures!

  7. Kundalini Yoga is my absolute favorite. It’s hard to find in my area (which is really weird considering I live in Hippie-ville Portland!).

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