WhatKateAte: Random Edition

Yesterday was kind of a random day of eats – nothing really had a rhyme or reason!


For breakfast I had a bowl of Homemade Grape Nuts with some soy milk & some strawberries – topped with some peanut butter for pleasure and proteins sake.



I snacked on an unpictured banana followed by a mix & match salad for lunch.


  • Romaine
  • Red Peppers
  • Carrots
  • Purple Onion
  • 1/2 Sunshine Falafal Burger
  • 1/4 c Cottage Cheese
  • Some Ken’s Italian

At some point in the afternoon I got hungry & sampled my sample of Quaker’s new True Delights Multigrain Fiber Crisps.


They tasted like rice cake & oatmeal hybrid with the faux taste of blueberry swirled in. Overall, I wasn’t the biggest fan. They were almost too sweet for my liking. The whole package was only 90 calories though so if you are looking for a sweet snack with some fiber and you are a fan of rice cakes (which I’m really not) than check this snackaroo out!

Swim 2 Snack

After my snack I hopped in the pool even though every fiber of my being did not want to exercise yesterday and I whipped out a 30 minute swim workout. The trick? I bribed myself with chocolate & 10 minutes in the hot tub 🙂

After my swim I dug into my second to last Caramel Oikos – I am rationing them!



Topped with 1/2 a Brownie Pure Bar & 7 unpictured M&M’s. Yes, I counted them for accountabilities sake!


When I got home from work around 8 I was not the least bit hungry. I guess that’s what happens when some days you snack like crazy (today) and sometimes you don’t eat a snack at all (lately).

I thought it was reasonable to have something to eat so I made a poor mans quesadilla with a mini tortilla and some cheddar cheese.  It looks so gourmet!


While Matt and I watched Whale Wars (our new favorite addiction) I ate a piece of garlic bread that he made. It was tasty and I was too lazy to snap a shot!

The rest of my day includes:

See yas!



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6 responses to “WhatKateAte: Random Edition

  1. Caramel Oikos are SO darn good!!!! Add some hot microwaved apples and Mighty Maple PB and your mouth will be happy happy!

  2. Gah!!! Caramel oikos…I haven’t bought it in awhile..topped with brownie pure bar? Girl…stop! Kath topped hers last night with crumbled chocolate covered pretzel and I about died 😉

  3. I love adding stuff to my yogurt! For awhile, I was crumbling up my Fiber One Chocolate fiber bar into my plain greek yogurt. YUM

  4. sometimes random eats are the best eats 🙂 have a great weekend, kate!

  5. I dig that caramel oikos too!

  6. My eats never have a rhyme or reason. they’re always random!

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