Toast to Yoga

Lately all I have been wanting to eat is toast. For breakfast, for lunch, for snacks! I even have been craving toast with some melted PB & Chocolate on it for dessert. What is going on?!

Yesterday morning for breakfast I decided to give into my desires and have some toast!


A slice of 7 grain with some Peanut Butter & some Trader Joe’s Strawberry Preserves. My preserves may not be Crofter’s but I do have a hankering that TJ’s brand is a tad bit more affordable! Dueted with a banana that I had as a pre-lunch snack.


My boyfriend Matt I had some canned soup for lunch! It was such a rainy, cold day yesterday and all I wanted was some soup. I thought about going to Panera and then I thought about my bank account – so I opted to explore our cabinets. All I found was this little can of creamy goodness that Matt basically sustains on when I am not home. I convinced myself that it was probably not the healthiest choice and that I should settle on something else – but I could not get the Progresso out of my head. So I ate it! Reminder: Buy some healthier soups to have on hand!



To make up for a less well-rounded sodium filled lunch I made some tasty sandwiches for dinner with some inspiration from Kristin of at IowaGirlEats – I love to support my fellow Iowa bloggers & their amazing sandwich creations after all!


I made a Turkey, Swiss, & Pumpkin Butter sandwich and rounded out the meal with some crunch & sweetness. The cheese was amazing – I got it from the sample cheese bin when I was at the Whole Foods in Omaha. Buy this cheese!

I loved the flavors of the turkey with the cheese and Pumpkin Butter. Even Matt was a fan – he had no idea what I put on it. Even though he will eat anything he actually proclaimed that he “Loved” it!


The other day I mentioned how sometimes I plate & photograph my  meals and then pack them to transport to work. That was exactly the case last night. I didn’t realize until I left work to go to yoga that I left my lonesome carrot sitting on a desk at work – unwrapped & uneaten! Moral of the story: The only ‘vegetable’ I ate yesterday was in that tin can! Oops!


Wednesday’s yoga practice was amazing as usual (Hi Nora!). We worked on some common poses and spent some time on camel and back bends. Lately I have found that yoga has just been clicking with me. I’m starting to think that it’s my thing. Of course as far as sports/fitness goes swimming has been and still is a huge part of my life. But these days I am swimming less and coaching/instructing more so it has taken on a different role in my life. What is your thing?

In another news:

Yogi Iowans – The owner of Treehouse Yoga in Iowa City is organizing a Iowa City Yoga Festival for this Fall!

I just found out yesterday that I’ve been spelling embarrassed wrong my whole life. Embarrassing!

NYT Article about the FDA cracking down on nutrition ‘claims’ on packaged food – finally!

I’m stewing on all of your suggestions/thoughts about the Tri and I plan to address it soon! Thanks!


Tomorrow is Friday!



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15 responses to “Toast to Yoga

  1. That sandwich sounds awesome!!! I’ve had similar.. there’s just something about pumpkin butter and cheese. YUM!

  2. i love jarlsberg cheese. and toast! it is definitely good every meal of the day. hahah.. something similar, i was spelling tongue wrong my whole life! i was spelling it “tounge”

  3. I love being inspired by restaurant meals for myself. It may not be 100% as good, but it sure is cheaper

  4. Turkey, Swiss and Pumpkin Butter…UM…YES PLEASE!!! That sounds fantastic! 🙂

  5. i might have to hit up iowa city for the yoga festival!

  6. what a delish sandwich!! mmm..ive never had pumpkin butter but i bet id LOVE it!

  7. I love yoga!! The mind-body connection is unreal. I loved swimming but was so burned out from it. I will always be competitive because of it, but love that yoga is so individual! I make an “I miss Thanksgiving” turkey sandwich with pumpkin butter and add a little cranberry/blueberry jam and cinnamon…it’s unreal. Sweet meets savory= ultimate combination!

  8. jarlesburg cheese is my fiances favorite!!

    So weird how you’re having toast cravings! I say, go with it!!! Toast is awesome!!

  9. I love how loaded that toast is! The more peanut butter and jelly, the better!

  10. Nora

    Hi Kate. : ) thanks for the shout-out!

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