To Do: Eat Cookies

I don’t know about you guys but I feel like this week is already chugging along! Of course weekends fly by even faster, but the weeks have just been spinning by! I can not believe its the end of March!


I’m a huge berry freak – but I’m not the kind of berry freak that spends $5 on 4 strawberries. Needless to say I tend to wait until the overpriced beauties that are berries come down in price & come into season. Luckily I saw that they were on sale at the grocery store this week! Summer, is that you?!



Overnight Oats:

  • 1/2 c Stonyfield French Vanilla Yogurt
  • 1/2 c Oats
  • Dash of Soy Milk
  • Sprinkling of Chia Seeds


  • A few Sale-priced Beauties
  • 1 tbsp Peanut Butter

The other day I saw on Twitter that Roni had said at FitBloggin that Oatmeal made by other people truly tastes better than oatmeal you make yourself – isn’t that the truth! When I was on the cruise I had the most simple oatmeal that contained oats, raisins, brown sugar, & peanut butter. It was the best oatmeal I have ever have.

I thought that maybe it was the Peanut Butter component since I usually stick to Almond Butter so I’ve been mixing it up. I do think that I prefer my oats with PB & without bananas (sorry guys!) but I still haven’t replicated my beloved Cruise Oats!

What is your tried and true oatmeal combo? Do you remember the best bowl you’ve ever had the pleasure of eating?


At work I snacked on a Pink Lady and failed to open my Stats book to start some homework.


Instead of Stats I studied these:


Guilty as charged! I am a huge magazine fanatic. Magazines are my guilty pleasure.

I currently am the proud subscriber of:

  • Self
  • Health
  • Women’s Health
  • Fitness
  • Real Simple
  • Cooking Light
  • Eating Well
  • Yoga Journal

And I’m sure I forgot one!

What magazines do you subscribe to?


When I got home I was starving for lunch. I went with some leftover Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup


With a piece of wheat with some melted cheese on top



After lunch the dogs and I embarked on our walk. The dogs had a blast sniffing and trotting along while I played phone tag with my mom. I love to use walks as opportunities to get things done – usually I use them as my phone talking time. I’m not one to just sit and talk on the phone I’m always doing something else!


Since I work almost every night of the week until 8 I usually pre-photograph my meals for your viewing pleasure. That was definitely the case last night especially since I felt bad about eating my soup out of tupperware!



A turkey, romaine, & mayo sandwich on 7 grain with 2 carrots & a plum (which I didn’t end up eating!).

To me turkey, lettuce, and mayo is the ultimate sandwich combo – it reminds me of my childhood!


After work I headed to my yoga where we tried an awesome move. I introduce you to Double Downward Dog.


I did try to convince Matt to run out in the woods with me so I could take a photo but he was not having it. So I stole this off of Google Images. Neat, right?

After yoga I headed home to 1/2 a c of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. In a measuring cup.


Obviously I have not done dishes in days! The rest of my day includes:

  • Dishes!
  • Taking the dogs for a stroll
  • Mailing some things
  • Charging my dead phone
  • Pack my clothes for Body Pump
  • Shower
  • Eat a Girl Scout Cookie

This is literally what I have written down for this afternoon’s To-Do List! Haha!

See ya!


Help End Childhood Obesity

As someone who was an obese child (and adult) I can now look back and honestly say that more needs to be done in order to help prevent kids and future adults from having problems with food and their weight. I am a huge supporter of having healthier lunches in the school systems and so is Kelly. Please visit her website and take 30 seconds to send an email (its automatically generated & you just type in your email & state) to your local government officials. Something so simple can really make a difference!



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24 responses to “To Do: Eat Cookies

  1. Awesome!!! Thanks for the support!! I love it!!

    As for magazines….I subscribe to Health, Real Simple and Runner’s World!

  2. I like your to do list. It’s like mine, except chocolate’s on there, too.
    My tried and true oatmeal is pumpkin with maple peanut butter. it is SUCH a satisfier.

  3. I was an overweight teen and then an obese adult so I am definitely excited about Michelle Obama’s new plan to stop obesity! Thanks for the link. 🙂

  4. ooooo LOVE me some oats!! FAV oatmeal combo- dark choco cocoa powder, 1/2 naner, 1/3 egg beaters, vanilla extract- topped w. barney butter and greek yogurt icing!

  5. I subscribe to Shape and Self and I would love to subscribe to more but I feel like I don’t have the time to read the 2 I get! I haven’t found an oatmeal combo I am in love with, I’m just not great at making them myself!

  6. I agree that childhood obesity is a HUGE problem!!! It makes me so incredibly sad for those children.

  7. From Party To Hearty

    That double downward dog is impressive! Those oats are my kind of eats! Nice! I subscribe to men’s health and runners world. I also won a free subscription for a year to body and soul by plugging in my stonyfield reward points by eating their yogurts! Make sure you enter them into the website for prizes. So worth it!

  8. I tried overnight oats for the first time this morning and I’m in LOVE!!

    My fave oat combo is probably pumpkin with chia seeds topped with almond butter and almond milk 🙂 Either that or pb and banana…

    I’m just starting to do yoga and maybe one day I can do a double downward dog!

  9. turkey sandwiches are so underrated, aren’t they?

    p.s. you can send all your old/read magazines to me!!! 🙂

  10. I love sandwiches! They are the perfect lunch. 🙂 And oats are the perfect breakfast. I don’t like banana in mine either. I love pb & dried fruit. And I feel the same way about salads – they always taste SO much better when someone else makes them.

    I don’t read many magazines because I am too busy reading blogs and books. LOL

  11. I subscribe to Health, Women’s Health, Fitness, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Budget Travel and Yoga Journal. I like Self, but I don’t find it as imformative as others, so I just pick that up at the library. I’m planning to add Runner’s World to my list – it’s a good one.

    As for oatmeal: savory oats, made with one jumbo egg and pepper jack cheese. YUM.

    • I agree about Self – sometimes I find myself being like oh enough with the beauty all I want is fitness/health info! I do feel like Self has some of the most healthy perspective on things though. Sometimes I read things in Fitness/Health/Womens Health and Im just like WHAT!?

  12. Darn girl, that’s a lot of magazines!! I’m jealous…I’m not subscribed to any :/ I just tend to pick up ones randomly when I’m drawn to one of the articles.

    My tried and true form of oatmeal would have to be overnight oats. I can’t say I’ve EVER messed up a batch of them! Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE me some warm, stove-top oats. But overnight oats are much easier to make, and they leave me feeling MUCH fuller and satisfied.

  13. I eat my oats with some skim milk, agave or brown sugar and pb!

    I’m a magazine whore as well….currently I get People, Redbook, Food Network, Taste of Home and Rachael Ray.

  14. Shelly

    I know you now do overnight oats instead of regular oats, what exactly is the difference? Do they taste better? Are they easier to make since you make them ahead of time??

    • Ive been switching up my regular oatmeal with overnight oats for a couple of reasons:
      1. Regular oats can get boring – dont get me wrong I still love them & eat them a few times a week but I need some change!
      2. They are so easy – some mornings I have to get up at 5 (ugh!) so it helps that I can make oats at night and have them sittin pretty in the fridge first thing the next morning
      3. Now that the weather has changed I crave something lighter – which overnights are for me.

      Basically the difference is that overnight oats arent cooked. I just mix 1/2 c oats with 1/2 a c yogurt (any kind will do) and add a splash of milk plus any other random things I like (nuts, seeds, protein powder) and put it in the fridge. The liquid/yogurt turn the oats into OVERNIGHT oats 🙂

      Try it!

  15. Cole

    I fully support magazine reading instead of studying!

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