Chicago & Calories

Chicago Bound

Friday morning we headed back into Chicago to spend some time in the city and then drop Seth off at the airport. I packed some snacks & breakfast for the road.


A banana and a fig flavored Voskos. In my opinion, Voskos is one of the best brands of Greek Yogurt but this flavor was seriously lacking. I couldn’t even eat the whole container! I dont know if maybe I’m an anti-fig person and didn’t know it or if there is just something off about this flavor (or maybe this batch?).

I traded in my Voskos for a Tall Non-fat Dark Cherry Mocha from Starbucks.



Throughout the drive I found myself snacky! I shared a blood orange with Matt, had a mini handful of Cinnamon Oatmeal Squares, & had 2 munchkins from Dunkin Donuts.




I’m not really a donut person and I probably have a one a year. With that being said now that I live in Iowa (and 3 1/2 hours away from a Dunkin Donuts in any direction) I jump on the chance to enjoy a mini jelly donut once in a while. I am from Massachusetts after all – the land of Dunkin Donuts!

Hot Doug’s

Once we got to Chicago we headed straight to Hot Doug’s which was highly recommended by Morgan.


Waiting in line for close to an hour was seriously worth it! The decor was so cute and hot dog-esque and the food was awesome.





I got the traditional Chicago Hot which was grilled and topped with ketchup, mustard, onions, relish, & a pickle. Matt got the Alligator Sausage Special which was made out of alligator meat – I had a bite, it was quite alligator-y! We also shared an order of fries. When it Rome!


After our hot dogs we drove around a little and the boys obliged when I asked to check out the Crate & Barrel Outlet. Imagine my surprise when we pulled up and they pointed out that their was a Trader Joe’s above the Crate & Barrel!


We got some goodies at C&B and then headed up to TJ’s where I proceeded to buy some goodies. Since the weather was so gorgeous we went for a little stroll and stumbled upon the Goose Island Brewery.


We headed to the airport to drop of Seth and then we made our way to Ikea for some new furniture!

In an effort to maximize our time at Ikea and save some money we ate a psuedo dinner in the car. I had a CPB Luna Protein Bar & a plum. Look at these two plums side by side! I went with the apple look-a-like on the right.

P1040438   P1040436

We spent a few hours at Ikea and probably walked 2 miles running back and forth through the maze of a place. We treated ourselves to $1 frozen yogurt!


Calorie Counting

Yesterday was kind of a revelation of a day for me. I woke up at noon and had ice cream for breakfast. Granted, I don’t always have ice cream for breakfast and I don’t always have ice cream but lately I’ve been struggling with my eating more than normal.

Like most people I have the mentality that I should occasionally indulge in treats but lately I have been indulging all the time. The last week has been a bit of an exception since I was away and entertaining a guest, but regardless I have not been in a positive place with food.

I do want to lose some more weight. But for some reason I am feeling less in control of my eating and more guilty for my food choices. I have decided that I am going to go back to calorie counting in order to lose the final 20 pounds or so. I have had conflicted thoughts about counting calories because I am prone to develop some distorted eating when I do so, but I have no doubt that if I keep that in mind then I will be able to work past it.

Ultimately I thought that blogging would keep me more accountable but it seems that the opposite has happened. Instead of feeling like I can be honest I feel guilt because I am comparing myself to the most healthy people in the world! The truth is I am still a work in progress. As hard as it is to admit that I still have issues with food, I do.

So from today forward Ill be counting calories. I haven’t decided if Ill be putting them on the blog or what my intended calorie intake will be, but Ill make sure to update you once I do!

Have a great Sunday!



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15 responses to “Chicago & Calories

  1. okay i so think my bf went to that hot dog place a few weeks ago!! HOW FUN!! im drooling over your ice cream!

  2. Your eats sound fantastic!!!!
    I don’t calorie count for the same reasons (the disordered eating) but I do know that it works for a lot of people. So I completely support your decision! And don’t compare yourself to other bloggers (easier said than done, I know). We are all unique!

  3. Ashlei

    I don’t calorie count anymore because of the disordered eating – it’s definitely really easy for it to get out of control!

    And I love Starbizzle! 🙂

  4. chau

    I started to do livestrong again, counting calories, actually putting my “fitness” time. It gives me the structure i need after a week of greasy eating meal in, meal out. I realized i kept going for the greasy food, avoiding exercising to spend more time with the bf. So now we both are trying to be “good” and only have the occasional treat, date night once a week, and strictly keep all eating at home. Cooking for me allows me to be in control of how much calories i am taking in.

  5. yayay!! you went to Hot Doug’s! I’m glad you enjoyed it. the wait is totally worth it 🙂

    indulging every now and then isn’t horrible, so don’t beat yourself up over it! …here’s what I do. I allow myself to have one treat every single day. That way I’m letting myself have what I want, but don’t over do it. It works for me and keeps my sweet tooth at bay!

  6. I totally support however you go about this, and I think it’s great you’ve thought it over so much and seem to have a firm hand on the situation. I would say to keep in mind that calories are not all equal: ice cream calories are different than broccoli calories. But I know you know that so as long as nutrition is first in mind you’ll be fine 🙂

  7. hey, im sorry to hear you havent been feeling positive about food lately. blogging made me do the same thing! i used to post eats every day and it made me so neurotic about food. i think feeling good about your eats is so important…and i dont know anyone who eats much like most food bloggers out in the real world LOL. i think if counting calories works for you, you should go for it and whatever you do, definitely DONT beat yourself up about your eats!!!

  8. I’m from Chicago and I have never even been to Hot Dougs. I hear it’s good though.

    I am totally with you on calorie counting. I mean, the math works but it does drive me a little crazy and definitely makes my eating more disordered. Do what works for you though. If you can do some calorie counting and then stop once you are at your goal weight then you should. If you know that it’ll lead you down to a path that you don’t want to go again, I would say you shouldn’t.

    Whatever you do, don’t stress out about you. You have made sooo much progress! Still enjoy yourself 🙂

    Hope you had fun in Chicago!

  9. I really liked your post. I’m pretty new to the blogging world and I too thought it would make me more accountable. I feel guilty that I don’t eat fancy, all organic, super healthy food. But honestly–I stay within my calorie range and I really hate cooking! So I’m ok with that. 🙂 Keep up the great blog!

  10. I was just in Chicago last week. I’ve only been there three times, but I’ve loved it everytime. Next time I will definitely have to hit up Haute Dogs.

  11. I think that counting calories will be good but if you start to feel like it is controlling you…you have to promise to stop! 🙂 You look so so so cute in all your pictures and happy!

  12. Meg

    Your trip looks so fun! I wish we had a TJ’s in our area. 😦

    I can relate to how you feel about food. I’ve been going through the same thing myself. And I tend to feel guilty too when I’m reading other blogs and just finished way too many chips or something like that! LOL But as one of the other commenters said, we are all unique. 🙂 Best of luck with the calorie counting…I’ve started tracking again on today, so we are in the same boat. 🙂

    • Well Im glad someones in the same boat – we can work together to stay on track 🙂 I dont have a TJs in my area either – I just go to ones when I am near them (or drive out of the way to visit one!). I did just find out though that TJs looks for zip codes from their customers & really weighs their new locations on emails/suggestions and stuff. I know that sometimes they say they are going to build one and dont end up doing it, but I figured its worth emailing and letting them know that there is a demand in our area. I would keep them in business myself!

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