I’m glad you guys enjoyed my tips yesterday about how I stay healthy even though I live in a small city. It seems like a lot of you are in similar situations and you all seem to agree – it’s definitely possible!

We had a fabulous day in Chicago yesterday and I can’t wait to recap, but for accountabilities sack first here’s Monday’s eats.

Rewind to Monday

Quick bowl of Cinnamon Quaker Oatmeal Square with some soy milk for Breakfast.



1/2 of my leftover turkey burger from the brewery in Des Moines (I can’t remember the name!).



P1040117   P1040118

I was starving for an afternoon snack before my swim so I ended up having two.

The Honey Vanilla Bean Voskos (which came highly recommended by Evan) was by far my favorite flavor of Voskos to date. It was the perfect balance between sweet & traditional Greek Yogurt tasting. I only wish I could find this flavor in Iowa City! At least I still have the Fig flavor to try!

Part two of my snack included a Cookie Dough Luna Protein Bar which I was a pretty big fan of. It definitely isn’t as tasty as a hunk of cookie dough, but it was tasty! The Cookie Dough & Chocolate Peanut Butter Luna Protein Bars are problem two of my favorite bars – which isn’t that surprising since they are practically glorified candy bars & they are coated in chocolate!


I planned on squeezing in a half hour swim but managed to only get 15 minutes in – something is better than nothing!


Are you starting to sense that it was like laundry day in our pantry/refrigerator? I had little to work with so I had 1 fruit all day & lots of packaged goodies – can’t win them all!

PB&J with a banana:




I left bright and early so I could meet Seth at the airport at 9. I made a quick breakfast sandwich that I could grab for the ride.


Whole wheat bagel: 2 egg whites, chopped spinach, Huntsman English cheese, buffalo sauce.


Once I picked up Seth we headed to Millennium Park (since I love to pay $11 an hour to park my car) and then we walked to the Sears Tower.



After riding 108 floors to the top and learning the towers new name is Willis Tower we decided to break for lunch. Like any good tourist we asked a local what their favorite lunch spot downtown was. She pointed us directly to Boston Blackie’s which was so ironic that we decided to just go with it.

It is kind of funny that two people from Boston visiting Chicago ate at Boston Blackie’s, no?




It was pretty standard, but it did the trick! Does anyone know a really great traditionally Chicago restaurant perhaps near Navy Pier? Well be back on Friday to do a few more tourist things.

P1040186    P1040195

On our way back to Millennium Park we stopped for some tart frozen yogurt. I got mine topped with huge Reese’s chunks & shredded coconut. Yum!


We wandered around the lake


We walked through Millennium Park


and stopped by the famous bean.


We spent an hour lost on our way out of Chicago and then another hour in traffic! I definitely don’t miss city driving!

I munched on a Pink Lady on the 4 hour drive home. I love road trips 🙂 We blared the radio and had our windows down and I didn’t get a speeding ticket! Success!




Matt made an awesome beef & bean chili for dinner – Ill put the recipe up soon! I had a bowl with a serving of tortilla chips on the side. It had been too long since I had some chili – It may be the last time this year!




Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Hope everyone has plans that include cabbage & green clothing for the rest of the day!



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15 responses to “Chicagoland

  1. What a fun trip! I haven’t ever been to Chicago but I definitely want to go one day!! 🙂 Glad you had fun!

  2. that looks like a BLAST! my bf just got back from there and loved it!

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  4. Josie

    If you want Chicago pizza, try Gino’s East or My Pie Pizzeria…looks like you had a great trip!

  5. Yay for visiting Chicago – its my hometown but I’m away at college now. BUT I’m so excited to go back for Spring Break at the end of this week. Hope you had fun. And I actually will be starting a job full time in the Sears Tower – i refuse to call it “Willis”. lol.

  6. can’t believe they told you to go to blackies! I hate that place!!!!

    The only real “traditional” chicago restaurants are the original pizza places and hot dog joints. If you want to spend serious money I’d recommend Hugo’s Frog Bar which is near Water Tower Place.

    Check out Hot Dougs, Giordanos, or Lou Malnatis if you want real chicago eats! unfortunately none are near navy pier because navy pier is tourist city..don’t eat there! they will charge you twice as much for bad food.

  7. I’m glad you liked the Voskos! I so rarely buy them and by coincidence I had one this morning!

  8. I LOVE Chicago! Thanks for the great pictures!!

  9. Ashlei

    Wow those are some incredible photos of Chicago!!

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