New Week!

Usually I dread the start of a new week since it means it’s the end of the weekend  but this week I’m pretty jazzed to start over fresh. I had a pretty exciting end to my week, which included but is not limited to the following:

  • climbing over a train parked on the tracks
  • falling down a muddy hill with flip flops on
  • getting a $100 speeding ticket in Des Moines
  • running over an animal crossing the highway


Anyway I’m pumped for a new week which includes tons of fun stuff and of course my first friend from home is actually visiting me in Iowa [I’ve only lived here for 3 years!].


To my friends from Massachusetts & St. Joes:

Your failure to visit me causes me great woes.

Besides corn and farmers there is more to see,

It’s really not that lame, you have to trust me.

We have football and beer and a huge state fair,

I’ve got plenty of black & gold clothes you could wear.

Sure it’s not Hawaii, California, Florida, or South Carolina,

But its where your friend Kate lives & it’s the only place to find her!

Love Kate



Aside from poetry and having chaotic adventures I’ve been eating frozen yogurt and drinking green juice.

Yesterday after our girls only sleepover at my sisters house we headed to a Vegan Restaurant in Omaha called Mc Foster’s.

I ordered the Huevos Racheros which came with a tofu scramble on top of rice, beans, and some blue corn tortillas. It was topped with some homemade salsa, avocado, and raw cheddar. It was amazingly tasty.




I also ordered a juice that included spinach, carrot, beet, & ginger. It was a little bit too hardcore for me but I ended up drinking about half of it. The ginger was so strong, I should of thrown some apple in the mix.


It was definitely prettier looking than tasting 🙂



After brunch I started my voyage back to Iowa City but made a pit stop in Des Moines to visit my friend Kristen and make my obligatory stops at TCBY and World Market.

We headed to World Market where I bought some dishes & bowls & a chocolate orange or two. After World Market we stopped off at a Brewery to grab some dinner. I went with the Chimichurri Turkey Burger which came with lettuce, chimichurri sauce, and a pickle de gallo. I thought the pickle in pickle de gallo was a typo for pico de gallo, but it definitely was made with pickles and it was fabulous.





Dessert was some Chocolate & White Chocolate Mousse Frozen Yogurt from TCBY and flowing conversation for on the topic of all things food blogs. Kristen is the person who introduced me to the world of food blogs and she would be such a fabulous blogger! She gave me tons of ideas and suggestions for WhatKateAte and of course it’s always fun to listen to someone else’s take on a blog ‘topic’!




I’m glad to say no police officers or animals were involved on my drive back home!


Vacation Eating & Exercising

Today I am working a 13 hour day,  but I am determined to fit in a swim in between shifts. Yesterday marked 4 days in a row sans exercise – so I definitely need to get my body moving!

I have to admit that I am far from being an avid away-from-home exerciser. In fact, I generally am so concentrated on making decent food choices and worrying about overindulging/eating that I let exercise fall to the side – It’s almost counter effective in a way.

Of course the best thing to do would be to rise early and get in a good work out or trot off to a class with someone but the less I have to do in a day the less likely I am to work out! Eek!

When I am away from home I lose the consistency I have in my day to day life and I also seem to lose some of the confidence that I have instilled in myself over the past few years by eating mostly healthy and making exercise a part of my life. I still struggle when I go on vacation or visit my parents or my sister because I am being directly challenged by things that have defeated me before (think chocolate, not exercising, losing inhibitions after too much alcohol, eating when not hungry).

It still takes a lot of reminders and trial and error, especially since I fall victim to the “Last Supper” mentality when I’m on vacation or out to eat.

How do you stay on top of your health while you are away from home? What kind of situations tempt you?



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21 responses to “New Week!

  1. First, those huevos rancheros look AMAZING!!! I want to recreate that! YUM!

    And it sounds like you did really well!!! I tend to not exercise when I’m on vacation too but I usually enjoy it. It’s a nice break. But the thing is, I listen to my hunger more when on vacation. It’s kinda weird why it’s different than at home.

  2. I think when you’re on vacation, it’s OK to be unhealthy all the time for that week. If I spend the other 51 weeks working out, I expect 1 to lie around.
    My oh my you’ve had a busy weekend! Are you originally from MA? If so, I did not realize that!

  3. I’m the same as you. I see vacations as a free for all, but I do try to moderate!

  4. I try to be active in fun ways, like walking on the beach or around the city or going on a hike, whatever suits the area. I think vacations are a time to give our bodies a break from our usual efforts with workouts and eating “perfectly”. We all need rest so vacations are the perfect time for that. And I eat more freely too. One week or so every few months won’t turn me into some unhealthy person. It’s okay to live a little.

  5. i wish i had advice for you but i do the same thing! whenever i am away i think of it as a free for all, eat anything, drink anything. actually i tend to do it on weekends too. like last night, my dinner was 3/4 a loaf of french bread with jelly. what?!?! i would never do that during the week. it’s such a bad habit that i totally need to break!!!

  6. Love your Iowa poem! Hate that it gets such a bad rap:(

  7. kristen

    thataway! love the poem 🙂

  8. okay…in the first pic, the melted cheese ON the avocado..looks so good! While my friends visited, I just tried to sneak in exercise as often as I could..sometimes in the AM before my friends woke up. I also just try to indulge in a few bites of decadent foods, but not whole meals.

  9. you climbed over a train?! how on earth did you do that???????

    gahhh tcby is my fav treat everrrr. I need to get some of that in my belly asap

  10. I generally dont work out in the way that I usually would on vacation. I think it’s called a vacation for a reason.

    I consider my exercise to be active things like walking, or running on the beach, or something that has to do with the new place I’m visiting ya know!

    And I definitely have a hard time making good food decisions on vacations. I always want to try local fare and I usually eat way too much 🙂

  11. I didn’t now TCBY still existed! I used to love that white chocolate mousse! I seriously haven’t seen a TCBY in forever. YUM.

  12. I love McFosters! I try to eat there every time I go home.
    The same thing definitely happens to me when I’m away from home. Even on the weekends when I am home! It’s a constant battle for me. I definitely benefit from the “routine” of my workweek. One thing that has helped me in the past is to try to plan activities that involve a little bit of exercise and/or enlist others in active things. Last time I was home, I met a friend for lunch and we walked around the Old Market for about 90 minutes afterward. It wasn’t heart-pumping cardio or anything, but it was better than nothing. With my family, it seems like so many of our gatherings center around food or eating, so once in a while I try to suggest things like going for a hike.

    • I couldnt agree more! I also try to suggest meals that I know are healthier & I am totally guilty for bringing healthier choices along! I still get sucked in from time to time, but its about the long run, right?!

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