Iron Chef



  • 1/3 Oatmeal
  • 1/3 c Soy Milk
  • 1/3 c Water
  • 1 Banana
  • Maple Syrup
  • TJ’s Almond Butter


P1030961  P1030962  P1030963



A pear, a string cheese, and some Almond Butter that originally was to go with carrots that somehow didn’t make it until yesterday afternoon!


And a Bumble Bar in Lushus Lemon to finish off the meal.


Look at the texture of this bar – it was so seedy & sweet. I absolutely loved it. It reminded me of a sesame candy that I had while I was in Greece that I adored. The lemon flavor rocked, too!



After lunch I headed out for a run/walk. I am the first person to admit that I although I don’t love running I wish I did. I love how I feel afterwards (not the dying or can’t breathe portion) and the feeling of accomplishment.

But here’s my problem:

Somehow I manage to forget how miserable running can really be for me. Long before I physically get tired my throat and lungs begin to burn.

Runners: Am I breathing wrong? I was told that I should be breathing in from my nose and out from my mouth, but I think I end up just breathing out of my mouth the majority of the time. I also thought that maybe I am breathing deeper than I usually do and its affecting my lungs? I’m usually only bothered severely by it when I run outside. Maybe it has to do with hot or cold air? Help!



After my run I treated myself to my first Kombucha. I was mentally prepared for something far worse than what I drank, but with that being said it still wasn’t that great. Know what I mean?

When I bought it a few days ago Matt was asking me about it and I basically said oh its supposed to be this really disgusting drink that tastes like vinegar and has floaties in it but its really, really good for you. Haha!

I love that he doesn’t understand what I mean – but you all do!

Overall, I wasn’t in love with it – but I would drink and buy it again (if it was on sale!) – which is a good thing since I also have a Cosmic Cranberry flavor in the fridge.


P1030964   P1030965

The rest of my Wednesday included working, running errands, and making multiple copies of to-do lists. Finally I got to leave work and head to Cedar Rapids to the Iron Chef Event!

Iron Chef Event

Aubrey & I had planned to do something together to celebrate our birthdays for a while (a while is an understatement!) and we finally settled on the Iron Chef Event.

A few local restaurants come together to battle it out and make one entree with a secret ingredient in 1 hour. The best part is that some other local businesses come and put together a wonderful sampling of appetizers and there is plenty of alcohol!



First drink of the night: an Oatmeal Stout from Millstream Brewery. I followed that up with a California White (I forget the name – plus it wasn’t local!), Goose Island’s Oatmeal Stout, & a Riesling from Fireside Winery.

In between beer & wine tastings we had some appetizers. My favorites being the Duck Confit with sauces [top left] & the Tuna Tartar [unpictured].


As for the actual Iron Chef Event the secret ingredient was: Vanilla Bean!




Overall we had a fabulous night and the food was amazing. If you are in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area check out some of these places:

Cibo [My personal review here]





I’ve been waiting for Thursday to come all week long! Thursday marks the beginning of my Spring Break which is jam packed with fun things. A few of the highlights:

  • Visiting my niece & nephew in Omaha
  • Having a girls only sleepover with my sister & her friends
  • Going to Whole Foods
  • Stopping in Des Moines to hit up dinner & go on a walk with a friend
  • Picking up one of my best friends from the airport
  • Spending an entire day exploring Chicago with said best friend
  • Celebrating St. Patty’s Day
  • Weekend in Chicago with Matt that includes an Ikea shopping spree!


Not bad, eh? I plan to blog as usual but my situation may be a little hairy at my sisters – only time will tell! It’s almost Friday – hang in there loves!



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12 responses to “Iron Chef

  1. Ooh Kombucha! I have yet to try it…I just can’t make myself shell out the big bucks haha. Do you shake it before you drink it?? And if you don’t, do you eat the “stuff” at the bottom?!

  2. That event sounds like a blast! I love how you think of kombucha–I actually love the vinegar flava!

  3. Kat

    I tried one of those drinks over the weekend, yes, ew. My son tricked me into tasting it…he said, hey mom, try this…stupid me.

  4. I love Kombucha! Have you tried the GT’s Strawberry? My new favorite… just thought I’d share.

    Happy Bday! That Iron Chef even looks awesome. I want to go to one! The food looks great too!

    Have a great spring break! (I’m jealous!)

  5. That sounds like an awesome spring break girl!!
    I looove Kombuchas but it’s one of those things for me that I love because I know all of the healthy benefits. But I actually like the taste. The green one is incredibly good! My parents said it tasted like crap… whatever.

    The Iron Chef event looks like such fun!! lucky girl you!

    As for the running, it sounds like you might not be breathing right. I have heard numerous ways of how you “should” breathe but I try not to overthink it and just breathe comfortably.

  6. I made the mistake of shaking a kombucha before I opened it and it sprayed everywhere and my kitchen stunk like vinegar. Kombuchas are gross.
    Sound slike you’re having one kick ass spring break!! Enjoy it!

  7. I love kombucha but I only like the plain original flavor. The flavored kombuchas are too sweet for me. The Iron Chef event looks AWESOME!! Happy Weekend Kate!

  8. Have fun in Omaha! It’s my hometown.
    I’ve still never tried kombucha…I love vinegar and vinegary things, but I don’t know, man…

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