I love working early on Saturday mornings because it guarantees I’m out of bed by a decent time and I still have the whole afternoon and evening to myself. Otherwise I tend to oversleep and wake up around the time that I should been eating lunch. Hey, I love to sleep!

Yesterday morning I grabbed a banana and a Mocha Odwalla bar to take with me to work.

I’m a huge fan of Odwalla bars – I especially love the chocolate chips in the MochaWalla bar.

After I headed home from work I was feeling like a real breakfast so I settled on an egg and cheese bagel for lunch.

I added some Monterrey Jack and fresh salsa to a Whole Wheat 7 Grain bagel.

Served with an overly mushy Anjou.

Clean & Plan

Matt and I spent an hour jamming to music and cleaning the house after lunch.  We spent double that time playing around on Ikea looking at tv solutions and mix and match entertainment centers – I think we’re getting close to picking out our new furniture for our living room.

What kind of themes (color and otherwise) do you have in your living room? What is your favorite store or website to buy home décor/furniture from? Where do you get your inspiration?


After surfing the net and drafting several plans we broke for an afternoon snack. I settled on bar #2 for the day – Chocolate Brownie Pure Bar and a dose of dairy in the form of a string cheese.



We headed to a surprise birthday dinner for one of my best friends at a fun restaurant in town called Blackstone. There was a group of 13 of us celebrating Aubrey’s 24th birthday.

I ordered the Shrimp Lettuce Wraps which came with rice, black beans and some veggies topped with a Sriracha infused sauce. 

I ended up eating two of the wraps – they were spicy but good. They had a little bit of a confused taste between the Sriracha and the beans & rice, but I dug it.

I also sampled some Saganaki and some of Matt’s fries, which of course both got my seal of approval.  I’ve never met cheese or fries that I haven’t liked.

Dessert was an indulgent piece of chocolate cake.

I ended up eating ½ of the cake which consisted mostly of the frosting. The frosting was amazing – it had mini chocolate chips in it!

After dinner we headed over to Aubrey’s to play some games and then Matt and I called it a night.

Happy early birthday Aub!

Have a relaxing Sunday!



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11 responses to “Surprise

  1. aww what a fun night!!! sorry you had to work saturday 😦 your bfast looks AWESOME tho (the bagel)

  2. Oh how I love string cheese
    And that cake looks fantastic! Frosting is always the best part

  3. That cake looks AWESOME!! Yum.. love chocolate cake!
    Odwalla bars are awesome! I just picked up that flavor yesterday and I can’t wait to try it!

  4. That chocolate cake looks SO GOOD. What a fun night!

    If I had my druthers, I’d shop at Anthropologie, Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel all day long.

  5. That bagel sandwich looks so good!! I love the oats on the crust!

  6. did you make that bagel sandwich! omg it looks so gourmet and that bagel looks healthy and dense…those are the best kinds! that pure bar taste like a brownie! its so good!!

    theme in my room is browns and white, deep mohagany wood…very ‘zen’ i would say, but I do love colors too! red’s blues and purples…I am just not a pink girl! haha

  7. The frosting is what makes a cake! Mini chocolate chips…YUM.

  8. Those looked like some good eats!!! I was drooling over that bagel and of course the cake! 🙂

  9. Meg

    That bagel is making my stomach growl! I love breakfast food for lunch/dinner.

    Do you have a Kirkland’s in your area? My husband and I shop there a lot for home decor. They have some really cute things at great prices.

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