Great night makes up for rotten time at grocery store

I woke up on Friday with one thing on my agenda: Go to the grocery store. On my way out the door I grabbed a Pure bar and smeared some almond butter on top of it.

After I came home and started putting groceries away I realized my bag of carrots was literally rotten! There were 3 carrots that were mushy and moldy in the actual bag and the rest were slimy! Yuck! I have to say that’s probably the worst produce rotting experience I have ever had. I’ve encountered rotten fruit and veggies at the actual grocery store but usually I examine it so well that I don’t buy those ones!

I did a few more things and then made a salad with some of the un-rotten veggies I got at the store.

Sensational Salad

I made a salad with mixed greens as the base and added some fresh salsa, cottage cheese, and a sun dried tomato chicken sausage. I had a serving for blue corn tortilla chips on the side and then I went back for another serving.


My afternoon snack was a Skinny Cow Vanilla Ice Cream sandwich. Who needs fruit when you have ice cream right? I always have to break into the frozen treats as soon as I get them – it’s definitely dangerous. But, I’m getting better and better at having tempting foods in the house. I do especially well when they are pre portioned for me like the ice cream sandwiches. I even bought individual sized Cadbury mini eggs so I wouldn’t devour a whole bag in 3 days. I don’t want to deprive myself but I definitely don’t want to self sabotage either!

Gallery Walk

Matt and I met some friends downtown to partake in a local art event called the Gallery Walk. Iowa City holds Gallery Walks a few times a year and basically people can follow a map that points out local studios, business, and shops that exhibit local art work and have drinks and snacks.

We had our fair share of wine, champagne & cheese:

And local art:

After the walk we went to dinner with our friends Erica and Mark at a bar called Quinton’s. I order the ½ Santa Fe Sandwich, a side salad and a bag of Parmesan Garlic chips. The Santa Fe came on white (I always forget to ask for wheat!) with cream cheese, salsa, avocado spread, sprouts, and tomatoes. The bread was really soggy but the salsa made up for it. I ate the ½ sandwich and the whole salad. Matt and I shared a bag of chips and I may have had a few bites of his bread bowl – it was amazing!


I updated my Ate page and added a Recipe icon on the side.

You can still enter to win some Chia Seeds!

Happy Saturday!



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12 responses to “Great night makes up for rotten time at grocery store

  1. aww that is a great night!!! EWW so sorry about the carrots-that is such a flippin BUMMER!

  2. Yucky carrots!! I would’ve taken them back! I hate it when things like that happen. I’ve gotten home with expired yogurt several times.. so now I ALWAYS check!
    The Pure bar with nut butter is a fantastic idea!!!
    Your sandwich at dinner sounds awesome… yummy!
    And I totally saw those mini cadbury eggs the other day.. great portion control!

  3. so sorry about the carrots!
    I LOVE skinny cow!

  4. Quintons is bomb. I have two guaranteed stops every time I visit IC – Elite Nails and Quintons.

  5. runningfromtheheart

    Ugh- I can’t eat carrots unless they’re totally DRY after having one too many mushy carrot experiences. :/ that painting (is it a painting??) of the lily pads is beautiful! As are bread bowls… yummy. 😀

  6. You are so right, why have fruit when you can have ice cream? 😛 That salad looks wonderful!! I need to mix cottage cheese and salsa more, it is a fab combo. Also, I’m in love with that take on Monet’s Water Lilies.

  7. GAH! I hate when that happens with produce. I had a bag of baby carrots like that once…and they were only 99 cents so I never took em back.

    Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂 I look forward to reading yours as well!

  8. Oh Quinton’s……how I miss my beloved IC!!! That Blackstone place looks fun…going to have to check that out next time I make it back!

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