C is for Chia Seeds

The internet in our house is currently getting fixed so I am quick blogging from a work computer! Unfortunately for you guys that means no food pics for today (it would take me a year to upload a single photo on this computer!). I think I can make it up to you though!

How about with a Chia Seed giveaway?!

Why I (and the rest of the blog world) love Chia Seeds:

  • there is fiber, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus in every tiny little seed
  • unlike their superfood competition flax seeds, they aren’t prone to go bad and you can store them in your cabinet
  • they are gluten-free
  • you can add them to virtually anything

 Want to win a 2 pound bag of Chia Seeds from Chia Seed Direct? I thought you might! Here are the ways you can enter to win:

1. Leave a comment telling me your favorite ‘it’ food product/brand. PopChips? PB2? Remember PB2?! Coconut Oil?

2. Tweet about this giveaway! Tweet “@whatkateate I want to win Chia Seeds http://www.whatkateate.com”  and let me know that you did!

3. Mention this giveaway on a post of your own or email a friend the details and let me know!

*Please enter a new comment for each way you entered so I can enter you more than once to win!

Good Luck!

Giveaway ends Tuesday, March 9th at noon!



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93 responses to “C is for Chia Seeds

  1. I’ll leave the giveaway winnings to somebody else but just wanted to say that it was great finding your blog 🙂 I love looking at food pictures (I’m trying my own at food photography + healthy recipes) and it’s nice to know that other people chronicle what they eat too!

    Oh, and my favorite “it” product: Better ‘n Peanut Butter. I’ve never tried PB2 but I think I’m sticking with BPB.

  2. Oh, total PopChip addict right here!

  3. AHH! PB2 is soo good mixed in yogurt and frozen!!

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  5. Jenny

    I posted on Twitter!! Would love to try some Chia seeds! Never had them before, but have been reading up on them lately. 🙂

  6. Ibu

    Would love to try chia seeds. I’ve seen it all over the blogs. I started using flax meal after seeing it on blogs.

  7. My fave “it” brand is Mary’s Gone Crackers!

  8. My favorite it food is Barney Butter!! LOVE it!

  9. Jessie C.

    Mine is Barney Butter as well!

  10. Jessie C.

    I emailed to my sis, she would love your blog and giveaway.

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  12. My fave “it” food is Clif-C bars!! That would count right?!

  13. I tweeted! I soooo want to try chia seeds!!

  14. lindsayruns

    Favorite “it” food? oldies but goodies…almond butter!

  15. hummus and those guilt free pita chips from trader joes!

  16. I love that they are called ‘it’ foods, so trendy 😉
    I think I officially jumped on the dates bandwagon,they’re so good and in so many vegan recipes.

  17. runRedrun

    I guess the “it” food I eat the most is kabocha. I would say almond butter, but I buy it infrequently due to the price.

  18. I’m loving chia seeds lately! And I’ve also been eating a lot of PB&Co. and nutritional yeast!

  19. AHHH I have been DYING to try chia seeds!! My favorite ‘it’ food = Almond Butter. I love crunchy MaraNtha, mixed in oats, mixed in yogurt, by the spoonful…the list goes on. I seriously would put this stuff on everything if I could afford to haha.

    tweeted @nkh3!

  20. Hmm. Right now I’m loving GT’s kombucha.

  21. My “it” food is actually almond butter! So delicious…I can only buy it once in a while since I love it so much.

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  23. Blair

    I think coconut butter is my favorite current “it” food. Although there’s always a special place in my heart for greek yogurt, but I don’t think that’s considered trendy anymore – just a staple for so many people! I just finished my small bag of chia seeds I bought about a month ago to try them out, so winning this would come at a perfect time!!

  24. Blair

    tweeted! [@blairwinston]

  25. Kaley

    Well, I think it’s an “it” food, but it’s improvised: Greek yogurt. Full fat. I strain it myself. It’s sooooo good!

  26. Barney butter! I do love pop chips, too.

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  28. Nicci

    Almond butter. Not new or exciting, but I’m in love and always will be.

  29. Kelsey

    i loved PB2!!! that was fun :] dr. krackers, nut butters, and peanut butter pretzels from TJ!

  30. Kelsey

    tweeted! @carrothead

  31. Kimberly

    I remember PB2 & I definitely have eaten my weight in it! My new favorite it food is Maca powder though- if you haven’t tried it, you should!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  32. Kimberly

    I tweeted it (@Kimmyjahnke)!

  33. My favorite it food is definitely coconut oil!!

  34. still havent tried chia seeds! i secretly want to, but it just feels like such a BORING purchase LOL. now if i were to win some…:)

    i guess my favorite “it” product would have to be sweet potato fries (CHEETAHS!) or roasted brussels, or lara bars!

  35. haha YEAHH Pb2!! I remember it and YES i do love it!

  36. Baby spinach for sure—I buy two or three bags a wk and cannot go through it fast enough!

    I have been wanting to try Chia Seeds for awhile now!

  37. I’ve recently become big on Green Monsters. I know it’s not a product, but it is an “it” thing right now so I hope that counts. 🙂

    PS – Yay for giveaways because they help me find new blogs that I know I’ll look forward to reading. So thanks for hosting and I can’t wait to read more. 🙂

  38. Grounded flax seeds and chia are my fav add ins to ANYTHING! ❤

  39. I’d like to try chia seeds! They are all over the blog world!

    My fav “it” food is Amazing Grass, but I have a love hate relationship with it. Some days I love it, somedays it makes me want to puke 🙂

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  41. It will go up on my blog post tomorrow morning

  42. My favorite “it” food is kombucha!! (can that count as a food??) haha!

  43. meg

    My favourite it brand right now would be Amazing Grass and my favourite it product ALMOND BUTTER

  44. sarah

    My “it” food is cashew butter, I love it!

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  46. Ashlei

    My favorite “it” brand food….hmm…so many to choose from! Any kind of nut butter (been loving the Naturally Nutty lately), as well as hemp seeds and chia seeds!

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  48. my it food is whole cashew nuts. oh yum…

  49. i linked back on my blog

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  52. kelly

    My favorite it food is peanut butter! Yum!!

  53. Christine

    So hard to pick just 1 – I have to say greek yogurt with almond butter in a close 2nd. I have never had chia seeds and really would love to try them!

  54. ikkinlala

    I’m not sure if I have one – I hardly ever end up trying the ‘it’ foods before they lose their novelty. I guess the one I learned about online is Larabars.

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  56. Linked ya back to my blog!

  57. Emma

    Favorite “it” foods — so hard to choose! I lovelovelove any PB&Co. product, Trader Joe’s honey almond cashews, Chobani Greek yogurt, and pretty much any oatmeal creation!

    I’ve wanted to try chia seeds for so long! They play a featured role on so many blogs and the health benefits are amazing!

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  59. Lisa

    My favorite is dark chocolate dreams peanut butter from Peanut & Co.

  60. My favorite it food right now is Dr. Kracker’s crackers…they’re so addicting!

  61. My favorite “it” brand is MaraNatha

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