Anti-Oatmeal Day


Yesterday was one of those days that I just didn’t feel like making oatmeal, eating oatmeal, or cleaning up after oatmeal. Needless to say I did have oatmeal! Instead I had a bowl of Special K Yogurt & Berries with soy milk that I topped with some dried cherries and chia seeds.

After my anti-oatmeal breakfast I headed to Stats class where I twittered about my dread for the class, the teacher, and my grade to date.

Snack? Lunch!

These days snacks are really hit or miss for me. Yesterday snacks were a miss. I had a later lunch that consisted of the leftover half of my Spanakopita from Sparti’s and a Pink Lady apple.

The spinach/feta pie was just as good the second time around!

After lunch I did manage to sneak a sweet treat in! Matt and I got some little packages of different kinds of chocolates and chocolate covered things while we were in Costa Rica. Naturally one of the picks was chocolate covered coffee beans (Costa Rica is famous for their coffee), so I had a packaged while I simmered dinner.



Matt and I are far from Southern – try Midwestern & New England-ish – but we still love Southern food including okra! I bought the okra with intentions to make okra fries but visions of a stewed tomato-esque dish danced in my head.

Tomatoes & Okra

  • 1 pound okra [chopped]
  • 2 cans diced tomatoes
  • Seasonings:
    • Cumin
    • Cinnamon
    • Minced onion
    • Garlic Salt
    • Pepper
    • How to: Combine okra and canned tomatoes and allow to simmer in a pot. Add seasonings to taste. This would be awesome with onions and garlic, but we had none! Allow to simmer as long as you’d like and serve with some brown rice! Easy right?

Body Pump

After work I headed to the body pump class that we have held at the Rec Center I work at. Buzz had been going around that there was a need for an extra fitness instructor so I wanted to check out the class before I volunteered to help out.

Needless to say it was fun and a good work out! I may not be the most knowledgeable person when it comes to muscle groups and I sure don’t look like Jessica Biel but I’m going to teach the Thursday Body Pump class and see how it goes.

I’ve been teaching swimming for years so I had the concrete foundation down now I just need to update my iPod and put together a kick ass line up for Thursday’s class. So help me and out and tell me:

What are your go-to workout songs? What toning moves do you love to do?

Note: I forgot to mention that I had 4 square of Swiss chocolate after I got home from work/working out. I originally had 2 but then I went back for 2 more! Accountability!



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14 responses to “Anti-Oatmeal Day

  1. cold spanakopita is my FAVORITE! I’m going home in a few weeks and I’m going to take my mom’s traditional Greek recipes and try to make them vegan. that okra looks so good!

  2. That okra sounds great!! I’m from SC and I lurve southern food. My great-grandmother (who lived on a farm all her life and grew most all of their produce) would can home grown tomatoes and okra together and OMG… seriously, one of the best things I have eaten to DATE. I adore Okra, in any shape or form.

    Congrats on teaching the class!!! Favorite workout songs – anything Lady Gaga, Watcha Say, Replay, Stronger (by Kanye West, not the Britney Spears song),….

    And Stats… don’t even get me started. I use that class to catch up on twitter and e-mails 😀

  3. Cold cereals–whole grain or not–never fill me up quite like oatmeal

  4. how awesome that you will be teaching a class! I’m sure you’ll kick some booty!

  5. ahh i LOVE lady gaga and glee to workout too!!! mmm!!
    your feta pie thang looks so great!

  6. homegirlcaneat

    1) When Love Takes Over – David Guetta
    2) Feedback – Janet Jackson
    3) B.O.B – Outkast
    4) U Don’t Know Me – Armand Van Helden
    5) Together – Bob Sinclar

    Such a fab b-fast, btw!!!!

  7. I adore body pump. I thought you had to go to Les Mills training before you could teach? The workout is prechoreographed and you have to learn the moves before you can teach?

    • lily-
      the ‘body pump’ class that ill be helping out with is more of a play on the actually body pump class that you would take at core or another gym taught by a group fitness instructor. i didnt name the class or come up with the criteria or the discription of it (though i do plan to change a few things) but i can tell you that the classes main goal is to reach out to the community and allow people who arent able to afford similar classes or are new to exercising.
      although i am not a certified trained group fitness instructor and would be unqualified to teach actual body pump classes at a reputable place, my experience in aquatics has provided with with a lot of knowledge on safety, nutrition, and muscle groups.
      im glad you made this point, because in a way i was nervous to even right about it as i know a lot of other bloggers make fitness classes and personal training their careers and i know it could be frustrating to see someone who seems unqualified to teach doing so, but for this type of class im confident in my skills. really my main goal is to offer exercise and fitness opportunities to anyone who is willing to take them which is why i love working in recreation and why im glad that my swim coaching certifications have opened up other opportunities like this one!
      thanks for your comment 🙂

  8. Okra and tomatoes…right at the core of this southern girl’s heart! Happy Thursday! 🙂

  9. Meg

    Rhianna, Lady Gaga and Shakira always get me moving!

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