Label lover or critic?

Hello friends! Hope everyone’s Monday is off to a great start!

Monday mornings I lifeguard at my work at 5:45 am so my Mondays always start with a bang. Yesterday morning was no exception. Since it was so early and I was out of bananas I decided against oatmeal. Instead I packed a Yoplait Strawberry Greek yogurt and a Honest Foods granola plank. This is the older packaging but it was on sale. Who am I to be picky about the packaging or the expiration date – just kidding!

For snack I had some fresh pineapple. Pineapple is hands down my favorite fruit – it just screams vacation!

Leftover Lunch

I heated up the leftover Spaghetti Squash from last nights dinner and topped it with some sauce and parm cheese. Its just as good the next day!


My afternoon snack was a bowl of lime sherbet. It wasnt the most nutritious snack but it was what I was craving. It looks like mint ice cream, doesnt it?


Matt and I met for dinner during my break at work last night. We originally decided on Pita Pit  but ended up changing our plans and hit up a newer Greek Restaurant in town (and the only one!). Greek food has always had a special place in my heart, but especially now that Ive been to Greece and have absolutely fell in love with the cuisine, the people, and the culture – I just cant get enough of it. But, Im also its biggest critic!

Sparti’s lived up to my expectations. Matt and I split a Greek Feast Plate that contained a pita, a salad of lettuce, onions, & tomatoes, gyro meat, 2 souvlakis (1 pork, 1 chicken), fries and some tzatiki. I had no idea how big the sampler plate would be so I also ordered a piece of Spanakopita.

So much food! Everything was so good and fresh. I ended up eating half the pita, the salad, and some of the meat with tzatiki. We took half of the Spanakopita home so I could have a wonderful leftover inspired lunch.

I forgot to take my camera to work, which I realized as soon as I stepped out of the car at Sparti’s but… dont worry! Well be back to Sparti’s soon so I can take some photos of the fabulous food. I even tried to take some phone photos which came out miserably!

Work Yoga Chocolate

After dinner I went back to work and then headed to my Monday night yoga class. Last nights class kicked my booty for some reason! I loved it. After yoga I came home and in the spirit of all things European I had a piece of a chocolate bar I got in Italy and a piece of a chocolate bar I bought in Greece but is made is Switzerland. Perfect ending to my Monday!

Do you get what you pay for?

A lot of you had really interesting comments about how you read packaging that you find at the grocery store. It seems that most of us agree – packaging and the nutritional info is important to consider when you are deciding what product to buy and consequently eat.

I have to admit I never used to look at packaging. When I first started to lose weight I was concerned with being healthy I was trying to get skinny. I would look for things that said 100 calorie this or fat free that instead of concentrating on the ingredient list. Oh how times have changed!

I tend to go grocery shopping alone these days and its mostly because I love to spend time wheeling up and down the aisles looking for new finds and Matt cant stand it! But, I also spend a considerable amount of time checking out and comparing the packages.  Overall I look for things that indicate if its good for me and good for the environment but I also take it with a grain of salt.

Although organic labels are regulated by the government (read more about specific labels here) claims like natural, free range, and cage free arent. Lately I have noticed a lot of store brands (Hyvee and Walmart in particular) and none store brands calling their chicken breast “All Natural” and claiming their eggs are “cage free”. Although I know so products live up to these claims and are reputable companies I doubt that others are which leads an uninformed consumer to believe that the product is more environmentally and animal friendly than it really is.

I believe that as a consumer its easy to find labels misleading especially if you are not well versed or informed on the particular topic, brand, or label. Thoughts? 



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13 responses to “Label lover or critic?

  1. I think the best thing you can do is look for the labels that count. USDA Organic and Fair Trade are the 2 best, most accurate out there

  2. Christine

    Ahhhh! I LOVE Sparti’s!

  3. Labels are so misleading that it’s important to know which are meaningful and which are simply an exercise in corporate free speech.
    I tend to shop in the perimeter of the store and buy things that don’t actually need labels, i.e. whole foods. That said, when I do buy packaged foods I look for the shortest ingredient list possible.
    I think our government needs to better regulate labeling. Marion Nestle’s website,, is an excellent place for all things labeling.

  4. I love Sherbert! Rainbow is my FAVE!!

    As for labels…yes I think they can be confusing for people who are not educated in reading them.

  5. That spaghetti squash looks fab! I need to go get one now. Plus it doesn’t have a label, which makes it much less confusing to buy 🙂 haha! It’s terrible how misleading labels can be. Even I’m sometimes tempted by labels that say things that make the product sound nutritious or environmentally friendly (and I’ve taken plenty of nutrition and health-related courses). The food companies sure know what consumers are looking for!

  6. I agree, labels can be extremely misleading. I also used to just go for the lowest calorie items. Now, I look at the ingredient list (no hfcs, short list, i can actually pronounce them, etc.). I take forever in the grocery store… i could spend hours just wandering up and down the aisles and comparing labels and things. I joke that grocery shopping is my hobby 🙂

    Your meals look yummy!!!

  7. ahh yeah labels can get so misleading! ingredient lists are much more important.
    i love that green sherbet!!

  8. Nice blog! Thanks for commenting!

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