How I plan to stay on 'board'

In the past vacations have always been excuses for me to through every ‘diet’ rule out the window and to literally go buck wild in regard to food often resulting in feelings of regret and guilt. Over the last few years I have been working hard to be mindful of the choices I make leading up to, during, and after major vacations in an effort to make sure that over the long run – it all balances out.

While I was preparing to spend 3 weeks in Europe, I was really afraid that old habits would come back and I would end up gaining wait while studying abroad, but luckily I didn’t leave my new lifestyle habits in America. With walking everyday and making sensible food choices I was able to not gain any weight even though I ate 80% of my meals out, splurged regularly, and drank more than normal.

Here are some tips I stuck to while in Europe and some rules Ill live by while on our cruise to South America:

Get physical

In the past working out has been a no-no on vacation – it is vacation after all! But, like I learned in Greece its essentially to stay within your normal routine & for me that includes exercise. I already know that the cruise has a state of the art gym, regularly fitness classes, and a track on the upper deck – so I will be packing sneakers and workout clothes. My goal is to work out at least 3 times, more if I feel motivated to do so.

Begin with Breakfast

Breakfast really sets the healthy tone for me each day. When I wake up having a stabilizing and filling breakfast I am bound to make more healthy choices throughout the day. Luckily, we will be starting the majority of our mornings early & I will be making a conscious effort to  have healthy, balanced breakfasts much like I would at home.


Since I have cruised before, I know there are few opportunities for ‘snacks’ but multiple opportunities to indulge in more than 3 meals a day. In order to keep my body on track I will be bringing a few grab & go snacks that I will be able to rely on if I am feeling snacky throughout the week. My normal eating routine includes snacks and I know myself well enough to know that when I am really hungry I tend to overeat. I’ll keep my ravaging at bay by bringing some bars along from home and grabbing an extra piece of fruit at breakfast or lunch.



This is vacation after all, so I will be indulging. Depriving myself is not something I believe in, so I will be enjoying frozen drinks and fried food if the mood strikes me – and that’s okay. The trick for me, is to not get caught up on these things and instead making generally good decisions so that when I want to splurge I can with freedom.

Limit my alcohol

Of course alcohol is part of any vacation and I fully intend to have my fair share, but I will be keeping an eye on how much and how frequently I am drinking and here’s why: When I drink I tend to throw all of my healthy ideals out the window. Suddenly buffalo wings and Taco Bell sound like my best friend and often I find myself regretting making such hasty decisions. Alcohol also adds in extra calories, and to be honest I usually would rather use those calories on a piece of cheesecake!

Do you have any tips for staying healthy while on ‘board’ or vacation? What are you biggest struggles when faced with temptations in the form of drinks, vacation specialties, or the like?


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