Healthy Roadtrips

Part of our cruise vacation to South American includes a 22 hour drive from Iowa to Fort Lauderdale. Luckily, Matt and I are no stranger to road trips – we drive to Massachusetts to Iowa a couple times a year. With all of our experience we have developed a few tips that help us stay on track while we get our road trip on.

In order to curb random pit stops at fast food restaurants and crankiness from being overtired and hungry we pack food for the duration of the trip. Aside from being healthy, packing things to eat and drink also saves us a lot of money – which is essential since we will be driving to and from a very spendy vacation.

Here’s what you need to be prepared:

A cooler: A cooler is perfect for holding premade sandwiches, fruit, and drinks – having already made meals and snacks curbs is perfect when you are trying to avoid eating fast food or on-the-go meals.

Water & Drinks: It is so easy to grab a drink at the gas station when you are filling up or to mosey over to the Starbucks attached to the rest stop to get something to drink – but you don’t have to! Matt and I usually have enough drinks to last us for the trip & water for the pups if they are joining us on our voyage. I have a small bladder so I have to be cautious of my liquid intake, but I have realized that when I completely go without drinking I am so much more snackier!

Pre-portioned Snacks: Pre-portioned out snacks are life savers when you are on a road trip especially if you are a snack monster when you are bored. I always make sure I have a few pieces of grab & go fruit like bananas, apples, & pears. I also make sure to include some bars, dried fruit or granola, and some chips or crackers.


On our way to Florida we have some meals & snacks planned:

Breakfast- WW bagels with cream cheese

Snacks- Fruit, veggies

Lunch- Bars, Fruit, Yogurt

Snacks- Fruit, Raspberry pretzels

Dinner- Sammies with chips & fruit

Breakfast #2- Breakfast cookies

Snacks- Leftover fruit

Lunch- On board

We dont have meals/snacks planned for our trip back,  but it most likely will include a trip to a grocery store before we leave so we can stay on track of our no-eating out plan!

What are your tricks for healthy road tripping? Do you often find yourself victim to pit stops at Subway or Panera…or worse?



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4 responses to “Healthy Roadtrips

  1. Great tips!!!
    I always bring healthy snacks, always. The thought of being somewhere hungry with no food.. makes me panic! haha but I always have bars in my purse because I have low blood sugar.
    Sometimes I will stop at Subway but that’s a pretty healthy option. I fall prey to Starbucks though… so good! And sometimes a good jolt of caffeine is what you need 🙂

  2. That looks like you are so set for a great roadtrip! Have a super trip 🙂
    On a road trip I’d be doing GREAT if I stopped at Subway instead of A & W or McDonalds.

  3. We totally do the same thing! We pack a cooler and fill it with tons of healthy eat and drink options!! 🙂

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